Irony In A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man English Literature Essay

James Joyce ‘s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man portrays the life of Stephen Dedalus who is a immature creative person that is pure and idealistic. As he matures, Stephen recognizes how the universe filled with unfairness and inharmoniousness has legion defects and that it is uncomplete. His experience with his place, school, church, relationship with his girlfriend, Ireland ‘s history and present fortifies his apprehension. Yet, his assurance for his recognition of the defect filled universe corrupts him with haughtiness and arrogance that he himself is n’t able to happen his ain defects. These defects act as a accelerator in the novel for Stephen to get away and knock the present universe more.

His male parent ‘s whistling, his female parent ‘s murmurs, the shriek of an unobserved lunatic were to him now so many voices piquing and endangering to humble the pride of his young person. He drove their reverberations even out of his bosom with an abhorrence ; but, as he walked down the avenue and felt the Grey forenoon light falling about him through the drippage trees and smelt the unusual wild odor of the moisture leaves and bark, his psyche was loosed of her wretchednesss. ( Joyce 135 ) .

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‘Home ‘ has brought the thought of dissatisfaction with the universe. Yet, this dissatisfaction expands to his state Ireland. Stephen believes in that his difference, his ideals, his endowments are restrained by Ireland and he needs to get away to carry through his demands. “ It has a slow and dark birth, more cryptic than the birth of the organic structure. When the psyche of a adult male is born in this state there are cyberspaces flung at it to keep it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, linguistic communication, faith. I shall seek to wing by those cyberspaces ” ( Joyce 157 ) . Stephen ‘s hatred for Ireland is about an allusion for his hate and desperation toward the universe. “ Do you cognize what Ireland is? asked Stephen with cold force. Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow ” ( Joyce 157 ) .

These inflow of influences steadfastly built Stephens apprehension of the blemished universe. He believes that he could deny and replace the blemished universe with a universe with complete signifier by his usage of artistic creative activity, justness, and harmoniousness. This overbearing assurance subsequently on develops into haughtiness deteriorating his vision to see his ain defects and defects. He denies neither to be societal nor to be the norm. Stephens ‘s denial to intermix in the community started before he was even witting about his ideals and desperation towards the world. “ She excessively wants me to catch clasp of her, he thought. That ‘s why she came with me to the ropeway. I could easy catch clasp of her when she comes up to my measure: cipher is looking. I could keep her and snog her. But he did neither: and, when he was sitting entirely in the abandoned ropeway, he tore his ticket into scintillas and stared gloomily at the corrugated footboard ” ( Joyce 52 ) . From his young person Stephen was obsessed with his ain theories of art and beauty, which separated him from homo community and give the thought to look at merely the defects of the universe he lives in. Stephen ‘s refusal to unify gives an sarcasm on how he aspires to alter the blemished universe yet he himself is disbelieving of fall ining the community.

Stephen ‘s piousness is besides an issue for in his life he contributes himself enthusiastically in spiritual confessions.

He knelt before the communion table with his schoolmates, keeping the communion table fabric with them over a living rail of custodies. His custodies were trembling and his psyche trembled as he heard the priest base on balls with the ciborium from communicant to communicant. Corpus Domini anterior naris Could it be? He knelt there sinless and cautious ; and he would keep upon his lingua the host and God would come in his purified organic structure. In vitam eternam. Amen Another life! A life of grace and virtuousness and felicity! It was true. It was non a dream from which he would wake. The yesteryear was past. Corpus Domini nostri. The ciborium had come to him. ( Joyce 112 ) .

Yet, in the terminal, he shows his hatred toward faith which is an sarcasm. “ Their dull piousness and the sallow odor of the inexpensive hair-oil with which they had anointed their caputs repelled him from the communion table they prayed at ” ( Joyce 79 ) .

Stephen besides used the phrase “ I will non function that in which I no longer believe, whether it name itself my place, my homeland, or my church: and I will seek to show myself in some manner of life or art every bit freely as I can and every bit entirely as I can, utilizing for my defence the lone weaponries I allow myself to utilize – silence, expatriate, and cunning ” ( Joyce 191 ) . Which is a phrase derived from Lucifer. He states that he himself is a normal heathen who besides worships beauty yet, he fails to maintain his words dragging himself down because of his rational haughtiness.

Stephen ‘s inability to see his defects but to travel on and continue with his ideals genuinely shows an image of a passionate immature creative person. Overall the book, presents a sympathetic portrayal of the tests of a sensitive, rational immature adult male as he grows up, and it is at one time an effort to understand the immature adult male even though it has to expose some of his many mistakes such as his haughtiness and arrogance.

Work Cited

Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. New York: Penguin Books, 2003. Print.



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