Job Design Through job design I plan to reduce job unhappiness and team member isolation

Job Design
Through job design I plan to reduce job unhappiness and team member isolation. Most organizations strive to increase output levels, fulfillment and encouragement of employees through job design. The three standard approaches to job design are job analysis, job description, and job specification (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). Job analysis is a process that takes place right after identifying the position and position building in an organization table. Creating a job description is a very important element in job design. Job descriptions are publicly displayed by the company, which allows applicants and interested parties to review a clear and thorough formal task list. Formal job descriptions will include a level of responsibility, expected outcome, including reporting line and other interactions. Job specifications “identify the eligibility requirements or qualifications needed to perform a job” (Baack, et al., 2014, Ch.4.4).
Organizational Design
Dunkin Donuts organizational design is very important. All companies are built on the foundation of organizational design. The best organizational design choice for Dunkin Donuts is the geographic region structure. One organizing choice I will integrate into the five new stores is to generate a set of commitment guidelines that will impact employee’s actions. Another key component in organization design is being able to adapt. While the new locations in our region are a small part of Dunkin Donuts organizational structure, the stores will be designed under my management with an organic structure. This type of structure engages very few rules and policies, has a low number of organizational levels and ranks, enables for casual relationships among team members, and is much for flexible and adaptable as a result. Since each new location will consist of three levels and about twenty team members, the store managers will be able to easily preserve this type of structure.

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