It Project Implementation Failures

December 24, 2017 Health

university of phoenix| Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation| IT Project Implementation Failures| | | 7/20/2011| The Implementation process begins after an acquisition process. The acquisition process requirements are examined, the request for the proposal is sent, the vendor is chosen and contracts are negotiated and signed. When these parts have been finish the implementation can begin. During the beginning of the implementation the project has to be planned out, and a team must be selected, but problems should always be expected somewhere.

Some of the IT problems that occur though can be prevented if careful. In the case study, the implementation process seems to be working out well. Dryer and Roberts decided on obtaining a CPOE system running for their staff to use. Problems occur when stakeholders in the facility believe this system would only be more work for them and not be very use full in their organization. This is the first sign that a problem is happening. This is the first IT failure for the company.

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The organization and stakeholders must believe that the system is worth having, be willing to work with it, and believe in the help it will have for the organization. If the stakeholders believe the system will fail ultimately it will fail. They will not work and put forth the effort into the implementation process and training. Dryers and Roberts walk away from the project and leave it up to someone else in the organization to take over. This is leading to the beginning of the second problem. The project manager, Sally Martin reports to her boss Mr.

Sparks about the status of the project. Mr. Martin was not happy and yelled and told Ms. Martin to only come to him with good news. He did not want to hear bad news. When an organization is implementing a new system all news is good news. The supervisor needs to hear new good or bad. The right supervisor for the job would solve this problem. This is why an organization needs to make sure to have the right person for the job in place, when putting a new system in. The third problem happens when Mr. Sparks decides o remove people from the CPOE implementation project and place them on different projects, which leaves the project team reduce from 16 to 8. Mr. Sparks should not have taken the employees off the system because it was not fully functioning and people were needed to help. The lack of people were slowing the project down, and this in turn was costing more money to run the system. All the changes that where made so quick and not thought out made the project look sloppy and poorly run. When projects start out the start with a plan because these problems are the reason a thought out clearly defined plan is needed.

The final reason the system failed was the lack of end user training, and there was no test done before the day the system was to go online along with all eight hospitals. This system should have had many tests before going live and many people should have run the system so there would be enough train employees to cover all areas needed and help people who have trouble with a new system. The problems this organization faced could have been stopped if the implementation process would have built a strong team. The team did not have a clue what was going on and did not know anything about the system.

There should have been a better constructed plan for the system laid-out for the team to understand and see what was happening and what to do. The next major problem occurred when Ms. Martin tried to fix things, and she seemed to be left alone to do everything. Mr. Sparks should have played a better role and both should have worked with the team and made sure that the team knew the expectations, goals, and everything was clearly expressed. Reference: Wager, K. A. , Frances W. Lee, John P. Glaser & Lawton R. Burns, (2009), Health Care Information Systems. Ch. 14. San Francisco: Jossey Bass.


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