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March 2, 2019 Sociology

The Rohingya people are ethnic Muslim minority living in Myanmar. They practice a Sufi-inflected variation of Sunni Islam. The Buddhist group are dominant in Myanmar. The Rohingya people are resided in the Rakhine State. The Rohingya people are considered as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The Rohingya people were once under the control of the Arakan Kingdom. Estimated there are 3.5 million Rohingya Refugees dispersed worldwide. (Albert, 2018).
The Rohingya people are suffering from the social stratification because they have no social class which makes them not to stand in the society of Myanmar. The Rohingya people have no power, education and wealth (Kiuranov, 2016). The social inequalities is another factor of the migration of Rohingya refugees. This is because they are in minority group and the Buddhist in majority group. Social inequalities are in genders, politics, ethnics, religions, status and many more. People which are not accepted by the society is known as social inequality. This is because they are different in colour, religion and status (Blackburn, 2008). The Rohingya refugees are known as a racial group in Myanmar because they have no importance in the country. They are exposed to violence such as rape and murder. . The Buddhist people prejudice the Rohingya people because they are minority in Myanmar (Albert, 2018).

The Migration of Rohingya Refugees.
Social inequalities is the main factor for the Migration of the Rohingya Refugees. Social inequalities influence on race, gender, ethnics, status, religion and power. Social inequality is based on social stratification. The Rohingya Refugees are affected by the social class in Myanmar. This is because they have no power and economic position (Blackburn, 2008). The Rohingya people are discriminated by the Myanmar government. The Rohingya people have restrictions on marriage, employment, education, family planning, and freedom of movement. For example, a Rohingya couple is only allowed to have two children. The Rohingya people seek permission for marriage which makes them to bribe the authorities and they have been forced to take photographs of their brides without a headscarf which is against their religion. To move into a new home or travel the Rohingya people must ask permission from the government because they have no power (Albert, 2018).
The Buddhist community is the majority ethnic group today in Myanmar. The Buddhist community do not accept the Rohingya people in their community. The Myanmar Government refuses to give citizenship to the Rohingya people because they consider the Rohingya people as immigrants from Bangladesh. During the year 1948, the Rohingya people were given citizenship under the generational provision. During this time, Rohingya also served the parliament in Myanmar. After the year 1962, the Rohingya were only given foreign identification cards. This limited their job opportunities and education. After the year 1982, Rohingya were not recognized as one of the country ethnic groups. In order for the Rohingya people to get citizenship in Myanmar, they must show proof that the family lived in Myanmar before 1948, and they must be fluent in their national language (Aljazeera, 2018).

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The Rohingya refugees were resided in the Rakhine state. Nearly 288 villages were destroyed by the Myanmar militants Most of the damages occurred in the Maungdaw Township (BBC News, 2018)

The militants started to fire villages and houses at the Rakhine state. Many people came homeless. There were many Rohingya people brutally killed and raped. Several bodies of women and children were found across the border of Bangladesh. Many refugees whom survived the were driven out by hunger. The Myanmar Government shut down food markets and medical aids were restricted to be given to the Rohingya people (Siddiqui and Lone, 2017).

A group called the ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) carried out the 25th August attacks. Their main motive was to protect the Rohingya Muslims. ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) are known as terrorist where the leaders were trained abroad. The ARSA leader is Ata Ullah, a Rohingya born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia. They have no links with jihadist groups. They are angered by the violence of the Myanmar Government towards the Rohingya people in Rakhine (BBC News, 2017).

The Myanmar Government refuse to recognize the Rohingya people as an ethnic group. There were many reports against the Myanmar authorities regarding the abduction of young girls, slavery and forced starvation. Most refugees do not feel safe to go back to Myanmar due to violence. At least 6700 Rohingya people including 730 children under the age of five were killed brutally by the Myanmar militants. The Myanmar Government denied that they were involved in killing the Rohingya refugees (Schwirtz, 2018).

The Rohingya people were migrating into many countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The majority of Rohingya Refugees fled to Bangladesh. Other countries in Asia and the Middle East opened their doors to the Rohingya Refugees.

They were getting proper medical aids and shelter across the world. Many countries are taking strong legal actions against the Myanmar Government. Campaigns on saving the Rohinya refugees have been done by many countries across the world (Asrar, 2017). The largest refugee camp is in Kutupalong. The refugees have limited space living there. The men, women and children arrived at Bangladesh without belongings and wounded. They set up camps where they have less assess to proper aids, water, shelter, food and healthcare (BBC News, 2018).

How Malaysia Help Rohingya Refugees?
Malaysia sent volunteers to Bangladesh to help the Rohingya refugees. Malaysia sent essential goods to the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh such as biscuits, towels, milk powders, sanitary pads, soap bars and many more (Humanitarian Mission for Rohingyas, 2017).

Malaysia is taking many efforts to help Rohingya refugees including building a field hospital in Bangladesh. The Malaysia former Prime Minister, Dato Najib Razak had taken initiative to open the eyes of the Myanmar Government over the fate of Rohingya Refugees (The Sun Daily, 2017).

Malaysia had sent humanitarian mission to help Rohingya Refugees. The mission is supported by the ‘iM4U’ voluntary organization. The Malaysian Government sent their aids through MAS (Malaysian Airlines) to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (The Sun Daily, 2017)
The topic which I would discuss is the Rohingya Migration Around The World.. This topic is based on the social stratification. Social stratification describes the system of social standing. It is based on the society categorization of people. These people are divided into rankings based on wealth, income, education, power and race. It is difficult to analyze the development of a society without the analysis of social class. The social stratification is the idea which Marx and Engels begin in the first chapter of the “Communist Manifesto” (Kiuranov, 2016). The social inequalities is another factor on the migration of Myanmar Refugees. This is because they are in minority group (Blackburn, 2008).
Social Stratification should be stopped in Myanmar. This is because every individual should be treated fairly. We should also stop social inequalities in Myanmar because the Rohingya people are suffering due to violence. Innocent children had been killed brutally and women had been raped. We should help the Rohingya refugees by providing financial and medical aids. Moreover, based on my opinion, countries across the world should take serious action against the Myanmar Government. The Malaysian Government took good actions in helping the Rohingya refugees. We should provide proper shelters for the Rohingya refugees. Social inequality should be stopped because everybody should be treated equally. Last but not the least, we must stop social inequality and violence across the world.
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