It’s important for all children to play

January 31, 2019 General Studies

It’s important for all children to play. It is said, that children who are born with natural curiosity and a drive to play and explore. Play is a physiological, psychological and social necessity,and it’s the fundamental to the healthy development and well being of individual and communities. Physiological and psychological is how the brain and the body react for example, a child has been running around for 5 minutes their body and brain to show reaction such as sweat, redness and out of breath this is to tell and show the child that they need to slow down or react in a way which the body and the brain wants. Social necessity allows children to strengthen their bonds between each others as the develop and learn social skill and how to fit in with society.

Play is a stimulator and motivator for all areas of learning and development. Play is able to open many possibilities for the children to reflect on and to apply their ideas and imagination, relationships and feelings to be physically coordinated. Play can help children to become flexible when they are thinking and to develop their sense of awe and wonder.

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