Introduction to Enrollment System

July 8, 2017 Information Technology

INTRODUCTION : Throughout history, as machine invented by extraordinary people, they attempted To make their jobs easier. This desire to simplify lives and perform more effectively Creates a new technology for improving lives within our society. Because needs exist, Man developed and applied new technology to fill those needs. Technology is one of the tools To solve those problems. Man keeps on developing new technology.

These new technology leads Changes in the way jobs are being performed, but the changes present new problems in which Can be solve by much improving technological advancement and so computers were Developed to deal with information needs and case. That is why Information Technology (IT) is so important in today’s world. Especially those involve in this field are full of determination is seeking new ideas in order for them to help our society. Today, most establishment and institution in the country are already using Modern technologies for theme to be able to serve their clients fast and efficient.

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One of the Most important sectors in our country is our educational institution where almost 10 Million students enrolled yearly. In line with this, it is better for a school to have a Computerized enrolment system instead of the traditional manual system to have an Efficient and faster enrolment operation and to use as an advantage over their counter Part school especially schools that is located in metropolitan places. Aside from good Quality education, good services are also one of the factors looking by a new student.


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