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August 28, 2017 Information Technology

British Airways plc is the flag bearer air hose of the United Kingdom. BA central office is located in Waterside near to its major hub at London Heathrow Airport and based on fleet size, international flights and international finishs is the largest air hose in the UK. Its other hub is the London Gatwick Airport. British Airways has terminated all consecutive abroad flights from UK airdromes with the exclusion of Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airport. BA ‘s UK riders arising at non-London airdromes would hold to link through London or do usage of different air hoses with direct services.

The British Airways Group was formed on 1 September 1974 due to nationalisation by the Labor Government as at so. British Airways was created from a twosome of air hoses which were, BOAC and BEA, Cambrian Airways from Cardiff and Northeast Airlines from Newcastle upon Tyne. In the 1974 all four companies were disbanded to happen into British Airways. British Airways was privatized in February 1987 after over 13 old ages as portion of the denationalization program by the Conformist Government as at so. The air hose rapidly expanded with the acquisition of British Caledonian ( BCAL ) in 1987 and Gatwick-based bearer Dan-Air in 1992.

British Airways is a founding member of the One universe air hose confederation along with four other air hoses – American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and the now disused Canadian Airlines. The confederation has of all time since developed to go the 3rd prima air hose confederation, with lone SkyTeam and Star Alliance being larger.

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By 30 July 2008, British Airways and Spanish air hose Iberia made a dictum of a amalgamation program that would take to the two air hoses fall ining forces in an all-stock dealing while retaining their separate trade names similar to KLM and Air France in their amalgamation understanding. On 12 November 2009, British Airways established that it had arrived at a preliminary understanding to unify with Iberia air hose. The amalgamation between British Airways and Iberia would convey about the universe ‘s third-largest air hose in footings of one-year gross and the 2nd largest air hose group in Europe. The understanding was confirmed on 8 April 2010, and by the terminal of the twelvemonth should be completed.

British Airways soon hold a 13.5 % interest in Iberia but will obtain ownership of 55 % of the new combined group, which would be known as “ International Airlines Group ” , with Iberia ‘s stockholders obtaining the permanent 45 % of the corporation. The merged entity will run 419 aircraft, convey up to 62 million riders annually and function a small over 200 finishs. It is expected that the amalgamation will make 400 million Euros of nest eggs yearly for the air hoses. The Headquarters would be situated in London.

British Airways Fleet





( First/Club World/World

Traveller Plus/World Traveller )




Airbus A318



32 ( 0/32/0/0 )



Airbus A319



132 ( 0/0/0/132 )

129 ( 0/0/15/114 )




Airbus A320-200



156 ( 0/0/0/156 )

152 ( 0/0/15/137 )




Airbus A321-200



188 ( 0/0/0/188 )

184 ( 0/0/15/169 )



Airbus A380-800





Boeing 737-400



159 ( 0/0/0/159 )

145 ( 0/0/13/132 )




Boeing 747-400



329 ( 14/52/36/227 )

291 ( 14/70/30/177 )




Boeing 757-200



173 ( 0/0/35/138 )




Boeing 767-300ER



247 ( 0/0/26/221 )

192 ( 0/24/24/144 )



Boeing 777-200



220 ( 17/48/24/127 )



Boeing 777-200ER



229 ( 14/48/40/127 )

220 ( 13/48/32/127 )

272 ( 0/36/24/212 )

286 ( 0/48/24/214 )




Boeing 777-300ER



297 ( 14/56/44/183 )



Boeing 787-8



183 ( 0/42/51/90 )


Boeing 787-9








Table 1.1 British air passages fleet

( Beginning: 2010 )

Figure 1: Image of British air passages aircraft

( Beginning: 1996-2910 )


First before the treatment on the concern theoretical accounts of British Airways, there has to be an apprehension on what e-business theoretical account is all about.

E-business could be said to be as a derivative from footings such as e-mail and e-commerce, which is carry oning of concern activities on the cyberspace, non merely purchasing and selling but giving client service and collaborating with concern associate.

In another definition of E-business, it is the application of information communicating engineerings in support of all the activities of concern. ( Beydon-Davies 2004 ) .

So hence e-business theoretical account could be said to be the technological program implemented by a company online to bring forth gross and do a net income from operations, which includes the constituents and maps of the concern, every bit good as the gross it spawns and disbursals it incurs.

2.1 Advertisement Model

British Airways uses this e-business theoretical account to pull clients to their company, advertizement on Tourss and holiday gross revenues could be seen on the web site. This theoretical account works really good for them because there are a batch of people who visit British Airways web site, and when they see these ads they become interested want to cognize more about what it is about there conveying big traffic to the site which is what brings about some of the gross earned in British Airways today.

Figure 2: screen shooting of Advertisement on British Airways.

2.2 Affiliate Model

British Airways uses this theoretical account for the intent on acquiring gross, the affiliate theoretical account is a really of import concern theoretical account to the company, and they advertise hotels and resort for other companies on their web site which in bend these companies would give them a per centum of the returns. With this theoretical account being implemented it provides purchase chances for the affiliate companies.

2.3 Subscription Model

The subscription theoretical account is being used by British Air passages to bring forth gross. Customers or air travel riders who would desire to go executive club members and concern members could subscribe. This rank comes with different benefits for the clients such as holding BA stat mis which would enable the client to hold some services for free. This theoretical account attracts clients, which would in bend bring approximately net income to the air hose.

2.4 Infomediary Model

Information about clients and other tendencies they go about them are carefully analyzed by British Airways, that is they know their clients really good, and what they want as good, so there are a batch of information that could be gotten at that place. This theoretical account is besides used for the information of all other spouses and air hoses that they work with. They help clients understand the sort of hotels that would accommodate them for their travel programs and how they could travel about acquiring the best possible information. This theoretical account has been a beginning of gross for a piece now for British Airline and it has helped them derive a really good competitory border in the air hose industry.


Web engineerings are highly important fraction of an organisation or company that utilizes engineering, assemble, procedure, shop and disseminate information. With the usage of web engineerings it could convey about a competitory advantage for a company with other organisations, these engineerings are what could convey about success and net incomes of a company. For a company like British Airways which is an internationally acclaimed company, web engineerings have been portion of what they have used to derive these competitory advantage every bit good fulfill all their clients ‘ demands, non besides burying the tremendous net income at which they have earned all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, web engineering have played a major function in all these. The web engineerings at which British Air passages have been doing usage of to derive competitory advantage are as follows:

3.1 Wireless Internet Mobile service

One of the web engineering at which British air passages have adopted is the radio nomadic cyberspace service, to do the travel experience of loyal clients easier and smoother. British air passages have been working in coaction with IBM to develop a installation that allows frequent circulars to utilize their nomadic phones to look into in for flights out of the UK, select their place and entree information on intervals and goings. This has brought about clip salvaging benefits for clients and important cost decreases at BA call centres and check- Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Working in coaction with IBM, British airways has become the prime UK air hose to let frequent circulars to utilize their nomadic phones to look into in for flights out of the UK, and the first air hose in the universe to enable riders to choose their place via a geographical place map on their phones. In add-on, any nomadic phone user is now able to look into flight handiness and position up-to-minute flight reachings and going information for any British air passages flight.

3.1.1 Customer benefits:

Subscribers to the service would be able to look into in utilizing the pictural place choice tool on the phone, arrive at the airdrome, collect their embarkation base on balls from a self-service booth in a short clip, leave their luggage at the fast bag bead, and travel to the embarkation gate. Other benefits of this engineering are:

Passengers can eschew check-in waiting lines at the airdrome

Customers can look into seat handiness on flight devoid of holding to do a voice call.

Travelers can look into real-time goings of their flights if delayed in traffic and attendants and saluters can look into flight reachings from any location.

3.1.2 Business benefits

Beyond the betterment in client service, the development of its nomadic cyberspace services has brought British airways a figure of other benefits

A lessening in call Centre charges through decreasing the demand for reaching and

Departure information

A cutback in check-in costs – by maintaining clients out of the check-in waiting lines and cut downing desk staffing cost.

A clasp in the nomadic computer science web

3.2 British Airways World Cargo

This is a engineering that British Airways usage to heighten the proviso of clients service within the air lading industry. The engineering works with EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange ) . This engineering is being used for the undermentioned intents:

Receive and transmit air bill of lading informations by agencies of EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange )

Receive and procedure cargo

Deliver automated presentment of the reception of cargo

Path and hint cargo from the airdrome of beginning to the airdrome of finish utilizing barcode engineering

Advance the intelligibility of public presentation measuring to their clients.

Customers would hold to be connected to the Cargo Community System ( CSS ) for all these services to be readily available.

3.2.1 Benefits of the British Airways World Cargo

Customers who have subscribed to an EDI connexion with British Airways World Cargo via a lading community system will be notified automatically when they receive their cargos. Customers would besides have presentment of their cargo ‘s advancement at cardinal points during its journey ( e.g. reception into LHR, going from, LHR, and so reaching at finish airdrome etc. )

Customers who transmit their air waybill informations to British Airways lading via EDI who have their cargos accepted and processed faster, accurately, at the airdrome of beginning.

Customers who are able to barcode their cargos prior to bringing to British Airways lading would hold the undermentioned benefits:

Increased informations truth

Increased managing velocity

Effective path and hint of cargos

Increased client service through the handiness of quality position information, throughout its journey.

3.3 Airline Inventory and Reservation System ( AIRS )

This web engineering is a user friendly solution which enables the users to work on a Graphical User Interface to cut down developing times and therefore advancing rapid deployment. A It provides tremendous cost nest eggs to air hoses as compared to the traditional theoretical accounts by supplying a Personal computer based A A efficient solution by guaranting nest eggs on mainframe costs every bit good as bequest platforms and there supplying better return on investing.

3.3.1 AIRS Benefits

great cost nest eggs for an air hose in footings of internal air hose offices reserve mechanization

Offers an improved degree of functionalities integrated with the steady growing and resulting demands of the air hose.

Is a web based user-friendly solution, which makes it possible the users to work on a Graphical User Interface.

A Can be implemented the same twenty-four hours at legion locations and new locations can be added merely with no execution timeframe reverse.

It can besides be designed harmonizing to the air hoses demands. ( Bird Information System 2010 )

3.4 Baggage Reconciliation System

This is a web based engineering used by British air passages for their travelers to be able to accommodate with their baggage when going the airdrome. There have been immense jobs in the past concerning riders and their baggage, with the big sum of travelers at the airdrome there is a high inclination for luggage to acquire missing, so hence this web engineering was designed for exclusive intent of avoiding such state of affairss from go oning.

The engineering uses wireless barcode scanners leting airport staff to place the precise location of any piece of baggage during lading and droping. The aim is to cut down mismanaged luggage by tracking each piece of luggage and maintaining records of their handling of each piece of luggage.

3.5 E-Ticketing System

British Airways besides deploys a system at which clients can publish their ain tickets. E-Tickets can be bar-coded for proof. E- Ticketing system has been advantageous for British Air passages as it assist in cost and labour nest eggs, with instant bringing to the client, safe and unafraid due to bar-code proviso etc.

3.6 Ticket Reservation

British Airways utilizes this web engineering on their web site in order for clients to do their ticket reserve. This web engineering allows for an efficient ticket engagement. Customers intend to do ticket reserve uses this web engineering to do ticket reserve. This has besides been a success narrative for British Air passages as it has attracted many clients to the web site as it provided efficient and satisfactory ticket reserve for client as a consequence of following this ticket reserve web engineering.

3.7 Online engagement

This web engineering is used by British Airways which enables users to do on-line engagement on the web site, utilizing the functionality and characteristics made available on the web site. This web engineering is used by doing an on-line engagement page straight on the place page with featured links and functionality to enable users make usage of it and do hearty online engagement. This is a cardinal web engineering in this web site as it is the air hose ‘s focal point in operating with a web site. This web engineering adopted by British Airways has been important to their success in footings of supplying easy and satisfactory online engagement for the users.

Figure 3: Screen Shot of Online engagement

3.8 Manage My Booking

This is a web engineering that is being used by British Air passages to pull off client ‘s engagement, it provides characteristics such as the cheque online engagement position which enables riders to see the position of their engagement made. Customers can besides see, alteration or direct itinerary such as paying for unconfirmed engagements made antecedently, purchase and re-select rider seats of their pick, Change flights finishs, Supersize or Add luggage allowance, Purchase/Re-select repasts for those that need particular repasts, update rider contact inside informations and upgrading fare category. This is done by come ining Booking figure, going day of the month, beginning, finish metropolis and electronic mail, “ look into flight position ” which allows clients to re-confirm the position of their flights. The subdivision allows for riders to look into their flight inside informations of reserves which were made a twenty-four hours ( 24-hours ) prior to the day of the month of going by come ining departing, geting, depart day of the month, air hose codification and flight figure, “ refund position ” which shows riders the current position of refunds from payments made by recognition card. This is done by come ining PNR and recognition card figure, “ look into luggage position ” which enables users to look into their baggage position if delay study is made. This is done by come ining Baggage PIR figure or PNR figure or full name in PIR study.

Figure 4: Screen shooting of Manage my engagement.

3.9 Intranet

This is a private web which British Airways uses to pass on within its organisation. This is so because of the tremendous size and population of British Airways Infrastructure and staffs, so hence this intranet is a necessity for the organisation to portion resources within the full staff and besides better the communicating within the organisation.

3.10 Flight Information

This engineering enables users to hold series of information about their flights. This engineering is for the exclusive intent of maintaining the clients updated. It comes with characteristics such as “ latest travel intelligence ” which gives updates on when there is any flight break, “ reachings and goings ” which updates minute by infinitesimal information about the flight the client intends to run into and when its arriving every bit good as flight going position, it besides has “ time-tables ” which allows users to look into the flight agenda for their chosen finish, it besides has information on available flights up to one twelvemonth in progress.

Figure 5: screen shooting of flight information

3.11 Route Map

The path map is designed as a usher to assist the riders to cognize their finishs and acquire to their finish safely and easy. This is the quickest and easiest routing engineering, based on the normal flying conditions. The path map has all the finishs that British airways fly to in the different continents, when a client chinks on any of the continent it links to all the directional countries British Airways fly. The path map shows the 300 finishs BA flies. British Airways is a member of Oneworld Alliance which makes them able to offer a entire 600 finishs with the coaction of its spouses.

Figure 6: screen shooting on British Airways Route Map

3.12 Hotel Booking

This is another web engineering provided by British Airways, which enables clients to book their hotels at which intend to remain. The hotels have been carefully selected to present high quality and degree of service that clients would anticipate from British Airways. It contains over 4000 carefully selected hotels which could be filtered based on the client ‘s penchant, runing from 4 star hotels with a pool or watering place, to 3 star hotels near to the metropolis Centre. Customers would besides be able to compare monetary values, location and other inside informations at a glimpse, every bit good as seeing the hotel on a street map, so that the client would be certain it ‘s his or her chosen location.

Figure 7: screen shooting of Hotel engagement.


The cyberspace engineering has been an invention that has transformed the universe to a much better topographic point, it is besides normally referred to as the universe going a planetary small town where by people or who are divided by a distance of a million stat mis could really pass on as if they are merely inches off from themselves. The cyberspace engineering has had a monolithic impact on every aspect and facet of life today.

4.1 Economy

Today the universe has changed a batch due to internet engineering, fiscal and governmental establishments are being run based on legion web engineerings, to turn to issues of human lives. With these engineerings commercial concern have changed for the better, people do concern from about anyplace in the universe today, merchandise are advertised, bought and sold on the cyberspace today, all these have been made possible by the web engineerings which have come into topographic point.

4.2 Education

More and more people have become more educated today with cyberspace engineerings. Peoples can now be educated by hardly sitting at place with their computing machines and receive talks, online tutoring have helped a great trade in the society today which could non be achieved until the debut of cyberspace engineerings. Universities now have system whereby pupils could log-on to in order to acquire their notes and other necessary information for their talk or instruction in general.

4.3 Transportation system

Transportation system comes in different signifier, air conveyance, route, sea, train etc, all have had major technological discovery with cyberspace engineerings. Looking at the air power industry today, there a batch of engineerings which have now be put in topographic point to guarantee air travel is every bit smooth as of all time, riders can now easy book do all the necessary logistics from booking flight to really geting at the finish all wholly on the cyberspace. Lapp as good goes to other facet of conveyance autos are now technologically advanced, sea line drives are made every bit epicurean as five star hotels etc. All these have been achieved with one web engineering or the other.

4.4 Health Care

In footings of wellness attention many lives have been saved today, web engineerings have contributed towards the betterment of the survey of anatomy of worlds, diseases have been detected, and analyzed to find the extent of its harm. More people have been saved what seems to be ab initio life cursing diseases, but engineering today has made these diseases look common. There have been so many other health care solutions which have been introduced as good for the betterment of health care in the universe today.

4.5 Media and Entertainment

Media and amusement have been an of import facet of life in the universe today, web engineering have contributed vastly to this consequence. Movies and films today are have been improved with web engineerings, people can now easy acquire to watch films online or listen to music, the media sector have besides improved massively with the broad coverage of about any activity occurrence in the universe today. Peoples can now acquire to watch intelligence easy through cyberspace podcast on a web site, which has bring approximately people being progressively enlightening.

4.6 Telecommunication

Telecommunication has its ain success narrative, web engineerings have besides contributed vastly on this country. Mobile phones are now surprisingly smart, whereby people could make about anything and everything they could believe of, this has been so with the of all time increasing figure nomadic applications. Mobile webs have besides improved with cyberspace engineerings, webs can now function their clients better with these engineerings, and nomadic webs have come up with different schemes that have made telecommunication taken to higher degree with different promotional activities that are taken topographic point.


With the of all time increasing technological promotion in the universe today, British Airways would hold challenges that would be posed to them in the nearby hereafter and they would necessitate to come up with advanced thoughts to maintain up with these challenges. Below are challenges they would be faced with and how they could get the better of these challenges.

5.1 Passenger Traffic

Presents, the waiting clip for travellers to look into in at a desk has been estimated to 13 proceedingss, and it has become a known pattern to avoid the agent and utilize a booth to acquire the embarkation base on ballss. The rider traffic could be reduced to a barest lower limit with the debut of ego service air travel. A system could be created whereby rider installations could be provided at a booth at that place by cut downing running cost. This would cut down the heavy traffic times at terminal entrywaies, thereby distributing the flow of riders more equally throughout the airdrome. Hotel check-in and auto rental information could besides be embedded in the system.

5.2 Baggage Delay

Baggage handling is an of import facet of air travel because if non handled decently could convey about flight holds, and it is besides a precedence for riders worldwide. Baggage handling could be improved rapidly by decreasing cost, take downing the figure of lost bags and heightening client experience. A new engineering can be put in topographic point to enable closer coaction and a more holistic position. The system could hold information sharing between luggage and other systems. Systems could be linked which would better quality of luggage managing through more up-to-date and complete informations, and connexion of luggage information with rider information.

Figure 8: Causes of Baggage hold World Wide

( Beginning: SITA luggage study, 2008 )

5.3 Security

Security is an of import issue in any aspect of life today. As travellers continue to increase British Airways would be faced with more and more issues refering the security of their riders. New engineering could be introduced in footings of individuality direction which will revolutionise how riders are screened and determined secure.

Web engineerings on security which could be implemented in the hereafter by British Air passages on security are as follows:

An invention that would convey about linking British Air passages and finish airdromes should besides be introduced.

Wireless engineering to link British air passages with imposts and airdromes

Automated papers designation system

Facial acknowledgment engineerings and informations analysis systems to prescreen riders.

6.0 Decision

The assorted Internet/web engineerings being used by British Air passages today have contributed vastly to their growing and success in the air power industry today. These engineerings they have deployed have gone a long manner in conveying clients to them every bit good keeping a good competitory advantage in the air hose industry. Despite all the success and growing they have enjoyed therefore far, they would necessitate to better in their services every bit good as ascent to new engineerings in the hereafter, because technological promotion does n’t halt now it continues, so for British Air passages to go on to turn and still hold this competitory advantage they would necessitate to transport out research on likely betterments they would necessitate to do for the satisfaction of their clients and the betterment of air power in the universe today so as to keep their position as one of the universe ‘s premier air hose company.


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