Introduction easy to put off unhealthy living

April 16, 2019 Health


Taking better care of one’s health could make Namibians feel better and increase their productivity. It is not easy to put off unhealthy living habits, but we shouldn’t also be so reluctant not to.

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Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health. Getting rid of a habit of such a magnitude is not as easy as starting a work-out plan and following it. Smoking is an addiction, but willing individuals have worked diligently to kick the habit. The good news is that these behaviours are not foreign to Namibians at all.

As hard as it may be to get out of old habits, a healthy lifestyle can improve our mental health, give us more energy and increase our chances of defeating illnesses. Starting with basic changes, such as drinking more water daily, including fruits and vegetables in our diets and managing our mental health by exercising daily, sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night and taking on a hobby or simply just socializing with loved ones.

In addition, we need to make sure that we are in a good state of mind, because a healthy mind is part of a healthy body and it helps us make good decisions for ourselves such as regarding our jobs, health and lifestyles. The most important thing about leading a healthy lifestyle is making sure and realizing that we have made a difference in our health and well-being. Our behaviours may differ from one another, but we should be mindful of small behaviour changes that can make our lifestyle a healthier one.


The lifestyle tips can help maintain happier and healthier habits. Also, sharing health and wellness with others can help build a strong, happy community and fulfil lives.


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