Japan must be put to trial

December 21, 2016 History

“Korea and Japan are two countries that will never get along with one another.” Said a Japanese Historian, “Either Korea or Japan must be destroyed in order to satisfy the Koreans and the Japanese.” Of course, this was a very strong sentence, but, that’s how Eastern Asians feel towards Korean and Japanese problems. .

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For over 4000 years, Korea and Japan fought constantly. But never once did they work things together in anything. Historically, China and Japan always attacked Korea due to its location, however, because China was not always harsh to the Koreans, and China was its role model, the Koreans remained “loyal” to the Chinese. But, the first impression that the Koreans got from the Japanese was nothing but “Waenoms”. Waenom was a term used by the Koreans to call Japanese, it is still used to refer the Japanese people. Waenom means “small person”, which shows that the Koreans did not look at the Japanese the way they saw the Chinese. After invading Korea in the early 1900s, the Japanese started calling the Koreans “Chosenjing Bagayaro” Which meant, “stupid Chosen people”. The Japanese still call Koreans by that name. .

Another problem with Korea and Japan is the fact that these two countries are too proud of themselves. Whenever there is a meeting with Eastern Asian Historians, these two nation’s historians fight over the stupidest things. Once, they spent 7 hours arguing about a pottery that was found in Japan, which the Japanese proclaimed, “This is the pottery from the Yamato era, which shows our pottery skill started about the same time the Korean pottery skill started.” The Korean historians fell back to their chair laughing. Finally, when they stopped laughing, one of the Korean historians replied by saying “Japanese Waenom’s history started 200 years after the Korean’s history. The Koreans made pottery even before that. Then how in the world could the Japanese make pottery about the same time the Koreans did, unless of course, one of the Waenoms captivated some Korean artisans back to Japan.


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