Jerboas: Value and Essay

April 16, 2018 General Studies

He needs to be more cautious about what he includes in his essay, because when he adds different topics he is losing his credibility. He adds plenty of extra information from the beginning to end of his essay. Some which is important for the reader to know and the other which should not even be included. I think he didn’t intentionally meant to add so much information, but when he does this he loses more of his credibility towards his readers.

Using to much information can actually be boring to the reader and sometimes the reader can lose interest in reading the essay. Through-out the entire first paragraph and some of the second paragraph he constantly tells the reader the Jeroboam has enormous ears. Probably by the time the reader gets to the second paragraph he or she is probably already tired of hearing about the Jeroboam’s ears. When he is constantly repeating and reminding us about the Jeroboams ears feel like he is using this repetition to fill his essay.

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When he is continuously repeating the same words over and over I feel like he is just tying to be funny. The topic his writing about is a serious thing and adding humor to the essay can make the reader feel like the writer doesn’t care. “Without values, nothing would be valued; but it neither follows that allures are valuable nor that items are only valuable if they happen to be valued. ” Since the Jeroboams are going extinct the writer decides to blame the people for the near extinction.

I don’t like when he blames people for the Jeroboam’s extinction. Some readers can actually get mad about this. This was probably the writers opinion, but he needs to know that some opinions just need to be kept inside. “In some cases, it may be better not to have human beings around at all. They offend the eye and detract from beauty; yet, without the humans around, could there be any offence, any loss and gain in tatty at all? ” Before he starts blaming people he should analyze the readers.

Meaning he should know what the readers like and don’t like. “Should we Save the Jeroboams” by Peter Cave is an essay with a few minor mistakes. The writer explained everything he needed to tell the readers, even though he sometimes gave too much information. His thesis was constantly given throughout his essay. His topics were well organized, but from time to time he would add some unnecessary sentences. He repeats himself plenty of times in his essay, which I didn’t like at all and he sometimes went off topic.


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