Introduction to Twilight Burger and Pizza

October 1, 2017 Business

Twilight Burger and Pizza is one of the medium sized concern ironss of fast nutrient and eating houses. Which has eating houses likewise based in and around of metropolis London. Twilight Burger is fighting now a twenty-four hours as it look unequipped, severely positioned furniture and besides the unjust staff are the chief cause behind this state of affairs. The direction had given many chances but the staffs has used that chances in incorrect manner, and eventually the director had taken off some of the benefits to the employees. And besides the job of wastages and amendss because of an inappropriate, careless and effortless work by work force.

How to work out Problem?

There are many of the available ways to work outing the jobs of Twilight Burger and Pizza Company. As harmonizing to me there is no handiness of Leadership, Motivation, Team and good specified administration development techniques.

I would wish to utilize the motive theory as to gain an employee ‘s concern toward accomplishing an aim of Twilight Burger.

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What is Motivation?

The Motivation can be defined as the procedure of driving the work force toward accomplishment of concern aim by demoing them their personal betterment and interpersonal development and accomplishment. This is one sort of maneuver by which director drives the energy and desire of their work force together by co-occur the demand of an employee with the demand of an administration toward accomplishment of concern end.

An employee can be motivated by many different ways and that can be distinguished chiefly as a Content Theory and Process Theory of motive.

Content Theory of motive is the theory largely surveies the behavior and attitude of employer. This theory enables to analyze from the employer side like how an employer wants to handle their work force? And as in most of the instances the employer tries to actuate by carry throughing the demand of employee by pecuniary hand clappings. This method is besides called the Push Strategy. There are many different theories concentrating on demand content like Abraham Maslow ‘s Need Hierarchy analyzing the manner as harmonizing to the satisfaction degree of an employees and besides survey which need is to must carry through foremost and which one so after.

Process theory of motive is comparatively study the outlooks of an employee and helps to happen out how an employee want to handle by their employers. How employee decides to be motivated by their employee is largely aiming on factors like perceptual experience, determination devising, elements of work environment etc. ( Ref: Contemporary Theory of Motivation: Organizational Behaviour, Edinburg Business School, and pp. 3/10 -3/15 )

Why Motivation for Twilight Burger and Pizza?

In dusk as I have explained there are some job related to staff turnover, unskilled work force, twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours increase in amendss and wastage, lake of preparation to all flat staff and all equipment demand to be replaced and good maintained for come out of being a fighting eating house. It seems to me there is a chief job in Twilight is lake of motive to their staff and all degree employees, because that is the manner a director of dusk can drive their work force toward accomplishment of concern ends and helps to change over their concern vision into world. I would wish to do usage of Stacy Adam ‘s Equity Theory of Motivation.

What is Equity Theory of Motivation?

The equity theory of motive can be defined as the construct which is analyzing the occupation inputs and end products to place the value of occupation satisfaction and motive in comparing to the inputs and end products of other people who is making same work in same administration or another similar administration.

As harmonizing to the current state of affairs we can see many people in our day-to-day life manner who are seeking to estimate the equity of their occupation. The equity in the sense they compare their attempts to the attempts of other and wagess with wagess of another, who is working as a co-worker in same administration or with friends or relation who is working on same place in another administration.

To the context if an employee feels that their wagess are unequal and if experience instability so this perceived unfairness may do for the motive to an employee to take action which addresses the satisfaction or dissatisfaction toward occupation.

If employee feels that their wagess and benefits are more higher so another comparison to the occupation undertaking and attempts than it will supply positive motive and seek to concentrate more on their occupation undertaking and give improved public presentation.

Employee gage equity base on comparing as below

Employees Rewards Others Rewards

Employees Inputs ( attempts ) Others Inputs

E.g. working status TO working status, employee public assistance TO employee public assistance etc…

In most of the state of affairs the employee may seek to reconstruct equity in many ways if they feel unfairness in Inputs and Outputs.

Employee might be change work inputs and cut down the public presentation degree to extinguish the negative restraint of occupation or seek to change the public presentation of other colleague by actuating them to work less hard, because of unfairness sometime they may alter work fortunes and seek to acquire transportation from one occupation to another similar occupation in same administration. In opposite if they feel positive unfairness they will seek to acquire more duty and will work with more attempts and if it seems like the positiveness is impermanent so they try to happen out alternate for them.


How to Use Equity Theory of Motivation?

It is really good said by many of the Business Leaders that

‘In concern if u can manage your work force and do them satisfied they will fulfill you by their best attempts ‘

I would wish to propose Twilight ‘s director that they have to seek to happen out the best options from the position of staff, how they want to be treated by their direction? And it will be more helpful if they can study their staff because there is some outlook from staff which need to be fulfilled.

If there is a demand they besides can utilize Maslow ‘s Hierarchy Need Theory to cognize which should be first demand of their staff. And if they can acquire cognizant about what is the staff working for and if they may set effectual complement against the staff, it will be helpful to supply self-motivation to employee.

It is most of import now a twenty-four hours to cognize the manner how our rivals do act or work in current market ; either it is related to selling, supply concatenation, production or Human Resource.

Twilight direction have to concentrate and compare themselves with their chief rival like…which type of installation they provide, pay and wage, working status, working hours, which type of wagess and benefits they giving to their staff.

By this comparing they may better their employee public assistance services to staff and announce different sort of wagess as harmonizing to their attempts. This will make effectual competition in work force and aid to acquire improved results.

By happening the best manner to supply support when the individual needs to carry through any undertaking. Here the Goal Setting Theory can besides assist to actuate work force, if they will acquire a undertaking to accomplish and if end achieved they will acquire bonus as a wages.

Besides by supplying the on occupation preparation ( apprenticeship preparation ) which will assist to better and persons public presentation and staff will give more positive response, if employer get win to demo them future benefits.

Try to gain a trust of the employees by supplying similar chances and giving the appropriate wagess and non distinguish public presentation of each other but allow them cognize about what they really need to make to acquire right wagess.


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