Ironic Tone In The Lottery

April 17, 2018 General Studies

Throughout the story of “The Lottery”, author Shirley Jackson uses an ironic tone. From the reader point of view, a lottery is special grand prize, not a twisted turn of events which involves death. The use of irony prepares the readers for the most dramatic reaction. Shirley Jackson sets the most obvious use of irony from the beginning. From the first impression of the readers, the lottery is a cash prize. As the plot ticking’s, Jackson played on the belief and turned it to the complete opposite. This gives her story a unique twist. Another type of irony was among the characters.

From the beginning of the story it was noted that the tradition of the lottery had took place even before the birth of the oldest man of the town, Old Man Warner. Year after year for over seventy-seven years, Old Man Warner has never been chosen for the lottery. Also in the story, Old Man Warner warns the reader something twisted will take place as he States “Pack Of crazy fools. Next thing you know they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves”. The reader does not expect a normal citizen to say this, thinking the lottery is positive, before knowing the ending.

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Leading up to the finale, there was irony between Testis Hutchinson. Among the whole crowd, Hutchinson had the most cheerful, and calm attitude. Throughout the finale, Hutchinson would say such ironic statements such as “Clean forgot what day it was” knowing it ‘s the day of when the lottery took place. As well as stating jokes such as “Couldn’t leave modifies in the sink now would you Joe? ” making the lottery seem less serious. Also in anticipation to see who’s been chosen, Jackson states that Hutchinson “Craned her neck to see through the crowd” but it the end, its been revealed SSH?s indeed the chosen one.


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