Jose born in binan laguna and he

February 21, 2019 Philosophy

Jose rizal family background was incredible because of his hardworking parents and also the huge number of his siblings.rizal family was considered as one of the big family during their time .his father francisco Mercado rizal was born in binan laguna and he became a farmer when he moved to laguna in one of the hacienda owned by the Dominicans and he also studied latin and philosophy in college of san jose in manila and his father is a very indeoendent person who like to talk less and worked more and rizal described his a father a model of fathers and his father also become a lieutenant governor in calamba before. Jose rizal’s father great grandfather is full blooded Chinese immigrant businessman who married also a Chinese woman named ines dela rosa. When jose rizal’s father was studying in college in manila he met jose rizal’s mother Teodora Alonso who also a student and fell in love with her . they settled down in laguna after their marriage.when jose rizal was seven years old his father teach him to ride a flat bottomed boat with a roof or what they called casco on their way to antipolo to visit his sister saturnina. Jose rizal’s father sent him to a school in binan laguna but after that jose rizal said to his father that he already know everything that the teacher taught in school and because of thet jose rizal’s father scolded him and forced him to go back to school and later on jose rizal teacher confirm that he indeed know all the things that they need to be learned in school and jose rizal father sent him to ateneo municipal in intramuros manila even if his mother are against it and his father died in January 5 1898
His mother Teodora Alonso realonda that was born in sta cruz manila she was also known as disciplinarian and business minded woman and due to her medical condition jose rizal pursue medicine. She was just a 20 years old when he married jose rizal father framcisco Mercado. Jose rizals mother came from a financilally stable family and graduated in colegio de sta rosa. And she also sell some home made ham , sausage ,jams and other things to help the financial expense of their family
Jose rizal sibling was sent to a different colleges in manila but jose rizal was the only one who sent to study abroad because he want to pursue medicine to help his mother condition


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