Teachers and the education system

April 20, 2019 Education

It is teachers and the education system that produce responsible citi¬zens who are able to think critically, behave respectfully, act independently, respect diversities, build social cohesion and consequently construct a united nation.
The duties and responsibilities of teachers to impart and cultivate know¬¬¬ledge have never changed, since the beginning of human civilisation. But the situations have changed. Changes in the socio-environment have made teaching among the most challenging professionsBeing an educator for more than 20 years at the tertiary level myself, I find two great challenges teachers are facing: eliminating social ills and building unity of the nation.
In the current decade, and also in the future, teachers are not only expected to complete the school syllabus and ensure students score the highest marks in whatever examinations are specified within the education system and policies, they are also expected to solve problems faced by the nation.


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