Internet Shopping: Adv vs. Dis

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The Internet: “Advantage or Adversary”.

Imagine life today without the convenience of the Internet. People would actually have to get up out of their comfortable chairs, get in their cars, and drive to the store, the library, the mall, or wherever they wanted to go to purchase the product that they wanted. Many consumers are fed up with conventional shopping. The Internet is defined as global networks defined by a set of open standards for communicating data and information between computers. In addition to this massive information highway there are many different tools that can be utilized on this global network. Using the Internet, people find jobs, send electronic cards, shop, make airline and hotel reservations, execute stock trades, and even pay bills online! With the increasing popularity of people shopping and purchasing goods online, the Internet has created new ways of doing business. Realizing the potential of the Internet, many companies have started to advertise their products and services on-line. However, consumers are becoming hesitant as it relates to purchases over the Internet because of the fear of being deceived by online retailers. The following research study will examine a prosperous component of the Internet, Internet Shopping. Internet shopping makes sense; you can shop 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, at your own pace, and in the privacy of your home. There is no hassle of long lines, crowds, or annoying salespeople. This study examines the advantages and disadvantages of Internet Shopping, and how to eradicate problems with privacy, security, and other general shopping troubles. .


One of the major advantages of Internet shopping is convenience. Shopping from the convenience and comfort of your own home may have its apparent advantages; no more standing in line, no more hassles of worrisome sales associates following you all around the department store.



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