Is private school tuition really worth it?

July 17, 2018 Teaching

There are two types of schools in the United States, the public schools and private schools. Public schools are free and are funded by the government. Private schools on the other hand, are not free and they are not funded by the government. That is why students have to pay high tuition fees to attend private schools. People often ask themselves why individuals rather spend money for their students to go to school instead of allowing them to go to school for free. Studies show that a student who attends a private school is more prone to succeed than a student who attends a public school. Because of its success rate, private school tuition is worth every penny spent. According to the National Association of Independent Schools, the median tuition for private day schools between the years of 2008-2009 in the United States was $17,441. That is quite expensive and can cause a burden for parents but the money is not all coming from parent’s pockets.

Parents and students have fundraisers, private grants, scholarships, alumni funds, and other educational assistance, which they can use to pay for the private school expenses. Some still may think that it is not worth it because of the exhilarating price but the cost of private school tuition allows students to be equipped with the best resources. GreatSchool Staff stated in their article, “This allows many private schools to be highly specialized, offering differentiated learning, advanced curriculum, or programs geared toward specific religious beliefs” (1). Students can attend a private institution in elementary school. This gives them a jumpstart at learning and they begin to learn things that public school students do not learn until middle grades.

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This allows them to exceed on standardized tests and excel in the classroom. Parents also send their kids to private elementary schools for religious purposes. It allows students to be introduced to their religious identity and their religious values. In public schools, religion is not allowed so this is a major plus for religious families. Although society thinks primary and elementary students shouldn’t be separated from the rest at such a young age, I think it prepares them for the future and what they should expect going further into their education. Students not only attend private elementary school but also private high schools. Private high schools have the biggest debate amongst all parents who are seeking for their kids to be successful.

Parents are always looking for the best way for their kids to graduate high school and enter the real world. Usually most of them think that attending a private high school is the way to go. The foremost reason parents want their kids to go to a private high school is because they feel that they are secured or safe. At private high schools, the rules are enforced and implemented daily. In public high school, there are many bullies and students are always harassing and picking on other students.

The smart people are called nerds, the gay people are picked on and are called stupid, and the poor people are getting joked about their appearance and so on. The public high schools are so large and busy that the teachers can’t focus on every situation that is occurring. They are often too busy with other things that they don’t even recognize when things are happening such as people being bullied, harassed, terrorized, or frightened. At private institutions, teachers make all their students their first priority so they notice when something is wrong or they see things happening and are able to stop them in advance.

This means teachers can focus more on their students and what is going on in their surroundings promoting a safe environment. I am not saying that teachers at public schools do not care about the students, nor am I saying that they do not supervise the students responsively; but what I am saying is that private schools value their reputation and their influence on the students. Last but not least, parents are allowing their kids to enroll into private colleges, the last step of their education and also the most expensive. Private colleges are the most expensive because you receive superior assets compared to public colleges.

All private colleges have been around for a while now and have developed tremendously. They have gained respect and a good reputation because of their teaching methods and the educational backgrounds they have fulfilled and that is one of the main reasons why they are well respected. Private colleges are also focused on fulfilling student’s comprehensive qualities which leads to them having a better advantage when entering graduate school or into their profession. Not only that, but the competitive admissions process is another motive that allows graduate students from a private university a better opportunity at a job. Attending a private university has many benefits but the most important is the quality education that you will receive. At a private college, the teacher to student ratio is much smaller than at a public school.

This allows teachers to give students their undivided attention so that the students can focus more on their studies. This creates a more civilized learning environment making it easier for the students to grasp the knowledge that they may need. Also some of the top universities in the country are private institutions. According to USNews National University Rankings, in the top 30 universities, only four of them were public and the other twenty six institutions were all private.

Private schools may cost a great deal, but the outcome is worth it. The students will receive a quality education, better school influence, and the academic attention that they need. In a report, Bruce D. Baker, an associate professor and school finance expert at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J, stated, “The spending differences also reflect differences in teacher salaries, pupil-to-teacher ratios, and teacher undergraduate preparation” (1). However, because of economic reasons, many people may consider going to a public school because it is cheaper, and people love to take the inexpensive way out. I understand that but it’s always quality over quantity and if you want a quality education then you should attend a private institution. So therefore, private school tuition is really worth it.


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