Investigation of temperature on catalase activity Essay

September 20, 2017 General Studies

The purpose of this experiment is to happen out the consequence of temperature on catalase or H peroxide. This will enable us to state at what temperature H peroxide is most efficient. This ( debasement ) reaction will assist us find some of the catalase’s different properties.


In this experiment it would be safe to speculate that no activity would take topographic point at 1 to 20 grades. It would be likely that a small activity would take topographic point around 40 grades. When the H2O gets to around 60+ the O bubbles start to foam.

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It is about certain that this will go on due to the behavior of the atom. This means that the hotter the H2O gets the more active the H2O molecules become. Thus the colder the H2O gets the less active the H2O becomes. Another theory is that different things adapt harmonizing to their home ground. Therefore. catalase would be most active at around 37 grades body temperature. This means that in this experiment catalase would be most active in the H2O bath that is at 40 grades Celsius.


Before the experiment could be started the following setup needed to be obtained:

Cork Borer

Water Baths at 3. 20. 40 and 60 grades Celsius





Hydrogen Peroxide

Now that all this setup has been obtained. it is possible to get down the experiment. Eight trial tubing will be required because the experiment is being done twice in each H2O bath.

Use a marker pen to tag the specific temperature on the trial tubes so as to do certain that there are no possible mistakes. Now place these trial tubing in a trial tubing rack. Take the cork bore bit no. 4. and take a cylinder of murphy utilizing the cork bore bit. Make this until you have eight cylinders. If there are any cylinders that are uneven in size. so take the cylinder once more utilizing the cork bore bit. Now that you have good cylinders. cut them to equal length equal to 1. 5cms. cubed. Once this has been done. set each murphy cylinder in a trial tubing. Now it is about clip to get down the experiment. so hold a stop- ticker at the ready. Pour 5cms cubed of H peroxide ( H2O2 ) into each trial tubing.

Now go to the first H2O bath that is 3 grades Celsius and take a pipette and pour 10 beads of detergent into the first 2 trial tubing ( the trial tubing that are labelled 3 grades Celsius ) . Once you have done this. instantly get down the stop watch and at the same time put the 2 tubings into the H2O bath. Repeat this procedure for the following 3 H2O baths. Although merely 1 stop watch has been used. the clip will be reasonably accurate since a hold has been created. When 5 proceedingss is up travel to the first H2O bath with a swayer and step the sum of foam on each trial tubing.


Experiment No. Temperature ( oC ) Height of Froth ( centimeter ) Average Height of Froth ( centimeter )

133. 33. 15

2333. 15

1203. 43. 5

2203. 63. 5

1406. 56. 0

2405. 56. 0

16032. 95

2602. 92. 95


In decision to this experiment. it is apparent that catalase is most active at 40 grades Celsius. There is a tendency in a graph that shows the foam increases up towards 40 grades Celsius and dips when making 60 grades Celsius. It is non merely a instance of the Enzymes activity diminishing it becomes denatured shortly after it reaches it’s optimal degree of activity.


In this rating. the defects and the restrictions of this experiment will be outlined. The processs in this experiment were really effectual. Unlike many other experiments the control of the variables was without mistake. because a machine was commanding them. i. e. the H2O bath. There were non many restrictions of equipment. and the lone manner the equipment could hold been improved would hold been to hold the experiment monitored by computing machine. All the beginnings of mistake in this experiment were with the non-variables.

First. there was no manner of being certain that each murphy was the exact same length or mass. A manner of bettering this would be utilizing a guillotine-type device. significance that the murphies were at least the exact same length since they were cut at equal angles all together. Another defect is the sum of H2O2 poured into each separate trial tubing. This is can non be improved upon unless done by machine. Other beginnings of mistake that could merely hold been improved upon by machine are tallness of

foam. and sum of detergent. A major defect that could hold affected the consequences is the timing. This is because of the hold system used. The lone manner that the hold system could hold worked like clockwork is if it took the exact same clip to mensurate froth as to pour detergent. There are two ways of bettering this. The first is to do the experiment last thirster. This would intend that it would non count if there were a few seconds difference in the times. because no more foams could hold been produced. The 2nd is that if the experiment was timed individually for each bath.


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