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By July 22, 2017 Economics

By the constitution of the European Union and the policy that every state that is a portion of the European Union has to follow, we created a large group of different people with different beliefs and likes. The chief point of the European Union is to do a better topographic point for everyone. But some people populating in developing states or states with less occupation chances try to do a new start in other states.

Peoples try to travel to another state in order to hold a better life. But sometimes they are asylum-seekers seeking to pull strings the jurisprudence to suit in their demands and protest. A great illustration is the 300 immigrants that moved into the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens inquiring for a mass ordinance alteration and let them to remain in Greece without holding the needed documents and demands to travel in another state within the EU. Furthermore other might hold everything that is needed in order to travel to another state but they are confronting job in the state they go. In order to avoid this sort of jobs the European Union and the European Commission created some regulations, Torahs and statute laws about the in-migration within the boundary lines of the European Union states ‘ .

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The European Union agreed to crate a policy for all the members of the Union. First the European Commission made some proposals on how to turn the policy with footings and Torahs. After the proposals this became the EU statute law. The restricting policies of illegal in-migration have been topographic points since the 1970s in most of the states within the EU, but in order to avoid the asylum-seekers, as I mentioned before, the EU and European Commission had to make more restrictive policies in order to extinguish illegal in-migration.

The concluding policy was introduced on October 1999 in Finland, and it was confirmed in 2004 and it was ready to be adopted from all the EU member provinces.

By the Schengen Agreement everyone can go within the EU if he or she is a citizen. Therefore households could go to other states within the EU to populate and work because this is a right everyone has. Members that are non in the EU, or besides called non-EU citizens, can non work and populate within the member provinces of the European Union without have the needed licenses through the EU Long Term Residence Permit. Furthermore people can go as tourers in other states that have accepted the Schengen Agreement for up to three months. By working this fact many people immigrate and work illicitly and live at that place. Therefore we have an increased population of those states with a high per centum of illegal and legal in-migration

Table with the per centum of in-migration within the states of the European Union in 2009:


Immigration in per centum 2009


25 %


19 %


15 %


15 %


15 %


14.7 %


14.3 %

Irish republic

14 %


13 %


12.3 %


12 %


12 %


10.8 %


10.2 %


10 %

United Kingdom

9 %


8.6 %

Soviet union



8.3 %


7.6 %


7.4 %

Portuguese republic

7.2 %


7.1 %


6.9 %


4.3 %


2 %


2 %

Bosnia & A ; Herzegovina

1 %


1 %


0.5 %

[ Table 1 ]

Particularly, Greece received a immense sum of immigrants in the ninetiess with 6.95 % of the entire population ( around 142,367 immigrants ) . Statisticss showed that in 2001 around 797,091 immigrants where populating illicitly in Greece.

Thou in Greece we have people from many ethnicities due the in-migration phenomenon and because our state is accessibly from environing states that are developing doing us confront some jobs with ethnicity, faith and tegument colour. So in order to forestall immigrants to come in Greece the Minister for Citizen ‘s Protection announced that the authorities wants to construct a 12.5km long fencing between the boundary lines of Turkey in Evros. The imperativeness stated that on October of 2010 7.773 illegal immigrants were caught, on September 7.046 and on August 6.561. This is a hapless manner in order to barricade illegal immigrants but how can a state stop illegal in-migrations?

First of all a state must hold extremely secured and have fencings high plenty to avoid people intruding the boundary lines. Be increasing the security that searches the boundary lines and vehicles that try to intrude the boundary lines with illegal immigrants is a really good manner to blog a high per centum of immigrants.

Every state should, besides, make a guest workers plan. Those plans allow people to immigrate in a state for a little period of clip and work at that place. After they could acquire a Visa and remain in that state if they continue their work. Some states already have plans similar to this one but the clip some petition to fall in the delay clip is truly large and they can non make something state the are forced to illegal immigrate.

Furthermore in order to avoid the abusing of the guest immigrants who try to remain illicitly there should be a jurisprudence saying that if person has an illegal immigrant as a worker he or she should be to a great extent fined.

Another manner to halt illegal in-migration is to halt birthright citizenship allotment. By accepting this immigrants that give birth to their kid in another state must travel through paper work and hold to be approved that their kid is allowed to be a citizen of that state and that makes him or she a legal immigrant.

Next, if some of those plans start to work at that place should be a 2nd minimal pay. Immigrants are paid the far below the half pay. If they get a 2nd minimal pay they could populate and besides be legal immigrants and assist the state.

Furthermore in Greece if illegal immigrants acquire caught, they have 15 yearss in order to go forth Greece or they will be jailed. But they hide and run off and travel to little countries or small towns to populate and work. There should be a ordinance saying that if person gets caught he has to be expelled immediately. This is a great manner to halt illegal in-migration to a certain state.

Finally, another manner to cut down illegal in-migration and to pull more legal immigrants is to let people honor their Gods and faiths in their houses but assist them to come in the widely community by assisting them learn the state ‘s linguistic communication and go a portion. This will back people to immigrant lawfully than illicitly and have to confront rough and average ordinances.

Immigration per centum based on ethnicity on Greece in 2006:

Cultural Group






























American indians






[ Table 2 ]

The chief ground that the EU wants to barricade people from migrating is the fact that states within the EU have to cover with people out of the member provinces, that as we said earlier do n’t hold the right with the Schengen Agreement, they live and work illegal. The province that has a immense per centum of immigrants besides faces the job of herding. Illegal immigrants live illicitly without paying any revenue enhancements. That leads to the instability of the state, which has illegal immigrants, doing resources to be consumed faster. By holding less people paying revenue enhancements and more people devouring resources this can take to a dead terminal of the state by misbalancing it. Besides the sum of people that use public conveyances or Parkss are increased excessively, doing it load for legal citizens.

Another disadvantage of illegal in-migration is the fact that people in order to intrude the boundary lines they do anything possible. Thus they may stop holding diseases. As we know no 1 can walk through the boundary lines without holding an ID that proves he is a citizen of the EU. Therefore illegal immigrants walk for yearss, swim in lakes doing them ill. When those immigrants come in touch with people they will transport diseases. As AIDS ; AIDS was transferred to the United States from an septic immigrant from Haiti in 1969.

Although immigrants try to get down a new life, many people will seek to do money from them. Affluent adult male will seek to work immigrants to work for less money and for more and doing them wealthier and besides take downing the occupation criterions. This besides leads to people with surveies and some enfranchisement fring their occupations because they ask to be paid with what they deserve.

Immigrants that move to another state from an developing state, might non be extremely educated or even their kids might non hold attended school yet. This is one of the major factors of force and larceny. The different sorts of people that trespass European Union ‘s boundary lines everyday are a job for the province and they might increase the state ‘s force and larceny rate. Immigrants can perpetrate a offense and so they can easy run off the state and travel to someplace else. They do n’t hold anything to turn out that they have been to a state and committed a offense.

Furthermore, if high skilled and educated people ca n’t last in their state they will hold to immigrate.

This will do them free their regard, prestigiousness and ethos and they will be besides exploited from wealth people. This fact is besides known as “ encephalon drain ” ; people hire clever and educated people from developing states in lower cost.

And in conclusion, another high menace for the state based on illegal immigrants is the job of cultural diverseness imbalance. In that instance the state will free its individuality and linguistic communication and the chief linguistic communication would be those of the high per centum of the immigrants.

But on the other manus, immigrants can lend to a state. If illegal immigrants move to a state with low waged labourers and a misbalance job, the immigrants might equilibrate the economic system of the state. Besides by gaining a low pay these people will seek to pass less money. Therefore they can lend to markets that try to take to hapless people with reduced monetary values. This will assist immigrants, citizens and the state ‘s economic system. How? By paying gross revenues revenue enhancements they help the economic system to increase its income and supply to their citizens and immigrants with more resources.

Finally, illegal immigrants rent topographic points in order to populate. The sum of money they pay includes besides a existent estate revenue enhancement, doing them paying some revenue enhancements even though it is non the same as the sum that citizens wage, but they excessively help the economic system of the state in order to bring forth resources and be more vulnerable to wellness issues to immigrants.

[ Table 3 ]

Reasoning, from my point of position I believe that a state must make everything that is possible in order to forestall illegal in-migration. I do believe that they can take advantage, in a good manner, the immigrants and assist them populate and be a portion of their state by assisting them learn the linguistic communication, the wonts and everything a citizen should cognize. Supplying them with instruction, lower revenue enhancement and wellness intervention they could easy and fast be a portion of the wider public group of the citizens. Furthermore I do non believe that extinguishing birthright citizenship should be banned, but in instance that the parents try to do their kids go fiends with their faith and linguistic communication and history, without larning their kids the narrative of the state they have been migrated excessively is non right and should be fined or be taught in the school.


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