Jewellery Design Essay

October 5, 2017 Cultural

The subject of this paper introduces jewellery design and development in Asia. and the job which will be solved in this study is “why and how has Asiatic jewelry has changed over clip and what has influenced its development? ” Jewellery design is a comparatively new industry although it derives from ancient activities such as goldworker. Nowadays. jewelry design has been developed into a modern art that utilizes legion accomplishments.

In this paper. Asiatic jewelry design will be researched and analyzed due to its alone manner and different stuff chosen that attracts people all over the universe. Specifically. the development of Asiatic jewelry design will be mentioned with a brief debut of some jewelry in different period of clip. while several design rules will be illustrated. In add-on. the impact of the development and the ground why the development happens will besides be discussed in the study. Furthermore. some relevant content. such as celebrated interior decorators and celebrated wearers. will be included. every bit good as the modern market tendencies.

The research of the subject inquiry will be conducted foremost by utilizing library research. including analysis of historical records and paperss. After garnering all informations and information relevant to the subject. an analysis of the alteration and development of Asiatic jewelry design will be conducted in order to place the development procedure and the impact of the Asiatic jewellery design.

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This paper itself has been divided into subdivisions for easiness of reading and account of the importance of cross-media publicity. In subdivision 2. the research inquiry will be wholly introduced. and the literature reappraisal will be included in subdivision 3. After that. the research method will be discussed in subdivision 4. and an analysis and synthesis will be shown in subdivision 5 and 6. In subdivision 7 and 8. there will be research consequences and decision.

Research Question This research paper was developed as portion of CQUniversity’s Master of Creative Enterprise’s Arts Administration Research class demands.

The subject of Asiatic Jewellery is of peculiar personal involvement to the research worker. This paper considers why and how has Asiatic jewelry has changed over clip and what has influenced its development? It will besides see why people like or dislike certain manners of jewelry and the people and companies which design the jewelry.

This paper besides considers how jewelry has become an indispensable manner accoutrement for the modern-day individual. How it complements vesture and a person’s overall expression. A comparing of manners and influences will besides be undertaken. Different manners are besides considered and as portion of this subject. cultural influences ( states ) and their consequence on designs and manner of every-day jewelry.

Literature Review

By and large talking. jewellery may hold several significances. including position symbol. accoutrements. meaningful symbols. etc. Peoples populating in top category of a society usually wear many different expensive jewelleries types every twenty-four hours. which can be considered as a position symbol demoing other people how rich they are. In add-on. normal people wear jewelleries chiefly as accoutrements in order to do them look prettier. Furthermore. some faith will allow their trusters wear jewelleries to demo their fidelity and to do them believe that they are wholly blessed and prevented from any harmful things. In this instance. jewelleries can be besides taken as a symbol of group rank.

In Asia. specifically. there is 1000s of years’ history of jewellery industry with several different utilizations among assorted civilizations. particularly in India and China. In ancient Asiatic civilizations. jewellery was usually worn by adult females in order to demo their position. beauty and wealth.

It is recorded that the history of jewellery devising can be traced back to over 5. 000 old ages ago. which has been regarded as the longest uninterrupted bequest in the country of jewellery. Jewelry devising started in the Indus Valley Civilization which is located in the place of Pakistan at present. ( REF )

In China. jewellery devising started around 5. 000 old ages ago. the same period as India. However. it did non go popular until the spread of Buddhism 2. 000 old ages ago.

In China


Talking of stuff. in ancient China. Ag was used more often than gold. In early Chinese jewellery. blue kingfisher plumes were introduced and were tied onto jewellery as a sort of ornament. Later. in jewellery design. bluish treasures and glass showed up. and they were added into jewellery. However. in footings of rock. jade was the doubtless most popular stuff. An ancient Chinese says like that: “gold is estimable. but jade is invaluable. ” The ground people favored jade is its quality. including hardness. lastingness. smooth. beauty. etc. The design of the first jade jewellery in ancient China was rather simple. However. the design evolved drastically as clip goes on. Even. it is apparent that compound milling machines were involved in the jade jewellery produced between the 4th and 7th centuries BC.


There were legion different types of jewellery in China. Surprisingly. really few earrings were found by modern archeologists. The most common jewellery is talismans that usually cut with some traditional Chinese symbols or Buddhism symbols in order to maintain the wearer safe.

In add-on. there are besides differences between men’s jewellery and women’s jewellery. For case. women’s caput ornament is really elaborate and complex. chiefly made by gold and Ag and other points such as jade. while men’s merely cosmetic jewellery is the chapeau button. made by Ag or gold that showed the man’s rank.


Furthermore. in footings of the symbols cut on the jewellery. there were some common traditions in ancient China. For case. the long ( firedrake ) and Fenghuang ( Phoenix ) were the symbol of power and the long ( firedrake ) mean was the power of nature and existence. wisdom and length of service. Fenghuang ( Phoenix ) was the King of Birds. that is a legendary bird. and it is intending five virtuousnesss of benevolence. righteousness. properness. wisdom. and earnestness. In Chinese history. normal people could non utilize the firedrake symbols on their jewellery because the celebrated five clawed long ( firedrake ) was the alone symbol stand foring the Chinese emperor. Besides. the symbol of Fenghuang ( Phoenix ) . which is Phoenix. was another royal symbol. stand foring the empress. Citizens were non allowed to utilize such symbols. or they would be sentenced to decease.


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