Jemaah Islamiah The Aggresive Terorist Group History Essay

After the bombardment in Bali October 2002, Jakarta August 2003 and the top notch bombardment on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, it becomes clear that the terrorist web of the Jamaah Islamiah ( JI ) had sharply mount it important terrorist onslaught on the people towards transfusing the fright and to guarantee their message is clearly spoken throughout the action that had been done by the group themselves. This shows the capableness of the JI to transfuse and do more mayhem and devastation in which they themselves call it as a manner to direct their message throughout the universe through their utmost method that deviates off from the proper Islamic methodological analysis. Therefore what is JI themselves? On what term or capablenesss do they work on? What are they seeking to distribute or demo? Who are the leader and members? To what extent will they be willing to guarantee their message is being given? Therefore in this instance survey I would wish to bring out some of the analysis on the Jemaah Islamiah group to educates and explains what precisely is Jemaah Islamiyah.


Jemaah Islamiyah ( JI ) an Muslim fundamentalist groups that originates from Indonesia. It deviates from normal Islamic group as it methodological analysis and instruction had become really utmost ( extremist ) whereby they are willing to utilize force and devastation in such a manner they call it spiritual to direct out their message. JI seeks to set up a Daulah Islamiyah Nusantara integrating the Southeast Asiatic state, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Singapore[ 1 ]. What differentiate JI from other terrorist group such as Moro Islamic Liberation Front ( MILF ) in the Southeast Asiatic part is their multinational aspiration which to convey together the archapelagic continent together through their spiritual point of position.

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After Al-Qaeda launches it propaganda docket to exiles and launches it attack on the Americans and the Western state, little terrorist group resurges and the activity done by these group increases multifold. These includes the bombing done by the JI on two of the sole cabarets where it was often visited by the Australian and European, that is the Padi ‘s Bar and the Sari Club, which had led to a decease toll of 202 civilian casualties. The Bali bombardment were followed by the bombardment of the J.W Marriot Hotel in Jakarta which includes 12 casualties and injured 150 people[ 2 ]. And yet 2 yearss even before the 11 September 2004 day of remembrance of the lay waste toing onslaught on the United States Of America, World Trade Centre, which amplifies the planetary terrorist act activity, JI launched its onslaught on the Australian embassy in Jakarta which killed 9 people and injured 180. Despite being decimated by the counter-terrorist act in the part, JI is still able to mount lay waste toing terrorist onslaught, as some beginning quoted that it still have in its manus an ample sum of explosives that had non yet been used[ 3 ]. Even though JI activity is worsening, but they still lurks around assemblage forces and capablenesss and enrolling new members which portions the same political orientations to implement their terrorist act activity in the part.

The History Behind Jemaah Islamiyah

JI was established as a loose alliance of several Islamic groups. Sometime around 1969, two work forces, Abu Bakar Bashir, and Abdullah Sungkar, began an operation to propagate the Darul Islam motion, a conservative strain of Islam.

Darul Islam was about exterminated back in the 1950s after members belonging to that religious order instigated a rebellion in an attempt to make an Islamic province in Southeast Asia. Bashir and his friends created a pirated wireless outfit to prophesy to the hapless and oppressed in Indonesia. Bashir created a boarding school in Java. The school ‘s slogan was, “ Death in the manner of Allah is our highest aspiration. ”[ 4 ]

Bashir and Sungkar were both imprisoned by Indonesian dictator Suharto ‘s authorities as portion of a crackdown on extremist groups such as Komando Jihad, of which both work forces were members[ 5 ]. They spent several old ages in prison through several sentences.

Bashir and his followings escaped to Malaysia in 1982. He recruited people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The group officially named itself Jemaah Islamiyah around that clip period. In the mid and late 80 ‘s, many members of JI, including Sungkar and Hambali joined the Mujahideen in the opposition motion against the Soviet business of Afghanistan. They were joined by extremist Moslems from terrorist groups worldwide. Many of the connexions that define the planetary web of Islamist groups that exists today, including those between al-Qaeda and JI, were made during the struggle in Afghanistan.

Back in Southeast Asia, the members of JI ranted and distributed booklets, but committed comparatively few Acts of the Apostless. Bashir preached jehads but he would make really small violent action. This changed in the 1990 ‘s. Bashir met Riduan Isamuddin, a.k.a. Hambali sometime in the early 1990s at a spiritual school that Bashir set up. Bashir became the religious leader of the organisation while Hambali became the military leader.

Hambali wanted a big Islamic Caliphate to be established across Southeast Asia, integrating Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei, and Cambodia[ 6 ]. Such a province would hold a population of about 420 million ( utilizing CIA World Factbook population counts ) . It would hold a strangle-hold over the South China Sea transportation lanes which are a gateway between parts of Asia and the Indian Ocean. It would besides hold a important air-space and would potentially impact trade between India, China, Africa, and Australia.

JI foremost formed itself into a group of terrorist cells that provided fiscal and logistical support when needed to Al-Qaida operations in Southeast Asia. Hambali formed a front company called Konsojaya to assist wash money to such secret plans, including the Operation Bojinka secret plan, which was foiled on January 6, 1995.

The leaders of JI went back to Indonesia in 1998, when Suharto ‘s authorities was toppled. Hambali went underground while Bashir openly preached jehad.

In 2000, Hambali ran a series of bombardments of Christian churches. More attending went on the group after the Bali cabaret bombardment. Another high profile onslaught was the bombardment of the J.W. Marriott hotel in Jakarta.

Bashir was arrested by the Indonesian constabulary and was given a light sentence for lese majesty. Hambali was arrested in Thailand on August 11, 2003 and is presently in prison in Jordan, harmonizing to Haaretz.

A bomb manual published by the Jemaah Islamiyah was used in the 2002 Bali terrorist bombardment and the 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombardment[ 7 ].

A British-born Australian named Jack Roche confessed to being portion of a JI secret plan to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Canberra, Australia on 28 May 2004. He was sentenced to 9 old ages in prison on 31 May. The adult male admitted to run intoing figures like Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

The Jemaah Islamiyah Aims

Jemaah Islamiyah pursues the purpose to set up a pan-Islamic province ( Daulah Islamiyah ) consisting Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and governed by Sharia jurisprudence. Its activities and philosophy are directed against Christians and Western ideologies.A Until his decease, Sungkar was the ideological leader of JI, he preached that “ a non-Islamic political system will pollute the Ummah ( Muslim Community ) . “ A A Harmonizing to his instructions, in order to prosecute its aims, the administration will necessitate military and religious strength, which can merely be achieved by enlisting, instruction, obeisance and jehad.

Members and Stucture Of Organization

The Numberss of the Jemaah Islamiyah is yet unknown but harmonizing to some beginnings, the figure of JI ‘s members is estimated to be more than 500. Other beginnings cite rank changing from several hundred to a few thousand JI members.A JI chiefly recruits from pesantrans, Islamic embarkation schools led by spiritual instructors with ties to the Darul Islam or to Pondok Ngruki.A It is besides known to travel abroad to enroll members such as the famously known Azahari and Nordin Mat Top from Malaysia.

The Jemaah Islamiyah group is a really organized terrorist group. At the top of JI sits the emir, a place which had been held foremost by Abdullah Sungkar, so in 1999, by Abu Bakar Ba’asyir until he was replaced in 2002 by Thoriquddin ( alias Abu Rusdan ) , who was arrested shortly thenceforth ; his former secretary, Abu Dujana so became theA new emir. Beneath the emir are four councils a Regulating Council ( majelis qiyadah ) , a regional Advisory Council ( majelis syuro ) consisting of five members ; A aA fatwaA ( legal sentiment ) Council ; and a Disciplinary Council ( majelis hisbah ) . The members of all these councils are appointed by the emir and are under his control. The regulating council in bend is headed by a cardinal bid ( qiyadah markaziyah ) , which controls the leaders of the four mantiqis and the caputs ofA wakalahs. Mantiqi IA comprises the mainland Malaysia and Singapore and is responsible for fund-raising.A A Mantiqi IIA consists of Java, Sumatra and other islands of Indonesia and is chiefly focused on the constitution of aA shariaA province in Indonesia, every bit good as pursuingA jehad. TheA Mantiqi III, which is located in the Philippines, Borneo and Sulawesi, is responsible for the preparation of the JI fighters.A Mantiqi IVA is based in Australia and responsible for fund-raising. Each Mantiqi is headed by one senior leader, responsible for running the day-to-day activities.A However, after the 2002 Bali bombardments, where 200 civilians were killed, many members split with the administration, A and Indonesian governments arrested more than 300 JI militants.A

JI was weakened by this loss of members, nevertheless, it remains active.A Furthermore, since so, several cabals emerged from the JI. First, there is the most extremist cabal lead by Malayan Noordin Top with the chief end to assail Western targets.A A Second, there is the cabal of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, who was released from gaol in June 2006.A The 3rd emerging cabal is located on Indonesian Sulawesi Island, contending specifically in the territory of Poso.A Furthermore, after the anti-terror constabulary ‘s Detachment 88 arrested several commanding officers in 2006, former JI leader Abu Dujana founded the new wing of the Jemaah Islamiyah called the Sariyah, with him as a leader.A On 8 April 2007, it became known that Sariyah has seemingly formed a new military wing with up to 100 trained secret agents in Indonesia.A The constabulary forces found charts bespeaking the construction of Jemaah Islamiyah signed by Abu Dujana.A The intuition that Sariyah is an organized group was confirmed when extra photocopies of the charts were found in foraies in Indonesia.

The Jemaah Islamiah Ideology

Ustaz Haji Ali Bin Haji Mohamed a celebrated Indonesian Ulamak one time quoted “ The biggest danger of the JI is their Political orientation, the misunderstanding of Islam and Quran ” . From here and based on my analysis I found out that Jemaah Islamiyah ( JI ) believe in a distorted signifier of Islamic constructs which form their political orientation of hatred and panic. They believe that it becomes compulsory for them to set up the Islamic Chaliphate which is an Utopian province, in which they had misused some of the Islamic instructions, unambiguously interpreted without proper methodological preparation and believes that their reading of Islam and Quran is existent and unquestionable. Concept such as a al-wala wal bara ‘ became trueness to all that follows them and hatred to all that opposes them. Jihad so misinterpreted as entirely War and through their pledge their will follow and swear their leader ( emir ) merely. They besides believe through agencies of self-destruction such as bombardment will take them to heaven or assure them heaven. This in bend Burnss up all the other bookman of Islamic idea and therefore it misguided them from the proper Islamic method and political orientation. I besides analyzed that most of the JI member had low instruction of Islam, while they were merely acquiring to cognize Islam the JI recruiters instill them with the JI political orientation therefore misguided them and deviates them from the proper manner of Islam which ne’er resorts to violence. The JI jihadians, military-jihad believes that the coming of Islam is to put to death and kill all non-muslims ( kaffir ) .

Support and Support

Jemaah Islamiyah had gain many support.A In Malaysia, JI and KMM ( Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia ) have really close ties as Abu Bakar Ba’asyir is a co-founder of KMM[ 8 ].A In bend, KMM has close ties to Laskar Jihad.A Furthermore, the JI is linked to the al-Qaeda web, A about all JI members who are or were active on the operational direction degree of the administration have been trained in the late 80s/beginning of 90s in Afghanistan, where they created ties to al-Qaeda.A These connexions have been used for both logistical and operational coactions.

Jamaah Islamiyah has developed its ain support mechanisms, including charities, front companies, contributions, belowground banking, gold and treasure smuggling, junior-grade offense to back up its operations. To day of the month, none of these mechanisms have efficaciously been shut down. While terrorist act is asymmetrical warfare and operations are comparatively inexpensive, keeping terrorist organisations does be a important sum of money. Closing down terrorist support is a hard but non ineffectual undertaking. It is an of import fact-finding tool and gives jurisprudence enforcement functionaries a mechanism to cover with establishments, such as charities or remittal houses, instead than persons[ 9 ]. This is of import because the primary success in the war on terrorist act to day of the month has been the apprehension of taking secret agents, while the establishments back uping terrorist act remain integral. Whereas provinces have been willing to collar known secret agents, there tends to be less political will to prosecute terrorist funding, and enforcement of countenances and execution of international understandings tends to be uneven at best.


Based on my analysis, I found that Jemaah Islamiyah even though the governments still countering and seeking to cut down the terrorist group harshly, but if the organisation fundamentalist and beliefs still lives on it will happen it ways to resurface and recurperate with the current planetary status. As whereby the lone known JI members it their acting forces that had been making the bombardment, we still did n’t cognize to what extent do the members of JI can make. Some says merely 100s, while other says 1000s, but really it can make up 1000000s, as the universe nowadays is a globalized universe with no boundaries, through the media, through the cyberspace, and any other agencies, it can distribute out it beliefs, instructions throughout the full planet, enrolling more members and in clip besides deriving more financess, as many people out at that place may portion their same belief and ideas.

Therefore a more inordinate act must been done to cut the terrorist group wholly, such as a trans-national cooperation between the authorization to end any miniscule life activity of JI in the Southeast Asiatic part particularly. More than to my belief, I must besides state that the Indonesian authorities must be more proactive on ending this group non merely by catching leaders, but besides cutting their propaganda activity as this would diminish their members enrolling activity therefore shortening the Numberss restricting their saddle horse or ability to stress terrorist act activity and easy but certainly ending the Jemaah Islamiyah group themselves. With this I thank you.



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