John Watson and B.F. Skinner Essay

October 14, 2017 General Studies

There are several theories out at that place on kid development. but I’d like to portion with you the theory that I believe in and link with the most. This theory is called Behaviorism and Social- Learning and can be attributed to a psychologist named John Watson ( 1878-1958 ) and B. F. Skinner ( 1904-1990 ) Watson utilizing classical conditioning which means the acquisition that takes topographic point based on an association of a stimulation that does non normally arouse a response with another stimulation that does elicit response. It is of import to observe that in classical conditioning. the stimulation comes before the behaviour or response. Skinner utilizing operant conditioning which is defined as a procedure in which a response is bit by bit learned via support or penalty. John Watson and B. F. Skinner introduced this theory and felt that kids learned through a system of stimulus/ response events. Watson and Skinner use nurture attack.

Development is based upon learned behaviours which are based upon a child’s interactions with their environment and influenced by positive or negative support. Support can be both positive and negative. Positive support is something good for kids. whereas negative support is something unpleasant. but retrieve this is non to be confused with penalty. One knows there are some drawbacks is that it does non account for children’s civilization. their values. and their societal influences such as the particular relationship between them and their parent or equals. Social larning theory references these concerns. As kid turning up with my brother my parents used positive and negative support. When we did non have a passing class we would hold to remain indoors and work excess difficult to go through the following trial. or if the gave recognition. But if we received a passing class we would be rewarded by traveling out to dinner of our pick or acquiring ice pick. If we did jobs around the house we had a pick between the award or money. If we did non finish the job we would non have anything. Most of the clip when we did non finish the job we would acquire disquieted. so my parents would explicate that when you do a job you get rewarded. but if you do non make your jobs you will non have anything.

I use Behaviorism and Social Learning theory while working with kids. If the kid had a good twenty-four hours at school I would give them something from the award box when person came to acquire them from school. When they did non hold a good twenty-four hours at school and they receive nil from the award box. and when person come to acquire them I would explicate why happened at school. and that is why the kid cant receive anything from the award box today.

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I am non a parent yet. but when I do go a parent I will be use John Watson and B. F. Skinner theory in learning my kids.


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