International finance and the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, one time seven independent provinces under British inadvertence, has emerged into a planetary economic human dynamo because of its abundant natural resources, successful fiscal investings, and extended focal point on existent estate and touristry. Having the universe ‘s 6th largest oil militias and fifth largest natural gas militias, the UAE is poised for twelvemonth over twelvemonth economic growing, which has allowed them to concentrate more to a great extent on economic variegation and political reform. As this desert state continues to turn, so does their trust on energy, which has spurred a major governmental attempt to place renewable energy beginnings to countervail ingestion. Renewable energy enterprises that the UAE have pursued drove the investing recommendations made in this analysis.

UAE ‘s economic system has seen utmost growing in recent old ages, as seen by above norm GDP and eight figure year-over-year trade excesss since 2003. This economic roar is more impressive when sing the state ‘s strong push to relieve its trust on oil exports and diversify into other industries. Presently, net incomes from oil exports represent approximately 33 % of the economic system. Volatile oil monetary values, which to a great extent correlate to UAE profitableness, are going less of import to overall fiscal growing. Actions like this aid to extenuate hazard for possible investors and should do the UAE more attractive in the foreign investing sphere.

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Capital markets in the UAE are besides modern and robust. They enjoy two stock exchanges, have implemented an extended market inadvertence organisation to protect the unity of their markets, and have created several government-owned investing establishments to assist further investing variegation. The Emirates welcome new concern, as they have established Free Trade Zones that offer many benefits to investors that set up operations within UAE boundary lines. The UAE ranks figure one among Arab states in foreign investing and is considered a planetary concern centre for its changeless chase of societal, economic, and technological promotion.

Political reform has been prevalent in the UAE throughout history. The first federal fundamental law was established in 1971 that brought these seven Trucial States together to run as one entity. Although the UAE has experienced some turning strivings in reassigning authorization from single provinces to a federal government organic structure, the political stableness is high. The UAE has late rolled out a elaborate, nonsubjective action program called “ Vision 2021 ” to assist them methodically reach their end over holding balanced power among province absolutism and federal policy.

The UAE has seen monolithic growing in its economic system, population, substructure, and energy ingestion for many old ages. The citizens of the UAE emit more nursery gases per individual than any other state, and because of its geographic location, about all of their edifices are air-conditioned and H2O is obtained through energy-intensive desalinization workss. Because of the exponential additions in demand for electricity, the UAE has focused its attempts on developing renewable energy beginnings. Estimates presently project that the demand for domestic power will more than double by 2020, and the UAE is undertaking these ingestion hikes head-on. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is taking to obtain 7 % of its energy from renewable beginnings by 2020 and is presently be aftering the building of a zero-waste metropolis that will trust entirely on renewable energy beginnings. This renewable energy push poses important foreign investing chances, as an already economically-thriving state aims to extinguish energy trust in analogue with holding world-leading economic growing.

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United Arab Emirates 6

Background 6

History 6

Currency & amp ; Exchange Rate Agreements 7

Political Structure 7

Economy 10

Foundations of Economy 10

Current Analysis of UAE Economy 11

Short-run and Long-run Prospects/Forecasts 13

Exchange Rate Behavior and Forecasting 14

Capital Markets 14

Stock Exchanges 14

Market Oversight 15

Government-owned Investment Institutions 16

Foreign Investment 16

Establishing a Business 16

Fiscal Market Performance, Future Outlook and Investment Opportunities 18

Recommendation for Alternative Energy Investment 20

Mentions 21

Appendix 23

Exhibit 1: UAE Vision 2021 Foundation 23

Exhibit 2: World Bank Political Risk Ratings 24

Exhibit 3: Top Oil Militias by Country 25

Exhibit 4: Top World Natural Gas Reserves 25

Exhibit 5: US Dollar/United Arab Emirates Dirham Exchange Rates 26

Exhibit 6: UAE Oil Production and Consumption 27

United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) was established in 1971 and is comprised of seven independent emirates or provinces, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah Ajman and Ra ‘s al-Khaimah. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula and occupies 32,000 square stat mis between Saudi Arabia and Oman on the Persian Gulf. The state is over 80 % desert and has no natural H2O beginnings. ( The UAE, 2010 )

As the largest of the emirates, busying more than 75 % of the state ( United Arab Emirates, 2011 ) , Abu Dhabi is the state ‘s capital. Another major metropolis is Dubai, which is considered to be a fiscal and commercial Mecca for the state.


The UAE ‘s history dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries when the dominant folk in the country was the Qawasim. The Qawasim ‘s control of the maritime trade paths in the lower Persian Gulf and much of the Indian Ocean finally provoked the British into a naval onslaught in 1819. After get the better ofing the Qawasim, the British signed a series of pacts with the tribal sheik of each of the emirates to continue a maritime armistice. This finally led to the country going known as the Trucial States. In the armistice, the tribal sheiks agreed non to prosecute in foreign dealingss or to release any of their districts without British consent. In exchange, they were promised protection against naval onslaught, and aid in any land onslaughts.

In January 1968 the British announced that they would be retreating from the Persian Gulf. Over the following three old ages, the emirates that made up the Trucial States worked to organize their ain federation. Agreement was eventually reached between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah and Ajman on December 2, 1971, and the United Arab Emirates was formed. On February 10, 1972 the 7th and concluding emirate, Ra ‘s al-Khaimah, joined the federation. ( United Arab Emirates, 2011 )

Currency & amp ; Exchange Rate Agreements

After federation of the UAE in 1973, a new national currency was created, the Emirati Dirham ( AED ) . In 1997 the AED was fixed and pegged to the US Dollar ( USD ) . Presently pegged at a rate of 3.673 ( The World Factbook: United Arab Emirates, 2011 ) , this remains the state ‘s currency agreement today. However, prior to the execution of the AED in 1973, a host of different currency agreements were used throughout the part.

Prior to 1966, the Persian Gulf rupee was the currency utilized in the Arabian Peninsula, which was pegged to the British lb ( GPD ) at a rate of 13.33. ( Symes ) Due to a devaluation of this currency in June 1966, the Bahraini dinar and the Qatar-Dubai riyal were adopted by the emirates.

The Bahraini dinar ( BHD ) debuted in 1965 in Bahrain, an island state located North of the UAE in the Persian Gulf. The BHD was adopted by Abu Dhabi in 1966 and was used until 1973 when it was replaced by the Emirati Dirham. ( Symes ) It is presently pegged to the US Dollar at a rate of 0.377.

The Qatar-Dubai riyal was introduced in 1966 as a consequence of the Qatar-Dubai Currency Agreement. This understanding was reached between the states of Qatar and Dubai because of a push by Britain for the Trucial States to take duty for their economic hereafter. The Qatar-Dubai riyal was used by all of the emirates except Abu Dhabi from 1966 until 1973. Its value was equal to that of the Persian Gulf rupee prior to its devaluation. ( Symes )

Political Structure

The formation of UAE meant important alterations to the overarching political construction. The creative activity of the fundamental law of the United Arab Emirates in 1971 established some formality within the pudding stone, although single provinces still maintained important power to command fundss and natural resources. Since much disparity exists between the size, ripening, and political complexness within each emirate, the political environment is much different every bit good. The most developed emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have reasonably sophisticated authoritiess comprised of multiple hierarchal degrees, while more distant colonies typically have merely one swayer and several local representatives who are appointed entirely by the swayer.

The UAE fundamental law established executive, legislative and judicial subdivisions of authorities, and called for the formation of a figure of cardinal councils to prolong these subdivisions. The Federal Supreme Council has both legislative and executive powers, and is comprised of each emirate ‘s swayer and a separate President and Vice President who are elected by the Council every five old ages. All general policy, passage or confirmation of federal Torahs, overarching fiscal determinations, and international dealingss schemes are made by the Federal Supreme Council. The Federal National Council, UAE ‘s version of a Parliament and chief legislative entity, is a 40-member organic structure that represents the voice of the UAE fundamental law. Fifty per centum of these members are chosen by an Electoral College, while the staying 20 members are chosen by emirate swayers. The FNC has the authorization to amend federal statute law and, amongst other responsibilities, is responsible for reexamining the federal budget and pull offing international activities. The UAE fundamental law besides formed the Federal Judiciary, which consists of five appointed Judgess. These Judgess have the authorization to seek instances affecting senior functionaries, and frequently regulations on differences between emirate entities.

The biggest barrier that the UAE authorities has faced since its origin is the deficiency of coherence between local policy and federal inadvertence. The UAE is turning and developing quickly, and it is imperative to orient the political systems to do them more antiphonal to the state ‘s demands as it faces the challenges of this development. Much accent has been placed on formalising the local political environment to supply more stableness and consistence from emirate to emirate, every bit good as guaranting that local authorities policy is representative of the federal political scheme and values. The first major discovery occurred in 2007, when the UAE launched the “ UAE Government Strategy ” . This scheme outlined a figure of enterprises aimed at heightening the six UAE authorities scheme sectors: societal development, economic development, public sector development, justness and safety, substructure, and rural development. This initial reform scheme was doubtless a success, as the UAE has made important paces towards uniting political attempts and runing within a common model.

In 2010, the UAE announced its “ Vision 2021 ” , which vowed to maneuver the state through approaching challenges by runing expeditiously and responsibly, exposing finding and invention, and by being proactive in all governmental affairs. The UAE is driving towards their vision really methodically, as the authorities late released its “ Government Strategy 2011-2013 ” as the first measure to accomplishing the ends outlined in Vision 2021. This Government Strategy lineations seven general rules, seven strategic precedences, and seven strategic enablers that will be used when developing strategic and operational programs and will force the state closer to its vision ( See Exhibit 1 ) .

The political environment of the UAE is altering quickly. The balance of power is easy switching from single provinces to a cardinal authorities entity through the constitution of an overarching fundamental law and the creative activity of formal federal councils. Individual emirate provinces have been slow to encompass this coherence. Inter-state relationships have historically been comparatively unstable in the UAE, which was highlighted in 2009 when Abu Dhabi provided Dubai with a $ 10B bailout when they could non refund a $ 4.1B Islamic bond and was in fiscal convulsion with creditors. This bailout caused discord between the two largest and most powerful UAE entities, and inquiries still linger as to whether Dubai will be able to run into its fiscal committednesss.

Despite these recent events and overall political reform, the UAE political system is comparatively stable. World Bank presently ranks the political stableness of UAE in the 74th percentile of states, while all Middle Eastern states have a combined evaluation in the 37th percentile. Government effectivity is besides rated exceptionally high: in the 77th percentile ( Middle Eastern states combined are rated in the 48th percentile ) . Business Monitor International ranks UAE political stableness at 82.1 ( of 100 ) . BMI uses specific nonsubjective informations to analyse political hazards, including distribution of wealth, policy stableness, foreign dealingss, etc. These political hazard evaluations highlight the effectivity of UAE ‘s authorities reform attempts. Despite shacking in a hostile part, holding single provinces that control about all local governmental affairs, and the presence of competitions within the provinces, UAE is viewed as holding a stable political environment ( See Exhibit 2 ) .


Over the past 40 old ages, the UAE has transformed from a comparatively unknown state into a booming economic force. The UAE economic system is the 3rd largest in the Middle East behind Saudi Arabia and Iran. Their fiscal success started with the exportation of oil, an abundant resource in the UAE, and since so their economic system has grown into other industries such as fiscal services, trade, retail sale, existent estate, and touristry. The undermentioned discusses the UAE economic system in item.

Foundations of Economy

Oil was discovered in the lands of what is now the UAE in the early 1930 ‘s. Once discovered, oil exportation began, and oil gross revenues continued to turn, particularly throughout the 1960 ‘s. In 1971, the seven emirates formed the UAE, going the lone Arab federation in the universe. As the oil concern continued to turn and thrive, the UAE used its fiscal success to develop the state and spread out their economic ends. The UAE has since grown exponentially as an economic system, due to success in countries such as natural gas exportation, foreign investing, trade, fiscal services, existent estate, and touristry. Its authorities policies have besides helped to spur this rapid growing. The UAE promotes a free market through its free trade zones created to pull foreign investing.

As much of the universe faced fiscal battles in the past few old ages, Dubai was hit particularly difficult. Similar to the existent estate jobs late faced by the U.S. , Dubai existent estate monetary values rose invariably due to over-speculation on the false future value of belongings. When demand for existent estate did non run into investors ‘ high outlooks, Dubai was left outstanding one million millions in debt it could non pay. The Central Bank of the UAE provided Dubai a $ 10 billion loan to pay off its debt duties. As a consequence of these recent fiscal troubles, growing in the short term appears to be slower than recent old ages as the state recovers from its fiscal downswing. The UAE economic system grew at a rate of 2.5 % in 2010. However, the economic system should bounce in clip. Its jutting growing rate in 2011 is 3 % and targets a 5 % rate in 2012 and beyond. In the long term, the UAE will more than probably return to the fast-paced economic growing it enjoyed in old old ages.

Current Analysis of UAE Economy

As discussed above, the state has faced utmost fiscal growing in the early 2000 ‘s, but has dropped significantly in growing through 2008, 2009, and 2010. We will now analyse the public presentation of UAE ‘s economic system by analyzing the gross domestic merchandise, economic public presentation indexs, international trade, and resources and substructure.

Gross Domestic Product

Since 2003, the UAE ‘s Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) growing rate has exceeded the universes GDP every twelvemonth. In 2009, the GDP of both the UAE and the universe declined, but the UAE ‘s growing rate of -0.7 % was better than the universe ‘s growing rate of -1.9 % ( Worldbank ) . Harmonizing to the UAE authorities web site, this lessening in GDP was based on a lessening in oil monetary values. The per barrel monetary value dropped from $ 95 in 2008 to $ 60 in 2009. The authorities projected a existent GDP growing of 2.5 % for 2010. The UAE presently ranks 35th in the universe in GDP at around $ 230 Billion ( Worldbank ) . UAE ‘s per capita GDP rose steadily from $ 23,523 in 2003 to $ 58,272 in 2008, but fell to $ 50,070 in 2009. The overall universe per capita GDP faced a diminution in 2009 as good. The UAE ranks 7th in the universe in per capita GDP. The GDP growing and GDP per capita indexs show that the UAE ‘s economic system is turning at a high rate in comparing to the remainder of the universe.

The non-oil sector industries that contribute to UAE ‘s GDP ( UAE Govt Website ) :

Manufacturing – 16.2 %

Construction – 10.7 %

Sweeping and retail trade and repairing services – 9 %

Real estate – 8.2 %

Government services – 8.0 %

Transportation, storage, and communicating – 7.1 %

Financial services – 5.8 %

Hotels and eating houses – 1.8 %

Agribusiness, farm animal, and angling – 1.7 %

Electricity, gas, and H2O – 1.6 %

Family services – 0.5 %

Economic Performance Indexs

The UAE faced double-digit rising prices rates from 2005 through 2008, anyplace from 13-19 % per twelvemonth. In 2009, the UAE ‘s rising prices rate dropped to -11.3 % ( Worldbank ) . These dramatic additions and lessenings are well different from the 2-3 % cost of populating one-year addition that most economic systems target. UAE functionaries project that rising prices will stay about 2 % this twelvemonth ( Khaleejtimes ) .UAE ‘s unemployment rate has easy risen from 2.75 % in 2004 to 4.25 % in 2010 ( Trading Economicss ) . Although unemployment has risen, it is still low in comparing to many other states around the universe. UAE ‘s Growth Rate of Industrial Production was 3.2 % in 2010 ( estimation ) , ranking them 102nd in the universe ( CIA ) ( analysis ) . The current involvement rate of the UAE, called the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate ( EIBOR ) , is 2.5 % for a one twelvemonth loan ( Worldbank ) . The EIBOR one twelvemonth involvement rate has remained at or near 2.5 % since the terminal of 2009. The mean overall involvement rates have dropped in the past four old ages. In 2007, the mean involvement rate was 5.5 % ( Trading Economics ) . As of January 2011, the current mean involvement rate in the UAE was 1 % . The UAE authorities spent about 32 % of its GDP in 2010, and the UAE authorities will go on to run in a budget excess. The EIU forecasts that UAE ‘s budget excess will go on to contract in approaching old ages, as the authorities budget will confront shortages from 2013-2015 ( EIU ) .

International Trade

The UAE exported $ 192 Billion in 2009 and imported $ 150 Billion, ensuing in a trade excess of $ 42 Billion ( Trading Economics ) . The UAE has enjoyed a trade excess between $ 20 Billion and $ 62 Billion since 2004. The UAE ‘s top importation spouses are China, India, US, Germany and Japan ( UAE Embassy ) . The top five exporting spouses of the UAE are Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, and Thailand. The major exports of the UAE are oil, natural gas, re-exports, dried fish, and day of the months. The major imports of the state are machinery, conveyance equipment, chemicals, nutrient ( UAE Embassy ) .

Resources and Infrastructure

UAE land is rich in natural resources. The UAE contains about 10 % of the universe ‘s oil militias, and has the universe ‘s 7th largest supply of natural gas ( UAE Embassy ) ( See exhibits 4 and 5 ) . The exportation of oil is the major beginning of gross for the UAE, accounting for approximately 30 % of its one-year GDP ( UAE Embassy ) . The UAE authorities has used this oil gross to put to a great extent in the state ‘s substructure. These investings in the state have promoted the rapid growing of other industries in the UAE including touristry, re-export commercialism, and telecommunications ( UAE Embassy ) .

Short-run and Long-run Prospects/Forecasts

Short Term Forecast and Prospects

As the UAE continues to retrieve from the planetary fiscal battles, growing in the following few old ages will be slower than the utmost growing rate it enjoyed in the recent yesteryear. The UAE ‘s GDP is expected to turn by 3.3 % in 2011 ( 7days ) . Dubai plans to pay off its debt in 2011, which is a positive for the state. After 2011, the economic system ‘s awaited growing is 5 % per twelvemonth for the following few old ages ( EIU ) . Inflation in the UAE is expected to lift by 2.8 % in 2011 ( Arabian Business ) .

Oil exportation will stay a solid gross watercourse for the state. Existing and freshly developing non-oil industries will besides bask growing in the coming old ages. Trade, touristry, and concern service industries should keep strong growing as the UAE continues to diversify its economic system. Healthcare and Information Technology ( outsourcing services, smartphones, waiters, and disk storage ) industries are anticipated to increase by 15-20 % this twelvemonth ( Arabian Business ) .

High nutrient monetary values are an immediate concern to the UAE and other states in the Middle East. The UAE authorities has subsidized the nutrient markets in the state. Political agitation in the Middle East and fresh existent estate in Dubai are besides concerns. Inflation from rapid economic growing in non-oil industries is besides a hazard.

Long Term Forecast and Prospects

The UAE economic system should stay strong for the following 20 old ages. Oil exports will supply a changeless income beginning to the state. Volatile oil monetary values can be a menace to the economic system, but the state ‘s foreign investings should supply adequate support if and when oil monetary values bead ( EIU ) . Other UAE industries should develop farther every bit long as the state continues to put in spread outing these industries. Developing and using its state ‘s people will be a focal point in the coming old ages, as the state is to a great extent dependent on foreign workers. Inflation could besides be a concern as the state continues to turn.

Exchange Rate Behavior and Forecasting

The United Arab Emirates dirham is pegged to the International Monetary Funds ‘s Special Drawing Rights. It is efficaciously besides pegged to the U.S. dollar most of the clip with the mean exchange rate at 3.6725 USD/AED ( See Exhibit 5 ) .

In 2008, after reexamining its currency government, the UAE decided to maintain the dirham pegged to the US dollar for the following 30 old ages.

Capital Markets

The capital markets of the United Arab Emirates are really modern. There are two stock exchanges in the UAE: the NASDAQ Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Securities Market ( ADSM ) . In maintaining with Muslim instructions, all trading is based on assets or other touchable goods in order to avoid what is considered vigorish, which is non in conformity with Islamic law, an Islamic ethical foundation. Sharia has impacted the construction of fiscal establishments and the manner certain investings such as gold are traded, but most offerings and services are similar to other parts of the universe.

Stock Exchanges

NASDAQ Dubai opened in September 2005 and maintains investing criterions that it considers comparable to those of taking international exchanges in New York, London and Hong Kong. NASDAQ DubaiA offersA both primary and equity listings for companies based in the part, every bit good as internationally-based companies stand foring Australia, China, United Kingdom and the United States.

NASDAQ Dubai offers a assortment of options of investings including equities, debt, derived functions and other securities. As the market continues to turn, it has programs to spread out its offerings including exchange-traded financess, capable to regulative blessing.

NASDAQ Dubai has set itself up to be the “ international listing finish for equity securities in its part ” . ( NASDAQ Dubai ) The part is defined as the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) , which includes the UAE, every bit good as the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and the Indian sub-continent.

A NASDAQ Dubai is the lone exchange in the GCC part that offers:

A book-building Initial public offering with full entree for foreign investors

A free float of every bit small as 25 % of issued portion capital

International criterions of ordinance

Linkss to investors through a wide mix of local, regional and international Members

Contractual market-making, to supply liquidness

Multi-currency listings – including US dollar and UAE DirhamA

Minimal lock-up period of 180 yearss for establishing stockholders

Over The Counter ( OTC ) trading

( NASDAQ Dubai )

The Abu Dhabi SecuritiesA Exchange ( ADX ) was established in November 2000 and is chiefly UAE companies. ADX is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi but besides has subdivisions in Fujeirah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Zayed City.

The exchange has high criterions of protecting investors by necessitating carnival and accurate minutess with stringent controls. They besides guarantee fiscal and economic stableness by making trading that ensures liquidness and stableness of the monetary values for the securities listed on the exchange.

Market Oversight

The UAE created the Securities & A ; Commodities Authority ( SCA ) in 2000. Its mission is:

to protect investors and heighten the rules of sound and just patterns, and to better the efficiency of UAE capital markets through the development of the necessary statute laws, the sweetening of supervisory ordinances and the development of investing and legal consciousness. ( Securities and Commodities Authority ( UAE ) )

The UAE is seeking to guarantee that its markets are attractive to investors from around the universe for listing and investment.

Government-owned Investment Institutions

The UAE has created several government-owned investing establishments that act like private-equity houses to assist put diversify the authorities ‘s investings. The focal point is to make more abroad investings because the UAE realizes that its natural resources will one twenty-four hours be depleted.

These investing establishments late clarified their functions and investing attacks in order to heighten international apprehension and cooperation.A In peculiar, they clarified that they have n’t of all time and will ne’er utilize its investing organisations or single investings as a foreign policy tool. ( UAE US Embassy )

Foreign Investment

The Arab World Competitiveness Report 2007, issued by the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) , ranks the UAE in the top place among Arab states and in the 29th place among the 40 most advanced economic systems. It states that “ Sound economic direction has contributed to stabilising the macroeconomic environment and beef uping public establishments. ” ( UAE US Embassy Financial Sector )

The UAE is considered a planetary concern centre and is seeking to diversify from their trust on natural resources by constructing up their economic system in a assortment of industries. While the UAE is going a more planetary economic system, concern is conducted on the footing of personal relationships and common trust so it is of import to be patient and construct these relationships instead than being excessively direct. Companies are still a household matter, with the ultimate decision-maker being the caput of the household.

Establishing a Business

The ordinances around the constitution and behavior of concerns are shared at the federal and emirate degrees. There are three methods for set uping a concern in the UAE:

Joint Partnerships

Branch Offices

Free Trade Zone

Joint Partnership

In order to set up a concern that sells merchandises or services freely throughout the UAE, at least 51 % of the concern must be owned by a UAE national. This type of concern construction offers the broadest options for runing a company in the UAE. All concerns require a licence and licensing processs vary from emirate to emirate.

Branch Offices

Foreign companies can set up wholly-owned subdivisions and representative offices in the UAE, provided that a UAE national is appointed as a local agent. The UAE considers a subdivision office as a regular concern that is permitted to execute and come in into contracts or behavior other activities as specified in the licence of its parent company.A

The UAE national that is the local agent for the subdivision office aids with all the administrative demands of puting up the office including obtaining visas, licences and covering with local governments.

Free Zones

The UAE has legion Free Trade Zones ( FTZs ) that can be an attractive option for foreign investors and concerns to put up operations. There are over 20,000 companies in 21 Free Zones around the UAE. Businesss in a FTZ can merely carry on concern within the FTZ or abroad. If the company desires to sell merchandises in the UAE, a UAE functionary agent is required, and a joint venture needs to be formed.

Companies located in FTZs do non hold the UAE ownership demands that come with a joint partnership. All imports and exports in and out of the FTZ are exempt from revenue enhancement and all net incomes are to the full repatriated without punishment back to the company ‘s parent state. FTZs besides offer no corporate revenue enhancement for the first 15 old ages which is renewable for an extra 15-year period. No personal income revenue enhancement exists either.

An independent Free Zone Authority ( FZA ) governs each free zone and is responsible for publishing FTZ runing licences and helping companies with set uping their concern in the FTZ. Companies can either register a new company in the signifier of a Free Zone Establishment ( FZE ) , which is a limited liability company governed by the regulations and ordinances of the Free Zone in which it is established, or set up a subdivision or representative office of their bing company based within the UAE or abroad.

Fiscal Market Performance, Future Outlook and Investment Opportunities

As a pillar to the economic system, oil exports now account for approximately 30 per centum of entire UAE gross domestic merchandise. Since the UAE began exporting, it has been utilizing the associated grosss to better the quality of life for her people since 1969. The UAE is in a strategic location surrounding the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, a critical theodolite point for universe petroleum oil. With a premier location on the planetary map, the UAE has invested one million millions of dollars in logistics and substructure, capitalising on its possible as a first logistics hub.

As the UAE physiques wealth from oil exports, their rapid development will go on. The edifice of roads, office edifices, lodging and so forth – all require more energy. Rising populations consume more energy every bit good ( See Exhibits 6 ) . Natural gas plays a disproportional function in energy coevals, accounting for 98 per centum, and the increasing demand is exceling available supply.

Economic growing across the UAE has led to monolithic additions in the demand for electricity. Current estimations indicate that the domestic demand for power will more than double by 2020, even given the planetary economic slowdown.A With restrictions on how much and how fast traditional energy resources, like natural gas, can be brought to market, every bit good as concerns about clime alteration, the UAE Government launched assorted enterprises aimed at placing alternate agencies for bring forthing the power needed to fuel its economic system. Oil-rich Abu Dhabi aims to obtain 7 per centum of its energy from renewable beginnings by 2020.

Alternative energy beginnings will be necessary to run into the demand of population growing and economic variegation. The UAE wants to travel off from an economic system dominated by the oil sector. The UAE has non been able to run into its basic energy demands and in 2007 the state imported 17.25 Bcm of natural gas from Qatar while merely exporting 7.01 Bcm in the same twelvemonth. ( Dargin ) ( See Exhibit 7 ) Population growing will increase the demand pressures on natural gas militias.

The citizens of the United Arab Emirates emit more nursery gasses per individual than any other state. Possibly this is because their immense oil supply has led to excess energy use. The state ‘s hot desert clime besides means that about all the edifices are air-conditioned, and about all the H2O is obtained from energy-intensive desalinization workss. While the state presently dominates the fossil fuel industry, the supply of oil militias is finite.

Masdar City

Masdar City is a planned metropolis in Abu Dhabi which is being built by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company. The metropolis will trust wholly on solar energy and other renewable beginnings, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology. The authorities of Abu Dhabi is puting $ 15 billion in the undertaking. Included in the hi-tech metropolis is an academic establishment called Masdar Institute of Science and Technology ( MIST ) .

Among Masdar City ‘s renewable energy investings are an seaward air current farm in the United Kingdom, solar-thermal workss in Spain, a solar works in Germany and a solar works in Abu Dhabi. Although the UAE does n’t necessitate to raise capital, many foreigners are puting in the undertaking which the UAE sees as a manner to take advantage of foreign expertness and invention.

Nuclear Energy

Abu Dhabi plans to broaden its energy mix to include atomic development. Through an accent on bettering instruction and research, the UAE plans to be on the cutting border of engineering and develop a safe, peaceable atomic energy plan that the remainder of the universe can pattern. TheA U.A.E. has the hard currency flow to absorb the trial-and-error procedure of new engineerings.

If the UAE succeeds in developing a balanced mix of atomic, gas-fired and renewable power to fulfill its turning domestic electricity demand, it would hold a stable offering and groundbreaking renewable energy and energy efficiency plans.

Recommendation for Alternative Energy Investment

In 2010, the population reached 8.19 million, mostly due to deport labour. The UAE continues to turn at a rapid gait duplicating every 8.7 old ages, while remainder of the universe ‘s population doubles every 55 old ages. There is a despairing demand for sustainable energy production if the UAE wants to go on its industrialisation, modernisation and environmental preservation programs.

Investing in alternate energy is recommended based on this state analysis. The cost of bring forthing and administering alternate energy ( atomic, air current, solar ) continues to drop and is a cardinal driver in the investing of alternate energy. New engineering is going less expensive and more efficient. Generating power with alternate energy would break use the natural resources through a balanced energy mix.

Renewable energy engineering development is a cardinal issue internationally and in line with the UAE ‘s enterprises for environmental stewardship. The UAE is the ideal topographic point to develop a comprehensive alternate energy mix because the state is already a leader in energy production and distribution. New clean energy enterprises can leverage the bing energy supply concatenation for enormous advantages in the industry.



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