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March 13, 2019 Commerce

What is Zalora? Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion destination. Zalora is the the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. It was founded in early 2012. They are currently in eight countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Talking about fashion destination, Zalora mainly is about fashion and clothing brand. is one of the fastest growing e-commerce fashion retailer in Singapore. ZALORA Asia Group was set up by Rocket Internet, one of the largest e-commerce and start-up incubator in the world. Rocket Internet ventures in many companies that has a strong presence in Asia such as ZALORA, Lazada, Food Panda and others.

Zalora has around 100-500 employees in their business. They are looking for passionate who enjoy working in an environment that is fluid, fun, dynamic, and ever-growing. Featured brands in Zalora are like Dorothy Perkins , Nike , Adidas, Mango and etc.Users can view images of their desired fashion product and purchase it online. It also provides users with fashion tips and advice. In addition, it offers users with an online magazine and discounts.They constantly update with the latest fashion trends to make sure they only offer customer the most exciting products available.
All the buttons in the Zalora application works perfectly and it is available to use. Never a customer has complained about the malfunction of the buttons or the application. For some other e-commerce website or application , they will have problems on the performance in their payment and shipping method.
As the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia , Zalora has no problem in their payment and shipping method. As for the speed for this website , it all depends on your internet connection speed.This company has been taking over Southeast Asia and nobody has complained about the speed of this website.

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For an example , I am using the Zalora application in my mobile now and the speed is perfect and there is no problem with it.The application contains a lot of images and colourful big pictures , it is unbelievable that the application works finely and very fast. Zalora has never experienced any complaints or problem when it comes to their performance .
Usability of a customer is when they experience ease with performing transactions and or finding information. A popular usability metric on the Internet is degrees of freedom, which measures the number of clicks required to find desired information. For Zalora we just have to create an account. Then, if we choose to figure out about women product, we just click once and get the full information about the information of the product and also the brands of product. It is easier for the buyers or customers to get full details of the product when they want to know about it. For example, if we want to buy cloths, we just click cloth and we can click the brands also.
We live in the age of visual culture. Great images not only help market your product, but they also make your website look professional and appealing. If all a visitor of your website sees is a bunch of words and mediocrely taken photographs, it is going to make them think you put little effort on your website. Zalora provides customer bigger pictures and details about it . People want to see what they’re getting. For each product you sell, Zalora website shows different angles and make them zoom-able.Product presentation is very important in an e-commerce website.

Last but not least , Zalora makes good usability for the customers in payment methods and shipping. Zalora’s payment methods are Store credit , Paypal , Credit / Debit Card and online banking. This ease the customer’s flexibility . They also provide refund for returned items by customers. Zalora also provides customer service contact for customers who are not satisfied with their products.

1)The home button shows the promotions,price budgets and the new arrivals.

2)The outlet button allows us to select which we prefer, Zalora main app or the magazine . 3)Categories button allow users to select which category of products they are interested in.
4)Bag button allows users to keep their things before payment is done. 5)Wishlist button can store items which you want to purchase the next time 6)My account button is where users can check for their details

The first and foremost web technology employed by Zalora is the wallet credit . Wallet Credit is an additional feature in this website which allows you to accumulate store credits that can be used to pay for your ZALORA purchases.The balance on your Wallet Credit will be shown under” My Wallet “. This will be shown in the My Account tab once you are logged in. Here you can also track your transaction history and credit validity period, and key in any wallet credit code you have received . The balance of Wallet Credit will automatically be applied to your next purchase at checkout.

Moreover , Zalora has also added wishlist for the ease of customers. Wishlist is also called as Item Reservation. Zalora has this nifty Wishlist page where you can gather all your got-to-have finds in the site for future use. MY WISHLIST is where you can store items which you want to purchase the next time. It is found under the little heart icon on the top right corner of the home screen, stores all of the items you fancy. While this list keeps your favorites top of mind, it does not keep them from being ordered by another person or a another customer.

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