The observations

March 26, 2019 General Studies

It is very important that the early years practitioners observe children objectively because the observations are used to plan for the children’s learning ,development and individual needs. If a practitioner writes the observations subjectively and does not include facts then this will affect on the development of the children. The achievements of milestones will not be recorded correctly in the children’s records and this will result in delays in development by not implementing the right activities while planning for the next steps.
Practitioners need to be objective to record the observations, so that they can record the facts about what children are doing and saying. This will help them to clearly identify what children can do, what milestones they have achieved and what are their next steps. After that, they can plan and implement activities to support children’s learning and development and help them achieve their next steps.
Practitioners need to be objective to avoid labelling the children. For example, if a child often argues with the practitioner and does not listen to her then during the observation the practitioner will apply her previous knowledge and understanding to say that the naughty child A is not listening to share his toy with his friend. So, the practitioner is being subjective by labelling the child as naughty.
During the observations, practitioners need to be objective to avoid jumping to conclusions and write factual information by staying focused. For example, a child is playing with the baby pushchair toy. He plays for few minutes and then goes to the kitchen area and spends a lot of time there. Practitioner should not write down that the child does not like playing with the pushchair or he likes playing in kitchen area by using only one observation. She should be objective and do observations over a period of time to find out about the interests of children.


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