International Relations between the United States and Afghanistan

A country whether developed or is still developing cannot produce necessary resources to meet its needs. It therefore requires relations between various countries which may also depend on it for resources, trade and cooperation among other needs. The United States for example has relations with numerous other countries from which it benefits. One of these important relations is between it and Afghanistan. The following paper will discuss this relationship with regards to areas involved and its importance to both nations.


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The relationship between the United States and Afghanistan dates back to 1921 (British Library, 1921). The United States and Afghanistan are committed to deepening and building a strategic partnership that addresses security, stabilization and development for a safer, more prosperous Afghanistan (American Government, 2010). The main goals of the United States in Afghanistan are to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda and its hideouts in Pakistan, and to prevent their return to Afghanistan.

The war that lasted three decades devastated Afghanistan which like other affected countries is struggling to recover from conflicts, landmines and unexploded weapons that cause developmental inhibition, disruption of markets and production, prevents goods and services delivery, and reconstruction and stabilization efforts obstruction. Elimination of these hazards facilitates socio-economic development that further supports the larger goal of stability and security in Afghanistan and its environs (BSCAA, 2010).

The Political Relationship

Like in other countries, there has been a change in the political, sociological and economic conditions of several parts of Afghanistan as well as its relations. Before the Soviet occupation, the major form of foreign relations that were practiced in Afghanistan involved neutrality and non- alignment. This is because there were few independent nations which did not take sides during both the first and second world wars. After Marxist coup in 1978, Afghanistan majorly grew closer attachment with the Soviet Union and its communist protectorates.

The foreign strategies of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union eventually matched after the 1979 invasion that called for the attempt but with minimum achievement by Afghan foreign policy makers to increase their administration non popularity in the non-communist world. The president of the Soviet Union with the signing of Geneva Accords aimed at ending the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

Following the terrorist attacks aimed at the United States where both the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassies  were bombed and the Taliban governance which took over power and maltreated women in Afghanistan, the America government employed military operations to end the then seize al Qaeda operations regime(—, 2010).

The Taliban attack on the two buildings in America   saw the recommencement of diplomatic links between America and Afghanistan in 2001 and then formed a cooperation with Afghanistan in order to eliminate the expansive group; Taliban which provided a base for terrorism related organizations. Consequently, they began a military campaign to target terrorists’ facilities and Taliban military and their political assets in Afghanistan. This followed their refusal to expel Osama bin Laden who provided their financial and political support (USIP, 2006)

The American government took over Afghanistan, provided financial assistance for the reconstitution of educational institutions, health , national roads, government and also the military and the national police force of Afghan (Mathewson, 2007).Currently, there is a  non-Nato alliance between the  United States  and Pakistan which aims at assisting with the Afghanistan war and fighting terror in the subcontinent in cooperation.

Defeating the insurgence by the Taliban poses a major test for Nato where it requires additional forces from other countries including Afghanistan to support the U.S surge in Afghanistan and the US Afghan strategy (BBC, 2009). In addition, the United States is involved with Afghanistan’s ministry of justice in relation to non-state justice systems in order to ensure justice for all Afghans especially women. This is through the United States institute of peace which is trying to formalize the dispute resolution system after a long period of war and conflict (USIP, 2006).



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