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January 10, 2017 Music

Analyse the differences in the pre-credit of GOLDFINGER, GOLDENEYE and TOMORROW NEVER DIES .

The first James Bond film was called Dr No and it came to the screens in 1962, also the beatles had a new song out called “Love me do” which was the backing track of the film. A astounding 1 million pound was only to make the first film Dr No, the makers of the film thought that it was going to be a disaster but they were wrong. There was a new phenomenon the “teenager”, in the 60’s reflect to give an “oomph.” At this time in the film industry there wasn’t a lot of big colourful, sexy, all English film witch went international unlike James Bond, although they were mostly American movies that went international. When they were making the movie Americans had the best technicians so they brought them over to Britain. At this time every form of popular culture was informing .

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e.g. colour supplements, music and colour.

Even big actors had turned the part down to be James Bond because they thought that James Bond wasn’t going to be a successful film unlike today and also James Bond appeals across four decades into the millennium. .

When Sean Connery had left James Bond they were worried that they couldn’t find anyone to take over and carry on with the series. They found someone to take over who was Billy Bob.

Sean Connery played James Bond for about 10 years and he will always be remembered as one of the best James Bond actors ever played, also he will be measured against the other James Bond’s. Bond has a balance between being romantic and witty, and yet also being cold-blooded spy with business to take care of. Bond is a character who loves danger, saving the world, vanquishing bad guys, fraternizing with the enemy particularly if she is really good-looking.

Bond always has to look the same has to be handsome bloke, he can never be ugly nor fat, has to be in his mid 30’s. Bond is the star not the actor.


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