Job Analysis

August 12, 2017 Management

Case study: Job analysis 1. Discuss why job analysis was an essential part of corporate change process at Bethphage. Job analysis played a very important part in conducting corporate change process at Bethphage due to some following reasons: ? Bethphage is an organization with a large size including approximately 3000 employees and several operating entities in 15 states and other foreign countries. Hence, the job distribution to all employees in an equal way and the management of job effectiveness may face a big difficulty. There has been a continuing growth in structure of organization according to the CEO of organization. Therefore, if the organization doesn’t have a reasonable structure, completing activities and jobs of employees, managing employees well as well as having a good relationship and effective connection between entities will be challenged. ? Because of not having a consistent structure of organization all over the world, there are many “governing bodies” existing and operating.

For example, there were four regional corporations throughout the United States and internationally, each with its own board of directors. As a result, we can guess that the operation of the organization may be short of unity and really ineffective. 2. How does the process described in the case illustrate the linkage between job analysis and other HR activities? The case illustrates very clearly about the process to make the job analysis of all jobs and entities in Bethpage.

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The process is too complicated and required too much the participants of all employees and managers. It was the good chance to select all the opinion about the organization structure and the salary structure, on so the culture of the organization. Job analysis efforts tied to HR activities. After this process, job analysis helped the other HR activities too much, such as: ? The HR department has been able to use the job analysis process for developing job descriptions for new jobs. Bethphage’s new compensation program enables the HR department to ensure a more equitable system of pay increases and to provide a more accurate method for developing pay structures and determining pay levels. ? Over the past few years, Bethphage also has provided managers with a better system for conducting performance evaluations to ensure that they are promptly and accurately completed, and that a pay-for-performance system is developed and used. The job analysis provides the important information for other HR activities. It is shown very clearly through the process to complete the job analysis in Bethpage.


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