Job commitment and loyalty of workers with

February 26, 2019 General Studies

Job satisfaction is a key driver of job performance which is linked to valued rewards. Higher performers receive more rewards and are satisfied than low performing employees who receive less reward. Job satisfaction influence employee’s motivation but does not affect performance in jobs. Where employees have little control over their output. Job satisfaction contribute substantially to organizational growth, in the form of high quantity and quality of services, reduce absenteeism and Employee turnover.

Job satisfaction is probably going to supply workers of all levels with feelings of fulfillment, action and even pleasure for his or her job. Thus, such feelings will build folks additional productive, inventive and thus additional profitable for the organization. Moreover, feelings of job satisfaction will strengthen the commitment and loyalty of workers with the organization that is extremely necessary in gift times wherever all companies square measure searching for competitive advantage and particularly through their folks. The target of this study is to look at the correlation of the rewards systems and job satisfaction, supported a qualitative analysis. a trial is additionally created to spot variations in rewards systems and therefore the extent to that these variations influence job satisfaction among folks in numerous structure level

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