Jargon, Dialect and Slang

July 26, 2019 Health

Jargon: Is the language/complex terminology used by professionals in a specific service sector. In a health and social care setting, care workers use jargon to communicate with each other. This is effective communication as both workers understand what is being said.

Dialect: Is the particular way a word/ language is spoken in different countries. People from the same countries can understand each other as they use the same dialect. This is effective communication.

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Slang: Is the informal words and phrases used in a certain social group. Teenagers nowadays use slang words that are understood by other teenagers. This is effective communication.

Factors that influences/affects Communication:
There are certain factors that affect communication and they are:

Interpersonal Skills: Interpersonal skills create barriers to communication, preventing an effective relationship between people. For example: If a doctor were to use complex language to talk to a patient, the message would be misunderstood as the patient wouldn’t understand or be able to process the information which would then make them feel embarrassed as they don’t know how to respond and make them feel humiliated.


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