Introduction to personal development in health

September 5, 2018 Health

1.1 Duties I must complete as part of my role as a Midwifery Support Worker are making routine observations, ensuring stock and stationary levels are maintained, provide parent education and breastfeeding support, prepare equipment and clean and stock delivery rooms after deliveries.

My responsibilities are to ensure that notes and records are updated accurately and efficiently, to ensure equipment is clean and ready to be used, to make sure the correct and up to date advice is given to new parents, I follow current guidelines and to make sure rooms are efficiently cleaned to prevent infection control.

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1.2 Standards that influence the way my role is carried out are guidelines laid down by National Midwifery Council, NHS employee standards and National Occupational Standards and Clinical Skills governance.The NHS is regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission),they regulate against the Essential Standards for Quality and Safety which directly link to regulations within the Health and Social Care Act 2008. They look at what you do. Other standards that you need to be aware of are the ‘Health and Care Professions Council, these look at your professionalism. These standards are an integral part of my role and encompass every action that I perform.

1.3 Different ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of our work include maintaining a professional relationship at all times. We must not pass judgement on people, if you disagree with someone’s thoughts or beliefs you must not show this. Overall we must respect every patient we come into contact with and give them all the same high level of care.

2.1 Reflecting on work activities is an important way to develop knowledge, skills and practice because it allows us to identify areas that we need to improve upon and maybe different ways of doing things. You may identify skills that you need to add to your skill set.

2.2 I feel that my knowledge has increased greatly since I started the role ten months ago. I know I still have a lot to learn regarding my individual role and my environment. My clinical skills have gone from non-existent to competent in the areas I am required, however I would also like to improve upon this and add more skills to my skill set.


3.1 Sources of support for my own learning and development include my family and colleagues, my line manager,my college tutor, online learning and library.

3.2 The process for agreeing a personal development plan is to identify an area in which you want to develop and define achievable targets or goals in order to do this. To make this effective you should try and involve your line manager or supervisor and other professionals who can aid your learning. A personal development plan is usually initiated at appraisal and during this your training and development is discussed to identify areas for development, this should then be reviewed at the next appraisal to review achievement and identify new objectives.

3.3Please see attached Personal Development Plan.


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