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March 25, 2019 Business


This essay will cover the importance of teamwork in professional business environment and will also identify the problems with teamwork whether is effective to work as a team or individual. There are many theories exists regarding to teamwork but in this essay will be covering a couple of inspirational theories and show how those theories can be implemented by business owners to provide a suitable environment for their business and employees. Each business requires a specific types of team work depends on the needs for their business where they can choose a theory which will best suit their business needs to be more successful and can persuade their employees to achieve success and work more as a team.
There are six different types of teams. Each type has some unique characteristics of its own and can be utilized for various purposes in a business. These contains, informal, traditional, self-directed, leadership, problem solving and virtual teamwork, these will be covered in much detail in the next essay.

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Team work has several definitions and meanings and the best place to define what teamwork is, one should look in the dictionary,
According to dictionary teamwork is “cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.”{, accessed 10/10/2018, available on}
Here is another definition
“when a group of people work together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.”{define team workaccessed 10/10/2018 available online on}.
From personal experience a teamwork can be defined as “a group of limited people working together in a business environment, having to work towards the same goal, sharing same purpose to complete the tasks they required in the time they have given”. Those are the definitions given by some business writers what a teamwork should means and the purpose of creating teams in business environments. The main purpose of teamwork is to achieve and complete complex tasks in short and best way to have more success in business and create friendly environment for employees where they can work and share their ideas.
Let’s have a look at those theories regarding teamwork and how those theories could be adopted by business owners according to their needs of their business. And, will look in to the problems with the theory and choose which is the best theory to adopt for a specific business type.

Motivational Theories
Herzberg theory (1950)

According to Hertzberg’s two -factors theory of motivation, business enviroment must improve and work on both hygiene and motivator factors. This dual -factor theory was formed by psychologist Hertzberg in 1950. an experiment was created to ask 200 accountants and engineer about their negative and positive feeling regards to their work. He examined the responses and discovered 2 factors that affect employee the most are motivation and satisfaction.
Hertzberg theory suggests that motivator factors can make an employee satisfy and encourage to work even harder, and employee will enjoy their work by making sure they are supported if needed any help, motivated and encouraged for the work they have done.
An employee must be motivated to higher standard where he/she can perform and complete their tasks on time, this will give them satisfaction at work. As for students if they have given positive feedback on their essays and motivated for their work, this will make them come to classes on time due to work completion on time, getting positive feedback from teacher and, they would feel that the assignment they required to do, have done it correctly. because they want to come not because they must.
if employees have a good relationship with co-workers and managers, this would decrease dissatisfaction in business environment, Hertzberg suggests that hygiene factors must be eradicated from workplace .to do so, there are various methods for this can be achieved but most significant method would be to pay them fair wages or raise their wages. securing jobs, holidays, company policies and also making sure they get paid for their holidays.
Hertzberg stresses out If those factors are not implemented in business environment, this could have a negative impact on employee and business which will lead to dissatisfaction of employees and lack of encouragement.


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