Interpretation Of Dreams

January 19, 2017 General Studies

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Dream is a sequence of scenes and feelings occurring in the mind during sleep. They are typically associated with the R.E.M. state of sleep. R.E.M. is characterized by rapid eye movements and low-amplitude and irregular EEG patterns similar to those found in the waking brain. (Nairne, pp.233). What it will be examined in this paper it will be a brief synopsis of the most important theories and facts about dream interpretations. We’ll talk about the stimuli and sources of dreams (External Sensory excitations, Internal Sensory Excitations, Internal Organic Somatic Stimuli, and Psychical Sources Of Stimulation). .

We also are going to mention the methods of interpreting dreams (Symbolic ; Decoding Methods) and what happens in the interpretation when not all the facts of a dream are remembered. And at last we are going to talk about the death dreams and the consciousness and unconsciousness. .


The most important factors of the production of dreams lead to four kinds of sources, which are: .


External sensory excitations are occurred when we go to sleep. What we do is that we close Aor most important sensors, our eyes. y doing that we keep our other senses in a level that is not disturbing to us. When we fall asleep our senses are not isolated by the external stimuli of our bodily organ senses. For example, a noise can stimulate our ears and as a result that can influence the course of the dream. .


Another factor of sources of dreams are the internal sensory excitations, which are the visual and auditory sensations. These sensations are familiar to us in a waking state, and become visible to us while sleeping. Here is an example to make it clearer. When we close our eyes and we try to fall asleep numerous images come into our minds and they are so vivid that it seems like our eyes are actually seeing them.


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