Jet Airways

Company Profile:

Jet Airways ( India ) Private Limited was founded in May 5, 1993 as commercial air hose operator. Earlier it was an air cab operator but now it is India ‘s 2nd largest air hose, taking private air hose and the market leader in Indian domestic sector. It has approximately 45 % of the market portion. When Jet Airways was started it operates 24 flights per twenty-four hours across 12 finishs, but now it operates more 400 day-to-day flights which cover 44 finishs in India and 21 international finishs throughout the universe. Jet Airways connect a topographic point every 5 proceedingss. They carry about seven million riders in a whole twelvemonth.

Jet Airways has been the one of biggest rival of the authorities owned Indian Airlines. Jet Airways broke the monopoly of Indian Airline in January 1994 when it declared as a full scheduled air hose as before that the domestic air hose market was monopolised by Indian Airlines, from 1953 to 1994 due to The Air Corporation Act ( 1953 ) that do n’t let any privatising of air conveyance and all major Indian air conveyance were nationalised. Jet Airways started its first International flight in March 2004 to Colombo, Sri-Lanka. The company was a 100-per cent subordinate of Tail Winds Limited boulder clay it listed its equity portions on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and the Stock Exchange, Mumbai, in March 2005.

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Jet Airways took over Air Sahara in April 2007, which was later on renamed as JetLite. Currently, JetLite is a subordinate of Jet Airways. After the two old ages of purchasing Air Sahara, Jet Airways launched its new low-priced air hose service “Jet Airways Konnect” for the Indian domestic market. It was started in May 2009. It makes usage of spare aircraft from Jet Airways ‘ paths, which were continued by the parent company, due to the low rider burden factors.

The company has so many multiple reserve and fining webs consisting planetary distribution providers, travel agents and gross revenues agents in India and in 74 other states of the universe. It has a broad cross subdivision of partnerships and confederations, some of are with large international air hoses such as British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Austrian, Lufthansa and Swiss International ; every bit good as with Indian and international hotel groups such as The Hyatt, Swissotel, The Oberoi, ITC-Welcomgroup and Hilton, they besides have their tie-up with Citibank ; and with auto rental companies such as AVIS and Hertz and telecommunication and other service suppliers. Jet Airways became the first air hose in India who receive the ‘‘World Travel Market Global Award ” at the planetary travel event that held in London. It besides won the ‘‘H & A ; FS Domestic Airline of the Year Award ” four times since its origin. It has besides received the Boeing Company ‘s ‘Pride in Excellence ‘ award for keeping its ‘Best Technical Despatch Reliability ‘ for two continues twelvemonth in 2003 and 2004.

In India, Jet Airways is the taking air hose in footings of gross riders ; it captures the 36 per cent portion in the Indian domestic every bit good as the Indian international market. The company grew its capacity at a CAGR of 50 per cent during Fiscal Year ( FY ) 2001-06.

The company generated grosss of EUR 1.06 billion in FY 2006, the part of international operations to the company ‘s entire grosss has registered a uninterrupted growing since so, with international operations accounting for about 12 per cent of its entire grosss. ( The Air Corporation Act ( 1953 ) , Web page,, )



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