It it helps to recognize and identify

By March 10, 2019 Health

It is very important to know the difference between the rate of development and the sequence of development because it helps to recognize and identify child’s abilities and needs. Sequence of development is the order in which development takes place, for example, baby will learn to hold his head before he’ll be able to sit by himself, or a child will learn how to walk before he will start running. It means that normally children will complete one sector of development before moving into the next one. However, there is a possibility that some parts of sequence might be missed, for example, not all babies will learn crawling before walking and some children will simply skip crawling.
The rate of development refers to speed in which child will develop. It is time frame given for the average development of a child at certain age, for example a child is expected to walk at the age of one year old. Nevertheless, we must understand that no two children are alike and they all are unique, therefore rate of development is only a guideline. The rate can vary individually and it depends on social background, individual growth, health, disability or learning difficulties that might have. So when we plan activities for the same age children, we take into account that each child is different and that some of them will be above average stage, some below and some in the average stage of development and therefore the results and the outcome of activities will vary depending on every child.
The main difference between the sequence of development and the rate development is that the sequence maintains the same, though the rate of development is like to change. As mentioned above the rate of development is hugely affected by different factors, such as social background, health and growth, but those factors do not affect the sequence of development.


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