Jasper Jones

May 18, 2018 General Studies

In chapter six the reader witnesses changes in Charlie from the start of the novel. Discuss. In the coming of age novel Jasper Jones by Craig Silver the reader witnesses alteration in the protagonist Charlie, who is introduced as an innocent teenager who then transforms his attitudes and opinions due to an experience. Charlie not only endures physical changes, however also changes his mind set in regards to the town he lives in, Corcoran, and his mother. These distinctive changes have both negative and positive effects hat are represented by the use of a variety of language techniques.

In the novel, Jasper Jones, Silver portrays to the readers that Charlie is an innocent and naive young teenager. At first Charlie believes his town Corcoran to be loving and kind natured when in reality it is cruel and unfair due to its racist nature. This is shown through the bad reputation of Jasper Jones. “We can’t tell anyone… They are goanna say it was me… NO questions. ” The town Of Corcoran would not believe a word Jasper said as “his word isn’t worth sit.

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As the novel continues, Charlie begins to see the racism in the town’s people and how fake the majority of them are through the use of first person dialogue. Mild admonishments and bullwhip concerns just make me so angry… I want to kick at their shins and tell them to pips off. ” The first person dialogue shows Charlie’s frustration at society and how it has become. It shows that he has had a change in his perspective and is now seeing the world as what he thinks to be unpleasant and prejudiced.

The many changes ND challenges that Charlie had undergone at the start of the novel now alters his behavior and attitude towards people in his life such as his parents. The use of dialogue “I’ve never heard you swear, least of all tryout mother, you’ve never disobeyed a strict instruction either. Its unusual isn’t it,” conveys that Charlie is undergoing a change in his relationship with his mother as he would never swear in front of his parents, and now he has. Also, the dialogue “My mother has become too hard.

It’s perplexing’ is a contrast f how Charlie’s mother used to be “impatient yet warm” but now she is “hard”. This shows that a change has occurred in her for her to lose her tenderness and therefore Charlie is not feeling connected with her. The physical and emotional alterations Charlie has experienced have changed Charlie’s behavioral patterns. Before Charlie discovered Laura Wisher’s body, he would have never done anything that would have gotten him in strife. The simile “It’s like an exorcism. The horrible spirit leaps from my body in a wet acrid shower… Ran that whiskey doesn’t taste any better on its way out” contrasts this as Charlie has rebelled against authority that had always told him to do the right thing and not to drink alcohol. This conveys to the readers that Charlie had endured a behavioral change. Throughout the first six chapters, the protagonist, Charlie, underwent physical and emotional changes as well as changes in the relationship between his mother and himself. These were both positive and negative and affected his life in different and unexpected ways.


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