Is Mtv and Motion Picture Promoting Teen Pregnancy

June 23, 2018 General Studies

Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy has been around for more than a decade and the number of teenage pregnancy more and more in the U. S. especially for people for an African American decent or Hispanic decent (as seen on the graph below) But the question is, “Is MTV and motion pictures responsible for it all?

With shows on MTV like “Teen Mom” and “16 and pregnant” along with the movie “Juno” directed by Jason Reitman and written by Brook Busey-Maurio or Diablo Cody, seems to represent teenage pregnancy in ways that can be misunderstood or understood in ways its nit suppose to be understood. So people think these shows seem to show awareness of teen pregnancy and what the consequences are. And some people just listen to stereotypes or advertisements that seem to be true but most likely aren’t true or really depends on how the parents are or how mature they are.

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In Washington a man named Neal Conan he did a live broadcast called “Talk of the nation” he had the person who created MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” and people would call and share their opinion on this subject and sharing their stories and Lauren Dolgen (the creater of Teen Mom and etc. ) will her tell her opinion on it. There was this one story that really caught my attention of this guy named Mike. He said “…I had my kid when I was 14.

I was 14, my wife was 13, and whenethey show on TV kids, still going to school and stuff, but they don’t show how the kids that actually get out there and work…” and Dolgen responds saying “…If we told your story, if you were in it, you know, obviously your story would have been more true to you”. So basically is she saying that she is saying that some of the stories on the show aren’t that real, or they just biased.

Another story from a woman named Melissa also had something similar to this she said “…I was 18 when I became pregnant, still in high school, and i actually find that these shows don’t really show what its like for someone who’s not on TV. My mom made me grow up. She did not take care of my son… She said she wanted me to do it on my own. ” And Dolgen says the exact same thing. Its starting to seem like these stories portrayed on these shows are somewhat really and aren’t somewhat real. But enough with The shows on MTV that will come right back later. Another example on how teenage pregnancy is portrayed is that the movie Juno


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