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November 27, 2018 Marketing

centercenterInformation System and Information TechnologyTo: Linda CouncilFrom: Darla Jones19/08/18BUSN 10000Information System and Information TechnologyTo: Linda CouncilFrom: Darla Jones19/08/18BUSN 100Information System and Information TechnologyI used to think that Information System and Information Technology were the same things until writing this paper, I find them to be of a set that works together to accomplish a task of goals for the organization. According to Baderhs, they state that “Information System is a set of interrelated components that collect and disseminate data and information that provide feedback to meet an objective with components of Technology, People, and Process. (Baderhs, 2016)Companies’ use the components of an Information System for a decision of daily operations which are: Technology, therefore, is the hardware and software that permits communication, People collect and use data quickly to make important decisions, Process the data that are collected from the information Generation.” (Baderhs, 2016) Here is what makes the difference between Information System and Information Technology: it is concerned with integration and deployment of computing technology, technical skills for planning and deploying the infrastructure of networks that integrates databases or Websites to build. The Information System is of business with a focus on the domains, so companies may use the Information System to make an important business decision. So, with, the Information System it is for the businesses’ important decisions and Information Technology main concern is Technology such as hardware working together to fulfill companies’ or peoples’ objective goals. Many entrepreneurs use manual transactions before investing in Information systems. They use this information system to make important decisions as it consists of two subsystems: A Social sub-system that has two components; Organizational Structure and People. Also, Information Technology has two subsystems; Technology and Business Processes of automation which maps the set of actions that an organization must enact to complete an activity. (W.L. Currie, 1996) (Bourgeois) These two systems are what companies use to make the important decision of daily operations which keep the business running smoothly. (McCubbrey, 2009, p. 223) According to the textbook of McCubbrey, it is important to understand that all four parts must work effectively together to meet the goals that it was designed and installed to perform. The information technology consists of four components of subsystems; Application, Hardware which is the physical equipment, Network, and People. When installing an Information System, companies should consider the importance of each of these components when designing and installing, which are Organizational Structure and People, Technology and Business Processes because of exposure of more contact with the target customers around the globe and any time website can be viewed.Organizational structure: this structure exists to allow optimum utilization of Information Technology; it is examining through research of private and public-sector organizations. (W.L. Currie, 1996)People: they are the most important and expensive of the business-system component; “they play a role in most operating systems and processes. Their knowledge, skills, and attitudes determine the quality and quantity of system output. For example, a stereo needs the right component parts, high-performance business systems that require qualified people for the jobs.” (Carroll)Technology: As stated by the American Intercontinental University, Information Technology interprets the computer network performing various purposes from supporting marketing, management, and engineering process for cloud computing and securing network access, Also, “it ensures users can personally and professionally network, process, store, and disseminate data.” (University, 2015)Business Processes: Data information of sales and operations such as customers interaction and managing supply chain and enterprise resource planning. (Information Technology)Entrepreneurs may use all four types of information systems to keep the business running smoothly are: “Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)-it involves Automate handling of data about business activities transactions; Management Information Systems (MIS)-it Converts raw data from transaction processing system into a meaningful form. Decision Support Systems (DSS) –it is designed to help decision-makers and Provides an interactive environment for decision making.” (Mwenjera, 2017)In conclusion, Information System and Information Technology have components that work interchangeably together to complete a mission. Entrepreneurs main concern of Information System should be of the four components which are: Organizational Structure, People, Technology, and Business Processes. These components will provide their website to multiple Social media where there is exposure to target audiences globally and quickly at any time and the Information Technology is technical skills used for planning and deploying infrastructure networks that integrate databases or Websites to build.References BIBLIOGRAPHY Baderhs. (2016, June 21). Information Systems vs Information Technology. Retrieved August 18, 2018, from, D. B. (n.d.). Information System for Business and Beyond. PressBooks. Retrieved August 17, 2018, from, R. (n.d.). The Systems Thinker Blog: People Are the Most Important System Component! Retrieved August 19, 2018, from Technology. (n.d.). (Week 7). Retrieved August 16, 2018, from, D. J. (2009). Business Fundamentals. Business Fundamentals. Retrieved August 18, 2018, from, J. (2017, November 18). Describe four types of information systems. Retrieved August 17, 2018, from, A. I. (2015, December 22). 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