December 21, 2016 Sports

Being a student athlete has it’s many pros and cons. The pros about playing the sport is that you can excel and be great at it, yet the cons are you have to know that books come before sports. You have to be able to cut it in the class to be able to participate in any sport. Out of all the sports, football is the sport most individuals look at, and say that most of the players are not well educated. People think that just because you play football that you don’t care about education. The thing that has put me out of sink of not being labeled as a “dumb jock” is my mother, who has taught me that education is first, and everything else wold work out after that.

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Attending Fairfind High was an experience I will never forget. At Fairfind I played football for four years and went through many ups and downs, not only on the field but in the classroom. Before Fairfind became a school, there was a plan to eliminate sports and have a school were education came first. Some how sports were able to go on but it would be hard to deal with the criteria of the work and play sports as well. Before school began my ninth grade year my mom told me how Fairfind had a vote, deciding whether there was going to be sports or not. Already knowing that I was going to play football, my mother had extra concern on my education. She told me that education is the key to becoming successful in life. She has instilled that in me ever since I was little, but she wanted to really let me know since my school really didn’t want sports. I went to school on a mission that my mother had instilled in me about education, that I will work hard on the field but work even harder in the classroom. During my freshmen year I played junior varsity and kept a low profile not letting my teachers know that I played football. It wasn’t until my sophomore year when I started varsity and had to work very hard on the field because it was a big boost from junior varsity to starting varsity.


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