It has been a very enlightening experience

April 15, 2019 Philosophy

It has been a very enlightening experience for the course of World Religion. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the unique and different types of culture from all over the world. My professor, Daniel Haynes has showed a significant amount of understanding in each religion that we touched throughout the semester. In this essay I would like to shine light on the religions that stuck out to me and my opinion I had while learning about it.
Hinduism: Hinduism has no originator or date of starting point. Hindus have faith in one incomparable God who made the universe. He made numerous Gods, highly advanced creatures, to be his assistants. Numerous Hindus are dedicated supporters of Shiva or Vishnu, whom they see as the main genuine God, while others search internally to the perfect Self, which means meditation. Whomever they choose to love, everything focuses to a similar god. I enjoyed learning about Hindus because it is a very different from my belief in one God.
Buddhism: Buddhism was established around 520 BC by Siddharta Gautama, who was an Indian Prince. Buddhism accentuates practice over conviction. Nonetheless, Buddhism focuses on right comprehension of human instinct and ultimate reality. The Buddha was, all things considered, called the “Enlightened One.” He instructed that the best approach to take out suffering in this world started with understanding the genuine idea of the world. In Buddhism, the motivation behind life is to end suffering. The Buddha trained people to endure because we persistently make progress toward things that doesn’t give everlasting joy. When learning about this religion I found fascinating that this religion didn’t just focus on the small statue I see when I walk into nail salons, but it was more intense. The people in this religion really are focused on maintaining peace.
Confucius: Confucius was born in northern China about 550 BC. His philosophy didn’t materialize until way after he had died. Confucianism is not a religion in the sense; it’s more of a code of ethics. Li is the ideal standard of conduct meaning courtesy. Jen is the virtue of goodness and benevolence. Chun-Tzu is living according to the highest ethical standards. By following these three principles, one should achieve justice and harmony.
Christianity: Everything began with a carpenter from Galilee. Jesus of Nazareth was conceived in Bethlehem. At 30 years old, Jesus was sanctified through water by John the Baptist and had a dream in which he received the blessing of God. He educated, mended the broken and cast out evil spirits for around 3 years. Tragically, resistance mounted against Jesus, and he was crucified by torturous killing by the Romans. After three days he revived and appeared to his followers. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Christianity because it is in fact my religion. I was so pleased while in this section because Dr. Haynes didn’t leave out a detail in how so intriguing this religion is.
In conclusion, the semester with Dr. Haynes was to say the lease, remarkable. The many different religions we were taught in this course was very amusing and I would very well recommend taking this class to anyone that would like to be enlightened.


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