Jane Eyre vs. Cinderella

In Jane Eyre, we see many children and fairy tale stories,that are repeated throughout the book they are echoes of stories that we are accustomed to. Some examples are Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and the Disney movie, The Lion King just to name a few. Each of these stories has similarities that relate to the touching story of Jane Eyre, a story about learning about oneself and getting through hardships in life.

Cinderella tells a story of a young girl who has to live with her evil step-mom and her wicked step-sisters when her beloved father dies. She is treated like she’s dirt and garbage and isn’t really considering part of the family. Just some girl they control and treat her like a slave. Cinderella, however isn’t bitter about anything in her life, and lives it to the fullest knowing that one day she will find happiness, and then be rid of the dreaded place she has to call home.

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Cinderella is blessed enough to be greeted by a fairy god mother who grants her the ability to go to the ball the King is having for his son. Cinderella is banned of course of even thinking about going by her evil step-mom and spends her night at home wondering how the dance is going. The fairy god mother gives her the opportunity by giving her a fancy dress, and a horse carriage and she is off to the ball. Having the time of her life she must leave at midnight so that her identity won’t be revealed. Just by leaving her glass slipper on the stairs, she is able to find happiness when the prince chooses her to be his wife.

Living with her evil Aunt Mrs. Reed, and her three horrible kids, Eliza, John, and Georgiana, Jane’s life is made miserable every day. Just like Cinderella she is constantly beaten up by John but is blamed for it, the sisters don’t talk to her and thinks she is some filthy person and Aunt Reed just has this distaste for her.

An interesting similarity between the two is that if a certain person had stayed alive, each young women may have not been in the situation that haunted her.



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