Isolation and repreesion

December 2, 2017 General Studies

For this assignment, we will use what you learned in the Discussion Board entries and the MEAL documentation information to form an essay on two or more works we have read. List of Reading Selections “Sonny’s Blues” “Hills Like White Elephants” “Aunt Snifter’s Tigers” “Girl” “A Rose for Emily” “The Cask of Amontillado” muffing Goodman Brown” “Trifles” “Digging” “Dulcet Decorum Est” Directions: Please select one of the topics below on which you will write a two-page essay. Do not use any Internet sources. You may use your reading selection and any article in your book, using MEAL to reference these in a Works Cited.

Any plagiarism detected will result in a grade of zero (O). Topics: 1. Throughout a good story, a character doesn’t suddenly become a completely different sort of person. Find details early in two of the reading selections we read that show the main characters changed, giving the hints the authors revealed to help show the change [750 words]. 2. Several of the literature pieces we have read deal with isolation and repression. Discuss at least two characters who struggle with these [750 words]. 3. Authors use a variety of literary devices to advance their themes.

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Using any number of the works listed above, describe how authors use such devices as foreshadowing, irony, and symbolism in their works [750 words]. 4. Select two stories from above and discuss how each author’s choice of a particular point of view helps communicate a central theme of the tale. Develop a clear argument to show how each narrator’s point of view is essential to the audience’s recognizing and understanding the theme. Support your argument with specific observations and analysis, not summary [750 words]. 5.

From the list above, choose two stories that particularly interest you. Start out by defining for your reader the exact time and place for each story. Then, go on to show how this setting functions in each story. Does the setting supply atmosphere? Make things happen? Reveal the natures of certain people? Prompt a character too realization [750 words]? 6. From the list above, choose two to three poems. Start out by explaining the tone. Then, give a detailed explanation of how the poet conveyed this tone to you. What words did the poet emphasize in order to get his point across?


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