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This report Iwill describe leader of Dr.Manmohan singh. who is an indian prime minister. Here is brief introduction of the leader and organization is that Dr.Manmohan is the chairman of national Indian congress party.Manmohan Singh, Indian business analyst and government official, who filled in as executive of India from 2004 to 2014. Singh went to Panjabi University in Chandigarh and the University of Cambridge in Great Britain. He later earned a doctorate in financial matters from the University of Oxford. In the 1970s he was named to a progression of monetary warning posts with the Indian government and turned into a continuous advisor to head administrators. Singh additionally worked at the Reserve Bank of India, filling in as chief and representative. When he was named fund serve in 1991, the nation was very nearly a financial crumple. Singh downgraded the rupee, brought down charges, privatized state-run ventures, and empowered outside speculation, changes that changed the nation’s economy and start a monetary blast. An individual from the Indian National Congress, he joined the RajyaSabha in 1991. Singh, who filled in as back clergyman until 1996, kept running for the LokSabha in 1999 yet was defeated.Congress won the May 2004 parliamentary races, crushing the decision Bharatiya Janata Party. Congress’ pioneer, Sonia Gandhi, declined the prime ministership, rather suggesting Singh for the post. Singh in this manner shaped a legislature and took office. His expressed objectives included enhancing conditions for India’s poor. Singh managed a quickly extending economy yet rising fuel costs encouraged a stamped increment in swelling that undermined the administration’s capacity to give appropriations to the nation’s poor. With an end goal to meet India’s developing vitality requests, Singh in 2005 went into transactions with U.S. President George W. Shrubbery for an atomic collaboration agreement. The arrangement called for India to get fuel innovation for atomic plants and be enabled to buy atomic fuel on the world market. Abroad, the planned collaboration assention was opposed by the individuals who were steamed at India’s refusal to sign the Treaty on the Non-expansion of Nuclear Weapons; in India, Singh was condemned for encouraging excessively shut an association with the United States, which, his faultfinders accepted, would utilize the arrangement to use control in the Indian government. By 2008 advancement on the arrangement provoked individuals from the administration’s Parliamentary dominant part—socialist gatherings specifically—to criticize Singh’s legislature and at last push for a certainty vote in Parliament in late July 2008. Singh’s administration barely survived the vote, yet the procedure was defaced by affirmations—on the two sides—of defilement and the obtaining of votes. (pletcher, 2014)
The name of The Indian national congress party did not attack any other religion. They emphasised the rationalist and reformist elements among various religions. It was emphasised that the various religious identities were within the higher identity of the Indian nation. In 1938 the Congress appointed a national planning committee to work out programmes for industrialization and development of rural society. Development of Khadi and village industries was considered integral to
industrialization of India.The vision of this party political resolutions make better the economy providing jobs and welfare of society, focus onfarmar and youth of the country give improvement in manufacturing, healthcare and privatation.
Dr Manmohan Singh’s hand is that of an intellectual but his hand also shows that he is not a strong leader, an accusation that is often hurled at him. However, his hand does not show that he is weak because he lacks willpower and determination. So what is it about him that makes him fall prey to manipulation? His hand can give us an idea as to who Dr Manmohan Singh really is.He has a broad palm, with shortish fingers which are conic in shape with long first phalanges. He has a strong thumb, with a balance of both the will and logic phalanges. His headline is broken, but deep and well etched in the first half. Unfortunately, it is weaker in the second half. He doesn’t have too many lines, and the mounts of Moon, Mercury and lower Mars are well developed, but upper Mars is less developed, but not flat.Check out one of his hand photos here.These hand features show him to be broadminded, and intellectual, with a practical mindset but also with strong ideals. Far too much idealism in fact. He has willpower and is aggressive too, but it is unlikely that he can stand up to anyone formidable. His thinking is likely to waver, and he does not have mental resistance to stand up to his ideals.Dr Manmohan Singh is capable, and has the ability to achieve what he sets out to do, but only as long as there is less resistance. His pragmatic outlook can become a disadvantage because he will give in to what he sees as inevitable. He is not a fighter. (, 2010)
Manmohan Singh was sworn in as India’s 13th prime minister in 2004, few would have guessed that the country’s highest political office would end up diminishing a leader widely admired at home and abroad. But today with GDP growth slowing, the rupee softening and the stock market in a funk, it’s time to reassess the prime minister’s record.Nearly eight years after taking office,Mr. Singh has little to show for it. Instead of using his position as a bully pulpit for reform, the 79-year-old presides over a government synonymous with policy paralysis and reckless populism. Its best known ideas include an unwieldy make-work scheme that distorts labor markets and breeds corruption, a misguided education policy that threatens to drown India’s few excellent private schools in a sea of mediocrity and an ill-conceived food security bill proposal that will funnel subsidized grain toward the majority of the country’s 1.2 billion citizens.(vyom, 2012)
Strengths and Weakness
He has economical strong background which is his strength to run organizational smoothly . Moreover, he has a support of young generation because he know the needs of the people . He is humble and kind person and has a great support of farmers and poor people. Amid the prevalent media onslaught aimed at Singh, these words may sound strange, even absurd.Manmohansingh managed a quickly expending economy,however rising fuel costs encouraged a stamped increment in swelling that debilitated the administration’s capcity to give sponsorships to the nation’s poor.he abilityto work with different personal styles and approaches. due to which he get success in achieving objects or goals. His one weakness is that he is introvert and do not much communicate with except discussion regarding work (editors, 2018).

Style of leadership
Dr.manmohansingh is india’s fourteenth primer minister and he is highly appreciated by both political as well as academic communities as thinker and a scholar. he is well regarded for his diliagence and his academic approach to work as well as his accessibility and his unassuming demeanour. Dr.manmohansingh is a notable of the international community and the recipient of numerous awards among which the most notatable are the 1956 Adam smith prize from the university of Cambridge, the 1987 padmaVibhushan,the 1993 Euromoney award for finance minister of the year and the 1993 and 1994 Asiamoney award for finance minister of the year for Asia.
The prime minister’s leadership style has seldom constituted a matter of media interest ergo the limited number of sources debating on the topic. however in order to answer the question related to his managerial is possible to assess some of his actions and decide on which of three leadership approaches they could be integrated.

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He uses his power to do more for lower class and farmers. To do more for backward class of the country is always in top of his mind.He is a democratic and always involve everyone in activities and while making decisions. he believes in team work and prefer distribute work among other to increase the productivity of an organisation.This is created when the followers believe that the leader possess qualities that they admire and would like to possess. The followers identify with their leader and attempt to copy their leader. As referent power is dependant on how the follower views the personality of their leader, a leader will not have referent power over every follower they lead. Some leaders will have referent power over just a few, whilst others such as Gandhi have led millions through their personality and charisma (Management, 2018).
He is transactional leader because he follows the old agenda of his party. he focus on the rules and favour structured policies and he opposed to charge. moreover he focus on short terms goals and believes in rewards.due to this approach there he performed well when there was economic crisis in economy because that time everyone must know exactly what is required then and how a taskin to be complete under high pressure (Scribd, 2018).
Effective leader
Manmohan Singh is an effective leader because he is a person with a passion for a cause. He made our country a better place to live in. He is an educated leader as he had his international qualification and he met with so many other leaders in his life. Young generation is inspired from him as they want to become educated as well as want to qcuire those skills which would make their life effective. Due to his knowledge, he also had technical skills as he is well-versed with technology. His way of delivering a speech is such a wonderful and it makes place in the heart of people (Scribd, 2018).

In the end, I found this leader as an inspirational and dedicated. In order to cope with the requirements leaders diversity their approach of the subordinates yet three distinct style can be identified in the autocratic style, democratic style and the last one is delegative style. He always support poor people and did work for the welfare of society. He always motivates other people as everyone has dream to become like him.


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