Introduction To Poetry Analysis

April 11, 2018 General Studies

Genesis Torero 02/25/201 5 Period enable In the poem, “Introduction to Poetry,” Billy Collins presents an issue that is pr eminent in the world of literature. He is the speaker in the poem and addresses the read re as a student. His scholastic tone is first exposed in the title. The title suggests that Collins does not go too in depth of how to analyze poetry as it is an only an “introduction. ” Collins wants the r deader to get an idea Of what they should do to have a more complete and coherent interprets Zion off poem.

His poem is also formatted in almost a steepest guideline, divided into distinct Tanana, to add to the already prominent scholarly tone of the poem. Each stanza has a particular objective for the reader. Through imagery and a appeal to the senses, Collins is able to convey the main idea, or thematic message, of the p mom which is that reading poetry should be done in a manner of exploration. It is obvious to not e that Collins is an advocate for creative approaches towards poetry and wants a reader to avoid a dry analysis approach of poetry. The first stanza asks the reader to approach the poem visit ally.

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Collins suggests the reader should try to see all the “color [s]” of a poem. He asks the m to “hold it up to the light” as if the poem was a new specimen. The second stanza asks the rear deer to explore the poem audibly. The speaker asks us them to do an auditory exploration of the poem. Collins depicts that a poem has a “hive” which implies poems are rich in sound like the e buzzing of bees. The third stanza attempts to illustrate a poem’s complex structure by compare Eng “probe[inning” a poem to the allusion of a lab mouse making its “way out” of a labyrinth in a sic once experiment.

Reading and analyzing a complex poem is very doable, yet one has to have pa thence and follow the right path through the poem. Also, Collins uses the vivid scenario of a peers on in a dark room “feel[inning] the walls for a light switch This is the most apt example of Collins’ message of the poem which is to explore it. When you flirt get a poem, it’s like walking into a dark room, or the unexpected, but as you read through the poem or “feel the walls,” you will eve mutually understand the meaning of the poem and find the “light switch. These images of exploration on are intended to erasure the reader that this approach to poetry is much more exciting and involved. The fifth stanza depicts a lovely scene of people on the beach and having fun. Collins wishes readers can enjoy reading poetry in the same way and experience the same thrill in poetry as in “watermarking. ” In the first five stanzas, Collins uses multiple analogies to explain what he wow old like readers to do with a poem when they first read it, thus creating an academic t one throughout the first five stanzas. Stanza six takes a sharp turn as Collins’ tone shifts to one of indignation and vexation.

Collins displays a concern for how students are analyzing poetry thru cough the use of negative words like “torture”, “confession,” and “beating. ” Collins straightforward Rudy makes a call to attention informing the reader of the violent approach that is being take en and to realize that they should change their methods of analyzing poetry Ultimately, Billy Collins wants readers to take a different approach on poetry besides making a dry analysis of what he believes is art. Poetry should be seen as an a art and therefore analyzed as art; exploring the poem in a way that it appeals to all the senses.


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