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A reflective journal is a way of thinking in a critical and analytical way about your work in progress. It shows how different aspects of your work interconnect (Oxford Brookes University, 2017). Reflective journals can also be really helpful for identifying gaps in your knowledge and skills, and for thinking about how you can address them. This is the kind of information that you can share with your tutor so that they can help you to plan what to do next (The University of Sheffield, 2017).
This reflective journal is weekly written from the beginning of the course about the learning experiences in the class about this subject and its further use in future. It contains notes of the classes and personal understanding of the lecture of the student.
This kinds of reflective journal is very useful to students as well as for lecturers. On behalf of student it gives comprehensive idea about the class understanding which if regularly updated and discussed with teachers provides basis for understanding of course progress.

Journal Entries
12 August, 2017
I like to study about different things and find more information about any subject matter of interest. So I was very eager for the course. In first week I learnt about nature and process of research process. Along with this I also knew about its design and its planning process. This made clear that research is done whenever there is any gap in literature or more things to find about. Further it is also necessary to understand any new phenomena. This lecture also made it clear that it is essential to find about the subject matter before doing any research on it through literature review. It increased by enthusiasm of studying more.

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19 August, 2017
This week lecture concluded about literature review and writing business research as well as ethics and legal consideration. For doing any research it is important to study what is already known about any subject matter. This is a required process for any research which gives insight about the research matter. I came to know that this can be used in your research writing with proper references of the author as this is not ethical to copy the writing of other authors and present it as your own. This was a very important learning for me. The learning of preparing self for any consequences of the research was also very interesting.

26 August, 2017
This week lecture gave us knowledge about qualitative research. Qualitative research is not concerned about numbers but gives emphasis on words and texts about the subject matter. I understood the importance of sampling as the people involved in research should have some connection about the research matter and their information helps in performing the research.

2 September, 2017
This lecture provided information about the ways of interviewing and focus groups and qualitative data analysis. For collecting information proper participants should be chosen and interviewed in different ways so as to get maximum information about the subject matter. The researcher should ease the participants in providing relevant and reliable information about the subject matter. Further this qualitative method collects huge data which should be properly used in research. This should be properly analyzed for providing conclusions.

9 September, 2017
The nature and sampling in quantitative method was discussed this week. It showed highlights of this method which deals with numerical value. There are different methods sampling for this type of research which was very helpful in assignments and also in life.

16 September, 2017
As quantitative method deals with numerical value it is very essential to make good questionnaires that cover all the areas of research. The data can be analyzed using statistical methods for checking the validity and reliability in the research. For this several interviewing techniques was learnt that helps a lot in asking as well as maintaining good relationship with participants.

23 September, 2017
Through the lecture this week we learned about different types of collecting information and analyzing the content. It has taught me for making a schedule for doing any important works. Further coding the data into numbers for further study was an important lesson. This taught that structured observation could also be useful in obtaining information like survey base techniques.

30 September, 2017
Information about secondary analysis and quantitative data analysis was learnt from this lecture. There are many methods for analysis of data and information. I understood that secondary analysis is generally done in secondary data that are obtained from dependable sources. Quantitative data can be analyzed using statistical tools like central tendency and variance analysis.

7 October, 2017
Qualitative and quantitative research methods deal with different aspects of study. One revolve around text and subjective information whereas another in numerical value. These both are used in mixed method to draw conclusion for some research.

Study is endless and we acquire information about different things regularly. Searching the information of interest and urge for learning is research. This course is very fruitful for me throughout my life. It helped me in understanding about doing and writing business research. I was very happy to understand that we should try to cover as many variables that concerns the study matter to get more appropriate results. This helps me to understand that different variables are to be considered to make decisions of my life.


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