Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason from “Jane Eyre” Essay

October 1, 2017 General Studies

I bent frontward: first surprise. so obfuscation. came over methis was non Sophie. it was non Leah The form standing before me had ne’er crossed my eyes within the precincts of Thornfield Hall beforeIts seemed. sir. a adult female. tall and largeIt was a discoloured face—it was a barbarous face. I wish I could bury the axial rotation of the ruddy eyesthe lips were swelled and darkShall I tell you of what it reminded me? …the lamia. If a individual were to read this quotation mark for the first clip. his inherent aptitude would be of a stereotyped enigma or even horror book. But in fact. this comes from Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. with a secret plan nil like what one might believe from this transition. This shows that no affair what the secret plan of narrative is ; in this instance two peoples journey to happen love. there is some enigma that keeps the reader guesswork.

Jane experiences several of Berthas brainsick flights from the Attic. but is wholly incognizant of who or what she is. This deficiency of cognition of Janes brings in a sense of suspense and panic to the secret plan. Without this fright that Berthas character creates in Janes life. the narrative would merely be another narrative of love. Jane becomes more funny about the enigma concealed deep in Thornfield Hall and begins to believe the individual doing the mayhem is Grace Poole. The apprehension of Bertha produces a dark cloud over Thornfield. typifying the secrets kept by its occupants. specifically Mr. Rochester.

Bertha is a metaphor for Janes subconscious feeling of fury. Jane loves Rochester. but she still fears the binds that the matrimony will convey. Jane ne’er acts out on this choler or fright. but Bertha does. Bertha rending Janes marrying head covering symbolizes a secret feeling of Janes that the matrimony should non travel on. Jane leaves Thornfield. experiencing it is now a topographic point of imprisonment or lower status. While she is off. Bertha burns down Thornfield. showing what Jane could merely experience and non transport out. Bertha is besides an antithesis with Jane. They are compared to demo the contrast of both. Before the reader even cognize who Bertha is. it is clear the she has savage-like qualities that conveying out Janes righteousness and kindness. This gives the reader more understanding into Janes character.

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As the narrative continues and Rochesters past incorporating Bertha is identified. similarities between Jane and Bertha are observed. They are both symbols of the socially captive Victorian adult females. One illustration is their unattractiveness in the Victorian epoch. Bertha becomes ugly from her insanity. demoing that adult females. including Jane. were someway confined due to their deficiency of beauty. The presence of Bertha Mason in the secret plan strengthens the readers desire to maintain reading and discover who the lamia is. Berthas enigma besides strengthens Janes and Rochesters relationship and creates a perfect flood tide to one of the most read narratives of the 19th century.


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