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September 20, 2017 Marketing

Kellogg ‘s has persisted in the market as a strong trade name in the FMCG industry. Its cereal flakes is a line of merchandise that has been accepted worldwide as one of the most convenient ready to eat repast for breakfast. Over the old ages people in most states has consumed more of Kellogg ‘s merchandises than any of its rivals ‘ .

Annual study of the company shows in late 1980 ‘s the company had reached all clip extremum, deriving a astonishing 40 per centum in the US ready to eat market and thereby motivating a annual gross revenues of US $ 6 billion.

In 1990 ‘s since the industry in the nucleus markets of U.S and U.K started to confront stiff competition with tonss of participants come ining, Kellogg ‘s made a determination to migrate into the Indian market. The market potency was immense since it was a population of 950 1000000s, out of which 250 million were in-between category and was a wholly untapped market.

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In 1994 Kellogg ‘s entered the Indian Market by puting US $ 65 million into establishing its flagship merchandise Corn Flakes. However the Indian Consumers found it difficult to unify the construct of Corn Flakes with their life style. The most prevailing pattern was boiled veggies and therefore the construct of ready to eat failed in India.

Even though the first twelvemonth gross revenues were encouraging, the gross revenues started falling from the 2nd twelvemonth. It was going evident that people chiefly purchased it as a onetime freshness purchase.

This survey reflects the possible ways in which the trade name can be sustained as a successful one in the Indian market.

Inventing a Selling program utilizing the SOSTAC Model:

Situational Analysis utilizing SWOT:


High Global Market Share: Kellogg ‘s has 65 % planetary market portion harmonizing to the audit of March 2010 conducted by KPMG, in the ready-to-eat cereal merchandises and it is besides the taking manufacturer in this class.

Strong Brand: As a trade name the worth of Kellogg ‘s is 13 billion USD at the present clip, and even in the period of strong economic crisis it is regarded as one of the profitable trade names in US and the European Countries. Some of the trade names under Kellogg ‘s are widely accepted. Nutri-gain, Pop-tarts, Kebbler and Ego are merely to call a few of them.

Large Product Line: In footings of the deepness and breadth of the merchandise mix, Kellogg ‘s has got a broad assortment of packaged cereal flakes. It has besides stated bring forthing merchandises in miscellaneous classs other than cereal flakes such as choco flakes for kids, and besides classs such as vegan, certified halal meat, low Na content and gluten free flakes. Kellogg ‘s besides has a healthy nutrient class.

Continuous Research to cut down cost: Kellogg ‘s invests a significant sum on Research and development in order to cut down cost. They have besides set up their fabrication workss in South East Asiatic states in order to bring forth at the disbursal of cheaper labor and to cut down cost on logistics.


High Monetary value: A bundle of 475 gms of Kellogg ‘s maize flakes cost 130 INR which is considered to be reasonably high from the Indian position. Most homemakers who are possible shoppers do speak up that this battalion lasts for a upper limit of 3 uses. This is non regarded every bit economical from the Indian position.

Unsuitable for Indian Lifestyle: The general Indian pattern was of utilizing warm milk, which was really contradictory to the American construct of utilizing cold milk. Due to the use of warm milk, the flakes became boggy.

Worsening Gross saless: Asia represents merely 2 % of the Kellogg ‘s world-wide gross revenues. Since its origin in 1994, the countrywide gross revenues have dropped by 25 % .

Bad relation with Supermarkets: To be in tandem with its pricing Kellogg ‘s should set up itself to sell more through the Supermarkets. However Kellogg ‘s late had to endure a batch due to its bad relationship with Supermarkets. For case Kellogg ‘s merchandises were moved from the shelves of Food Bazaar since it was giving the retail merchant a much lesser border than Tasty Treat which is its private label.


Globalization: Due to the consequence of globalization, Indians are now more open to the International Cultures. The young person in India now tries to copy a batch of the life styles prevalent in U.K and U.S.A.

Increasing degree of Disposable Income: Bing a turning economic system, the income degree is lifting, hence if Kellogg ‘s can exchange over from being a premium pricing trade name to a somewhat competitory pricing trade name, it would be able to pull out the money from Indians.

Advent of Television Ad: Due to a uninterrupted betterment in the quality of telecasting advertisement, advertisement runs are making consciousness and involvement towards a trade name at a faster. A trade name like Kellogg ‘s Choco can be really popular in this manner.


Private Label Trade names: With supermarkets such as Food Bazaar, Spencer, More, etc deriving more borders on private label trade names, it is going hard for Kellogg ‘s to keep its shelf infinite in ace markets.

Local Rivals: Some local and regional rivals such as Crunchy Oats are going stronger participants due to their low pricing schemes.

The Environmental Analysis Using Porter ‘s 5 Forces:

Degree centigrades: UsersstephenDesktopimages.jpg

Degree of Rivalry: ( High )

Face a stiff competition in Indian market from Local and Regional participants such as Crunchy Oats and private label trade names such as Tasty Treat. Even planetary participants such as Nestle are giving them tough competition in merchandises within the child ‘s section.

An oligopolistic competition construction exists within the industry.

Switch overing cost is negligible, and most consumers regard exchanging to be profitable since they get better quality merchandise at a lesser monetary value.

Growth is dead for the last five old ages whereas the Industry is spread outing.

Dickering Power of Buyers: ( High )

Supermarkets are continuously coercing to cut down monetary value of merchandises to obtain higher borders, hence consumers are more inclined towards private label trade names.

Switch overing cost is once more negligible.

In certain semi urban and developing countries of the state, people still find it hard to tie in with the construct of devouring cereal flakes in cold milk.

Dickering Power of Suppliers: ( Low )

The company has a cardinal fabrication unit in the state and about 20 other units across the universe. Natural stuffs are sourced from the local market. Hence the provider bargaining power is low.

Menace of Substitutes: ( High )

Other ready to eat and packaged nutrient merchandises are more popular among Indian consumers such as Maggie Noodles. Maggie noodles are more preferable since they are served hot.

There is no exchanging cost involved.

Menace of New Entrants: ( High )

It is hard for rivals to develop new merchandises in this class since they would necessitate investing and clip to develop.

Distribution is a major concern. High slotting & A ; promotional fees, limited shelf infinite, and the demand to make retail demand are add-ons to the fabrication cost.

Capital costs are really high since puting up production installations and distribution concatenation takes into history a high upfront investing.

Objective Puting at different strategic degrees:

Corporate Scheme: To increase profitableness by 23 % worldwide by 2011

Business degree Scheme: To derive 50 % market portion countrywide in India by 2011.

Marketing Scheme: To go the breakfast repast of 70 % of the urban Indian Family by 2011.

Developing Schemes:

Making a Growth Strategy utilizing the Ansoff ‘s Matrix:

Degree centigrades: Documents and SettingssoumyadeepMy DocumentsMy Picturesuntitled.bmp

Kellogg ‘s operates in a state wherein it is an bing trade name for the last five old ages. All merchandises in the merchandise line are known to consumers and a market for such merchandises has besides developed. Hence the scheme that Kellogg ‘s should set about in order to increase its gross revenues is Market Penetration.

Kellogg ‘s being an established trade name would non hold a job in perforating the market and increasing its portion. The hazard factor would besides be well low.

In order to perforate Kellogg ‘s has to look at two things:

Making a different place for the trade name through a better communicating and in bend developing a new improved value proposition.

Kellogg ‘s must do use of cost decrease in order to derive monetary value leading in the market. Once the merchandise entreaties to consumers they will buy it readily due to the low monetary value. If the company can sell a higher volume at a lesser border, so they can battle competition successfully.

Making a competitory scheme utilizing Porter ‘s Generic Strategies:

Kellogg ‘s being an FMCG merchandise has to hold an Industry broad strategic range. However harmonizing to the research Kellogg ‘s should pattern a combination of Differentiation and Overall Cost leading.

Kellogg ‘s as a trade name has a big portfolio of merchandises and each merchandise hold its ain singularity. Hence they should go on to leverage on the distinction facet. However a major challenge that Kellogg ‘s faces is its premium pricing, on deriving a cost leading, it can implement a competitory pricing. This will do the trade name more attractive.

Tacticss employed in order to accomplish strategic aims:


Battalion Size: Since most of the merchandises within the merchandise mix are widely accepted across the Earth, Kellogg ‘s should non alter the scope of cereal flakes that it has. However in order to increase the frequence of purchase, Kellogg ‘s can cut down the minimal battalion size from 475g to 250 g so that it becomes more popular amongst immature persons who live a fast life and remain individual. For such group of mark clients the basket size of purchase is much little. Hence smaller size battalions will pull them to a greater extent. Apart from this value packs must be issued ab initio to pick up gross revenues. These are battalions of 500 g at the monetary value of 475g battalions.

Packaging: Most of Kellogg ‘s battalions do non hold the alimentary benefits engraved on them ( except for Special K ) . They merely contain a little label demoing the nutritionary ingredients. Over the recent old ages the urban Indian population has become more diet witting. Hence it would be advantageous to scratch the alimentary benefits on them.

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Present boxing new packaging

Monetary value:

Kellogg ‘s flakes are priced higher than rivals. Monetary values of three most manufactured Indian Brands are higher than most rivals. 475g of Kellogg ‘s Corn Flakes costs Rs 130, whereas its closest rival delivers 500g at Rs 109. Kellogg ‘s therefore should cut down the monetary value. In the recent company audit study from KPMG it has been found that the most extremely purchased merchandise, the Kellogg ‘s choco is priced at Rs 125 for a 375g battalion, therefore doing it hard for a in-between category Indian family to avail it. Kellogg ‘s should advance more of this merchandise by cut downing the monetary value.

Besides in order to obtain better incursion in the market Kellogg ‘s should seek and sell more through Supermarkets instead than corner grocery stores. Hence Kellogg ‘s should provide more volume at lesser border to supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Topographic point:

Internet: One of the medium through which urban clients are buying more of their FMCG merchandises is the cyberspace. The coming of on-line retailing, Kellogg ‘s must seek and sell more through on-line medium. Especially for institutional gross revenues such as to infirmaries and school or college inns, where purchases are made in majority, Kellogg ‘s should promote on-line sale of merchandises. This will assist them in cut downing the clip to present their merchandises faster and assist them to sell higher units.

Besides, the dialogue footings with supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenient shops should be laid in a manner such that Kellogg ‘s cereal flakes occupies maximum shelf infinite in its peculiar merchandise class. The chief aim should be to derive maximal shelf infinite instead than seeking to gain more borders per unit.


The most of import component in the selling mix of Kellogg ‘s is the publicities.

When Kellogg ‘s entered India about 15 old ages ago, they lacked research of the behavior of the Indian consumers. They took no notice of the fact that Indian ‘s disliked the construct of devouring cold milk, and the flakes became boggy in warm milk. Hence in order to advance the pattern of the devouring normal or cold milk Kellogg ‘s should utilize the telecasting advertisement media efficaciously. This would make a separate value proposition for the trade name.

For illustration clip can be used as a parametric quantity to make urgency for the trade name. A telecasting advertizement demoing this construct will make response among clients.

Idea- Showing a family wherein every member is hotfooting for his or her work or school. In such a short clip boiling milk and consuming flakes is a drawn-out procedure. Hence normal milk is used and it even tastes nice.

The new mission statement of the trade name could be Kellogg ‘s: Your Fast BreakFastaˆ¦

The other signifiers of communicating channels should be publicizing billboards, postings in ace markets and magazines such as Graphiti.

In order to advance childs merchandises such as Kellogg ‘s Choco the company can form event publicities through assorted retail merchants and besides through sponsorship of childs ‘ activities and competitions at schools.

Gross saless publicity would besides be done throughout the twelvemonth through the distribution of freebees. Freebies such as a bowl can be given with a battalion of 475g of Kellogg ‘s Corn Flakes. This would be of public-service corporation in the ingestion procedure and would in-turn addition gross revenues.


Distribution is the polar procedures that should be taken attention of in accomplishing the aims

After the fabrication procedure, the distribution concatenation should be controlled from different centres. There should be four regional distribution centres ( RDC ) at the four different zones- Delhi ( North ) , Calcutta ( East ) , Mumbai ( West ) and Bangalore ( South ) . Each distribution centre should provide in its peculiar zone and each distribution centre should utilize the hub and spoke theoretical account. All four distribution centres should be interconnected to each other.

The distribution theoretical account is as follows:

Actions followed to accomplish the tactics:

The caput office of Kellogg ‘s is situated in Mumbai. All program of action should be coordinated from the Mumbai caput office and the determinations should efficaciously go through on across the distribution centers up to the shop degree where the merchandise gets handed over to the terminal consumer.

Use of 2009 Fiscal Statements ( Historical method ) : The budget is planned based upon an analysis of the income statement of 2009. In the financial twelvemonth 2009 as per the one-year studies of the company the net income $ 1,212 million. The net hard currency flow in the last one-fourth has been $ 1230 million and besides as per the last one-fourth the liquid hard currency militias of the company is $ 527 1000000s. Hence Kellogg ‘s Corporation can put a high sum in the development of the Indian market in order to convey it to a growing.

The entire budget allocated towards marketing activities of the Indian market is — — – . The allocated sum is divided into five distinct divisions to transport out activities. These divisions are boxing, sponsorship, advertizement, gross revenues publicity, event publicity and value battalions.

To map the budget harmonizing to the activities of the administration a GNATT action chart is used.





Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec







Gross saless Promotion


Event Promotion


Value Packs


Deriving Control over the program:

Control can be gained over the procedure by utilizing two different attacks:

Periodic control: A periodic control can be exercised over the program by executing Marketing Audited accounts from clip to clip. The company must non trust merely on external hearers such as KPMG, they should besides derive control through internal audits performed by hearers within the company. Through marketing audits public presentation spreads should be identified. The extent to which the consequences vary from the coveted marks should be noted and disciplinary steps should be taken consequently.

Continuous Control: A uninterrupted control should be introduced by care of a Balanced Scorecard customized specifically for stakeholders ‘ position of Kellogg ‘s.


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