International Terrorism and Global Politics Essay

September 26, 2017 Politics

In the twenty-first century. it would look that the term “terrorist” has become an all embracing description of anyone whom civilized people feel is a menace to guiltless civilians. domestic repose. and the mundane life that most people take for granted. Government functionaries declare “war on terrorism” and the similar. Expanding upon. and diverting from the typical definition of a terrorist. Charles W.

Kegley’s 2002 edition. The New Global Terrorism: Features. Causes. Controls. contains a chapter entitled “Is There a Good Terrorist? ” . which asserts that one nation’s terrorist may reasonably be considered another nation’s nationalist. This paper will keep the statement that no terrorist is a “good terrorist” . in contrast to the presentation of Kegley in his volume. Specifying Terrorism

To get down. a valid statement can be made against alleged “good” terrorists by set uping a baseline definition of terrorist act. In some of his other Hagiographas. Kegley has maintained that one of the jobs in reprobating terrorists is that the act of terrorist act itself is so difficult to specify ; in other words. as was mentioned antecedently. a terrorist may non be considered a terrorist by everyone. because finally. some group of people or state is purportedly profiting from the panic inflicted on another group.

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However. by all right tuning the definition of a terrorist. it will be possible to reenforce and construct upon the statement of this paper- that there is no such thing as a good terrorist. In order to do that averment solid and well-founded. one must recognize that the term terrorist act should in fact refer to Acts of the Apostless of force. war or sabotage inflicted upon guiltless civilian populations by a individual or individuals non affiliated with an organized ground forces and exterior of the range of declared warfare.

Within this context. we are non speaking about the soldier who serves his state by get the better ofing enemies in combat. but we are speaking about extremists who detonate auto bombs near schools and infirmaries. In utilizing this definition. it is possible to farther long pillow the statement. Terrorism is approximately Targets every bit Well as Purposes A 2nd averment that can be made in review of Kegley’s presentation comes from a treatment of the issue of the marks of terrorist act every bit good as the purposes of terrorists. as before defined.

For illustration. a terrorist. for all of his claims that he is seeking to liberate other people from the subjugation of another group. alter a bad state of affairs. avenge old wrongs and the similar. is go againsting international jurisprudence every bit good as the basic moral codifications when the terrorist inflicts casualties among defenceless civilians. such as when terrorists launch onslaughts on spiritual centres. public topographic points or even private residential countries. there is a enormous incorrect being done. no affair what baronial cause the terrorist claims to back up or progress.

Simply put. the agencies do non warrant the terminal. A All right Line between Patriotism and Vigilantism A cardinal point continues to repeat throughout this research- the all right line between get the better ofing enemies and go againsting the written and unwritten Torahs of humanity. Indeed. one could do the statement. for illustration. that the laminitiss of the United States in some ways inflicted terrorist act harmonizing to our antecedently stated definition. for many of them were un-uniformed. taking up weaponries against an organized. autonomous authorities. no affair how baronial the cause was for which they were contending.

However. when looking at terrorists in respect to being those who step over the line of legality and morality for the interest of their causes. once more the message returns that there must be at least some degree of decency in the universe. even among those who adamantly oppose one another. for if opponent groups are allowed to continually launch panic onslaughts upon each other. all of humanity will shortly degrade to chaos and anarchy. functioning no one’s involvements.

Indeed. it is morally. ethically and lawfully incorrect for people to take the jurisprudence into their ain custodies ; hence. all possible or existent terrorist Acts of the Apostless must be dealt with in the harshest possible footings. Decision In this paper. the statement has been made and supported that there is no such thing as a good terrorist. no affair what the purposes. motives or ends of the terrorist. maintaining in head that there are certain standards which define what makes a terrorist.

Therefore. it must be remembered that nationalists are non those who blow up adult females and kids. toxicant reservoirs or destruct public assemblage topographic points. nor are those who wear the uniform of their state and battle in declared wars terrorists. Once that distinction is made and adhered to. all of humanity will be all the better for it. Conversely. if we allow these Greies countries to be where a possible terrorist thinks they will have wagess. either in this universe or the one to come. the decease toll of inexperienced persons will go on to swell. Hopefully. this cardinal differentiation will be realized by the people of the universe before it is excessively late.


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