Job Satisfaction Among The Sales Force Management Essay

Chapter 1


This chapter will supply a brief debut of the survey which is occupation satisfaction among the gross revenues force and how it is affected. In this chapter, the background of the survey, job statement, aims of survey, range of research, significance of survey and the organisation of the research study will be explained.

1.1 Background of the Study

Job satisfaction among gross revenues force has been a subject of increasing concern since it plays a important portion of sum in marketing budgets spent on them by organisations for the accomplishment of the assigned marks. Even though a big figure of research workers have been conducted to inspect occupation satisfaction in assorted scopes of the civilizations, topics and businesss, there is non any or possibly a limited figure of research workers have attempted to research the impact of occupation content and context factors on the occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force. The occupation satisfaction of an employee is something that has received considerable attending by research workers and organisations ( Gautam ; Mandal and Dalal, 2006 ) . In this connexion, gross revenues and marketing direction companies regard gross revenues forces ‘ occupation satisfaction as a critical facet in developing and prolonging long-run profitable traffics with their focused valued clients.

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One of the most of import information sing an employee would be a validated appraisal of his or her degree of occupation satisfaction ( Roznowski and Hulin, 1992 ) . Directors could steer their employees better if they have a better apprehension of factors associated to occupation satisfaction of their employees. For an organisation to be efficient and successful, the morale of employees plays a really critical function ( Chaudhary and Banerjee, 2004 ) . Therefore, it is something of great concerned to better occupation satisfaction by directors, supervisors, human resource specializers, employees and citizens ( Cranny et al 1992 ) .Thus, this survey aims to find the factors that could lend to occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

Job satisfaction is defined as the state of affairs where an person ‘s demands and his or her existent province are met ( Locke, 1984 ) . It is the employee ‘s ain rating of the occupation conditions which is the occupation itself ( Fletcher and Williams, 2006 ) . The consequence which is obtained from the achievement of the occupation and the outlook of the employees is compared as a manner to mensurate occupation satisfaction. The terminal consequence may come up as satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the employee from the peculiar occupation. Job satisfaction is besides known as a factor that will impact employees to work in the long-run. Besides, occupation satisfaction could assist an organisation or house to cut down the cost of enlisting caused by turnover.

From occupation satisfaction, gross revenues force could hold pleasance in their occupation and would be able to demo positive attitude in their occupations ( Locke, 1976 ) . As a affair of fact, occupation satisfaction is believed to bring forth greater productiveness, lesser absenteeism, and lower employee turnover rate ( Hackman & A ; Oldham, 1975 ) . High productiveness, improved public presentation and making the occupation well are some illustrations of results from occupation satisfaction ( Linz, 2003 ) . Therefore, organisations should pay attending to the wagess and benefits every bit good as the allotment of resources, function modeling, the manner to cover with of import incidents and the standards for enlisting, choice, publicity and dismissal of employees in order to guarantee that there is occupation satisfaction ( Joseph and Winston, 2005 ) . Other than that, ( Joseph and Winston, 2005 ) besides mentioned that interpersonal relationships, duties, communications, vision of company and honouring promises and committednesss should besides be taken into consideration.

This research is to happen out about the factors which could impact occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force. Job satisfaction of gross revenues force is something frequently taken into history by organisations and it is a really of import component in order for an organisation to make good. Job satisfaction plays an of import portion to the turnover rate of employees because they tend to vacate or discontinue when their occupation satisfaction is low ( Mudor and Tooksoon, 2011 ) . Job satisfaction should be concern greatly by employers as low occupation satisfaction would take to hapless public presentation and high turnover rate ( Adenike, 2011 ) .

In this research, there are five variables which have been identified to be important to occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force. They are occupation liberty, organisational clime, perceived organisational support, trust in direction and work emphasis. Job liberty is defined as the ability or freedom of an employee in an organisation to do determinations about his or her day-to-day occupation activities ( De Jonge & A ; Kompier, 1997 ; De Witte, Verhofstadt, & A ; Omey, 2007 ) . It means that employees are empowered by their direction squad to be able to do their ain determinations in the organisation sing to certain things.

Following, organisational clime is defined as the corporate perceptual experiences of organisational policies, patterns, and processs ( Reichers and Schneider, 1990 ) . It could be measured by the perceptual experiences of employees have of their workplaces, as reflected by single values and psychological demands ( James, Choi, Ko, McNeil, Minton, Wright and Kim 2007 ) . Other than that, perceived organisational support is the extent to which employees perceive their employer to be concerned with their public assistance and to appreciate their parts to the organisation ( Rhoades and Eisenberger, 2002 ) .

The 4th variable will be trust in direction. Nyhan and Marlowe ( 1997 ) and Nyhan ( 2000 ) stated that trust is the degree of assurance that an person has in another party and the single willingness to move in a just, ethical and predictable manners. Trust is well-respected in each and every portion of concern and industry whether it is locally or globally. It has been verified to be an influential facet in measuring the effectivity of cooperation ( Child, 2001 ) . The last variable that will be used in this survey to mensurate occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force is the work emphasis. Al-Aameri ( 2003 ) has defined that work emphasis as force per unit area that comes from the work load given by the organisation. Work emphasis is an unpleasant emotional status that a individual feels when the demands is related to work or non could non be met and the individual does non has the ability to work out ( Halkos and Bousinakis, 2004 ) .

1.2 Problem Statement

Job satisfaction is a really of import property in any organisations particularly in this really competitory of globalisation epoch. In order for organisations to prolong and remain competitory in the market, gross revenues force is really of import. The gross revenues force would be the chief employees to convey in net income in organisations that chiefly rely on gross revenues.

Job satisfaction of gross revenues force could act upon their committedness to the organisation that they are working for ( Adio and Popoola, 2010 ) . Gross saless force are people that are involved in relationship merchandising and they would usually hold to set in excess attempt in order to understand their client ‘s demands and be able to supply the best service ( Beverland, 2001 ) . Without occupation satisfaction, the attitude and committedness of sales representative towards their work will be affected. Career committedness of employees, particularly gross revenues force is really of import in this underdeveloped state. It could act upon the quality of services they provide to clients, therefore, impacting the organisation ‘s repute.

Gross saless force with a higher degree of satisfaction in their occupation will usually be more productive. The feeling of desiring to discontinue or remove from work will be lesser compared to those sales representatives with occupation dissatisfaction ( Artz, 2010 ) . Job satisfaction could assist an organisation or house to diminish the cost of engaging which is caused by turnover of employees. For this ground, an organisation must pay attending to employees ‘ occupation satisfaction. For case, if an organisation has a high turnover rate, it could merely means that employees of that peculiar organisation have a shorter term of office than employees of other companies in the same industry. On the whole, occupation satisfaction and turnover are slightly related by which occupation satisfaction has direct influence on the turnover rate of an organisation ( Mudor and Tookson, 2011 ) .

Gross saless force as many other employees in other industries sometime do experience that they are underpaid and undervalued by their company. The feeling of gross revenues force without occupation satisfaction would be like they are non portion of the organisation or that they are being abused ( Miao and Kim, 2010 ) . That ‘s why it is of import for organisations to acknowledge their employees ‘ attempt in their occupation and supply them with the chance to develop and take attention of their involvements. This is due to the work is a major portion of employees ‘ life compared to any other individual activities as it provides the economic wellbeing of employees ( Alam and Mohammad, 2010 ) .

In add-on to being influenced by the degree of satisfaction, public presentation of gross revenues force is besides affected by the ability and environmental factors. Even so, in the instance of lower-level occupations where small ability is required, occupation satisfaction seems to be one of the cardinal determiners of public presentation ( Cockburn & A ; Perry, 2004 ) . Therefore, occupation satisfaction is really of import in an organisation because if employees are non satisfied, their work public presentation, productiveness, committedness every bit good as the interpersonal relationships among the direction and their subsidiaries tend to be lowered ( Fajana, 1996 ) .

Other than that, another job is information on occupation satisfaction is non easy gettable. After twelvemonth 2000, it is rather noticeable that there are lesser researches that focused on occupation satisfaction. Therefore, it is non easy to seek for information which is updated with the current state of affairs. It would look to be that occupation satisfaction is bit by bit going unimportant in society as clip base on ballss by.

1.3 Objective of Study

Research aims could give researcher the right way to carry on a research. The aim of this research is developed based on the designation of the job statement. The research objectives of this study would be as stated below:

To place whether there is a important relationship between occupation liberty and occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

To find whether there is a important relationship between organisational clime and occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

To determine whether there is a important relationship between perceived organisational clime and occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

To look into whether there is a important relationship between trust in direction and occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

To analyze whether there is a important relationship between work emphasis and occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

1.4 Significance of Study

In this globalisation epoch, the on the job universe is acquiring more and more competitory. There is no uncertainty that occupation satisfaction of employees is really of import in any organisation to retain their employees and improved the fight and sustainability of the organisation. This research is conducted to further work the immense potency of factors lending to occupation satisfaction particularly gross revenues force. Job satisfaction plays an of import function for organisations to be successful. Therefore, this research can give a deeper apprehension of occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force. Factors impacting occupation satisfaction will be explore and understand. It could assist organisations to place what are the most important grounds of occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force.

This research is conducted in order to profit several parties. First of wholly, it could benefits organisations. Organizations should cognize how to retain their gross revenues force. They should cognize what their gross revenues force demands to guarantee that they are satisfied with their occupation. This research could assist cut down the turnover rate and besides assist organisations to retain good sales representative every bit good as being more profitable ( Mudor and Tookson, 2011 ) . Other organisations could besides utilize this research to guarantee occupation satisfaction on other employees other than gross revenues force. Human resource in organisations may happen this study utile in their occupation to cognize better about their employees ‘ demands. This survey could be a usher to organisations to be more successful and sustain in the market.

Next, it could benefits gross revenues force. The chief topic of this survey is salespeople. This survey is conducted to happen out the factors that could give occupation satisfaction to gross revenues force. If gross revenues forces have occupation satisfaction, they will be more productive every bit good as being more loyal to the organisation that they are working for ( Okpara and Wynn, 2008 ) . If gross revenues force does n’t hold occupation satisfaction, they will experience that they are non a portion of the organisation or that they are being abused ( Miao and Kim, 2010 ) . Therefore, they will non execute as they should be executing. Gross saless force without occupation satisfaction tends to discontinue or remove from work and besides will non be faithful to the organisation that they are working for. They will non be productive in making their gross revenues. Furthermore, without occupation satisfaction, their behaviours could be influence every bit good. Salesperson who do non hold occupation satisfaction may be ill-mannered and negative in their behaviour when functioning clients. Therefore, it could give a bad feeling or bad repute to the organisation or trade name that they are working for.

Other than that, this study could be use as a mention for future research workers. There are lesser researches on occupation satisfaction today. Too old of a mention may supply inaccurate information. This survey can be a foundation for them to carry on a deeper research. Research workers could analyze this study and so cognize about what is missing and behavior hereafter surveies for better results. In instruction, this study could besides assist by allowing pupils to cognize about more about occupation satisfaction particularly human resource pupils. They could acquire a wider cognition on how to advance occupation satisfaction in real-life state of affairss.

1.5 Organization of the Research Report

This research on the factors that contribute to occupation satisfaction among gross revenues force consists of five chapters. The first chapter is about the debut of occupation satisfaction, brief background of the survey and the background of the focal point group. In this chapter, readers can besides get information on research aims, range of research and besides why this survey is conducted.

Chapter two will be about the literature reappraisal of past surveies done on occupation satisfaction. In this chapter, there will be treatment on the factors that could impact occupation satisfaction in an organisation. It will discourse about what past surveies have found as a foundation for this survey.

The 3rd chapter will be known as Research Methodology. It explains the theoretical model, the hypotheses of the research, sample of the study, the informations aggregation method and besides the method which will be used to analyse the information.

After that, chapter four will discourse the consequence and the informations collected for this research will be analyzed. If the consequences are important or back up the hypotheses, the hypotheses will be accepted and frailty versa.

Last, chapter five which is besides the concluding chapter of this research would be the decision of the research. In add-on, recommendation will be provided and the restriction of this research is besides included for farther research in the hereafter.

1.6 Decision

This chapter have discussed about the background of this research, job statements which indicates the jobs that could happen if there is no occupation satisfaction, the aims of carry oning this research, the range of research which give information about the research information is collected, significance of survey which shows which party that this survey could profit and the organisation of this study.



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