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August 31, 2017 Commerce

In the context of the globalisation of concern and of celerity of economic development, companies tend to go more international. They are more than of all time interested in understanding how they can run more efficaciously in an progressively competitory environment and an of import function in this attack is played by the field of human resources. Over the past decennaries, a paradigm displacement in the effectual direction of the human resources direction and, in peculiar, in international human resources direction has appeared, confabulating to this country a major importance in the company ‘s scheme.

International HRM: a practical attack

Stahl and Bjorkman refer to International HRM direction to cover the complexness of issues that people face when working in an international context ( Stahl and Bjorkman, 2006 ) . Sing this point of position from an organisational position, international human resource direction defines the full set of patterns, policies and activities that a company can follow in order to pull off the possible issues that face the human resources and to do the workplace more effectual.

Reviewing the similar definitions about the nature of International HRM, we can place this field as stand foring a major constituent of the success of any organisation operating in an international environment. Therefore, International HRM does n’t stand for merely a strategic constituent in developing the effectivity of the employees in accomplishing their ends by doing them to presume more duties and undertakings, but it besides provides the employees the footing of a better apprehension of cross-cultural differences and the needed cognition in confronting with ambitious cultural state of affairss ( Brewster, Sparrow, Vernon and Houldsworth, 2011 ) .

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Under these fortunes, incorporating into the new cultural environmental is going progressively of import for the employee, but besides for his organisation in order to do the international assignment effectual. Given the cultural differences between states, a individual life in a foreign state ( host state ) could make a different perceptual experience on others. In order to avoid this state of affairs and non to see the civilization daze, company is concerned in assisting the employee ( through particular patterns, policies and activities ) in his effort of following the “ cultural luggage ” of the state he now works.

The purpose of this interview is assess from a double-side position ( single and organisational ) what are the necessary facets that need to be undertaken in order to guarantee the success in an international calling. The interview was structured into three subdivisions ( Origin/Preliminary information, Individual position and Organizational position ) aimed to supply a better apprehension of overall accommodation procedure. Each subdivision, incorporating a set of specific inquiries, seeks to garner the personal experience and to place what competences, readying and personal attempt and investing were made by the exile in order to incorporate into the new work environment. At the same clip, the interview will place and measure the options, policies and organisational activities that the company can implement in relation to pull offing an international work force efficaciously.

A first of import facet collected through the interview was the staffing policy used by the international organisation. Hiring the most competent persons corresponds to the geocentric attack and it enhances the company public presentation.

The general perceptual experience gathered in our probe is that populating abroad thrusts, without uncertainty alterations in the life style of the exile. Hence, the individual life in a foreign state is confronting assorted cultural challenges which influence on the private life, but besides on the occupation public presentation. All these facets determine the individual to do accommodations in order to get the better of the multicultural passage. Making the accommodation a success is, nevertheless, determined by many factors.

One of the most of import factors for the accommodation procedure is represented by the ability to pass on in the host state ‘s linguistic communication. The interviewed exile pointed out that being able to talk the host state and to understand the manner of communicating are of extreme importance when interacting with the local people and employees. Furthermore, the fluent she was in host linguistic communication, the easier became for her to accommodate to the new environment and develop better interactions. This penetration is consistent with ( Takeuchi, Yun and Russell 2002 ) findings that show that the linguistic communication abilities facilitate a better apprehension of work instructions which can be translated into a growing in occupation public presentation and a positive work accommodation.

During the acquisition procedure, an of import function is played by the freshness of the linguistic communication and the similarities between national civilizations: “ my old interactions with this language/style of communicating consisted in two visits in Italy. So, I had some issues in understanding the linguistic communication, but Italian is really similar to Romanian, which helped me to register fast advancements in my effort to pass on in their linguistic communication ” . Furthermore, Livermore ‘s probe ( 2010 ) showed that it is hard to construe the local behavior and events even if one is familiar with the cultural context.

Although the communicating accomplishments are a major constituent of the success of an international assignment, merely being able to talk the linguistic communication seems non to be sufficient. We observed that making a good degree of the host linguistic communication is a long-run procedure ( affecting personal involvement and clip and attempt investing ) , but the analysis of the interviewee ‘s experience outlines that it is indispensable “ to guarantee a good comprehension of the “ cultural luggage ” of local people ” . Hence, a better apprehension of the communicating manner and local behavior represents two of the most of import elements of the accommodation procedure. Harmonizing to the interviewee, being able to accomplish an “ efficaciously communicating requires a batch of forbearance and besides involvement ”

In order to set about the cross-cultural challenges ( identified as communicating manner, non-verbal communicating, local behavior and attitudes towards work/job values ) and to incorporate into the local new environment, it becomes of import to follow the local values and “ act as a local: I use now the non-verbal communicating and I gesticulate a batch more with my custodies, than I was accustomed in Romania ” .

For this, a cardinal function is besides played by the support offered by a local employee and all these informal assemblages provide a solid footing of an in-depth apprehension of the local civilization: “ I had the support of one of my work chaps and I communicated in English with him. It was a existent aid for me to understand the significance of the Italian words, how to construct the sentence and pass on the messages.

This penetration is in line with Black and Porter ‘s ( 1991 ) findings that underline the fact that the societal support received from colleagues has a positive influence on the general accommodation.

From an organisational position, the support given to the international employees represents a strategic option that enables them a better integrating in the new cultural workplace. Furthermore, through this determination, the company focused portion of its activities in covering with different groups of foreign employees ( Dowling, Festing and Engle, 2008, p.3 ) and assist them to understand the cultural differences.

Having cognition of the local community and its vision towards societal and work values facilitates better interactions which, in the terminal, turn into occupation public presentation. Therefore, larning and knowledge acquisitions represent an of import organisational pattern that ensures the success of transnational companies, but accomplishing these ends requires clip, energy and involvement from both parts involved: employee “ I am really interested in measuring the differences in cultural values and to understand the grounds that make the Italians to move in a certain mode in a peculiar state of affairs ) and company ( “ The organisation did n’t supply a cross-cultural preparation ” ) .

Although the international organisation did n’t supply a cross-cultural preparation, it can be noticed that she attained linguistic communication classs that should assist her to get the better of the communicating challenges.

Another interesting facet related to the occupation accommodation is related to the function freshness and lucidity in the new work environment. The exile has to confront non merely the cultural alterations, but besides he has to get by with the challenges imposed by the freshness of the occupation ( Harris, Brewster and Sparrow, 2004 ) . This is in conformity with the information collected through the interview. Similarities and differences in occupation conditions enhance an of import influence on the general accommodation procedure: because of similar work flows and regulations, similar required accomplishments and similar processs I was able to better understand the work demands and better use the instructions received from my direct higher-up.

The treatment with the exile besides showed that HR section has an progressively of import function in the employee ‘s personal lives. Furthermore, we have noted that the organisation created an internal platform in order to help the employee. It provides general information sing the extra-work activities and a guideline taking to do the accommodation easier ( information on living-cost, lodging status, system policies and so on ) . The involvement shown in supplying the employee the footing of a better apprehension of all these facets represents an of import activity of the field of international human resources ( Dowling, Festing and Engle, 2008, p.7 ) .


After analysing the interview ‘s findings, we can reason the doing the accommodation a success is a corporate attempt. From an single position, set abouting an international assignment requires cultural intelligence, passion, involvement and readying in order to understand the new cultural environment. Having a good cognition of the linguistic communication and host state values becomes indispensable in developing interactions which will take to a better integrating into the local community. The single attempt should be supported by a specific set of actions, activities and schemes that company can follow in order to ease the societal and work accommodation.


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