Jose Rizal and his Nationalism Essay

September 3, 2017 General Studies

Jose Rizal was idealistic. who wants to liberate his countrymen from ignorance. development and favoritism. With the usage of his plants and Hagiographas particularly his novels – Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. he reveals to his people their experiences and agonies. agonies which he brought to visible radiation in an attempt to rouse his countrymen to the truths that had long remained mute. although non wholly unheard of.

He showed to his people their agonies mendicants and civil governments. how the mendicants whom were guilty of graft and corruptness had made of the Catholic faith an instrument of domination and had prostituted it with exterior patterns which foster the visual aspect of worship. The mendicants besides enriched themselves non merely by cheering inordinate fees for church services. but besides by unfair acquisition of land estates. They made themselves feared by civil functionaries.

They enjoy precedences over high authorities functionaries whose term of office of office they can command. The authorities itself sees nil. hears nil. and decides nil except what the parish priests makes it see. hear. and make up one’s mind. And the civil guards do non protect the citizens like they supposed to but protect the involvements of the mendicants and the Spaniards merely. The priests controlled besides the Acts of the Apostless of the nescient indigens and threatened the indios’ caputs with exclusion for the slightest mark of discourtesy and noncompliance. Many Filipinos had become victims of human indignities. They were deprived of their right. They had no right to oppugn authorization – they were born merely to function.

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But Rizal did non set the incrimination wholly on the spiritual and civil governments ; he besides candidly showed the failings and defects of the Filipinos. The people themselves. by their timidness. fright. and cowardliness had shackled their heads and debased their psyches. Contaminated by the poses of high quality of the Spaniards. contemn their ain countrymen and do themselves pathetic with their pretenses at false imitation. Rizal criticized this. the mute embarrassments of the indigens for their ain lineage. and aspires to go a Spaniard to go forth behind any hint of Filipino in them and so boasts to everyone. With that they bit by bit allowed the Spaniards to enslave them. As Rizal frequently said. “there are no autocrats where there are no slaves” .

And that Rizal wanted to justify his race from the abuses and biass upon the Filipinos. and that his people were non an apelike race. as the Spaniard asserted. Although Filipinos have some frailties and defects. the same with other people in the universe. they are non those which the Spanish authors attribute them – that there is no stimulation to worth or to deserve. On the reverse. when Filipinos rise above pile they are ridiculed and made the object of jeer unless they serve the mendicants. Many Filipinos are persecuted in false confederacies or exiled from their towns for standing up for their rights.

Rizal wanted to convey back the pride in Filipino ascendants. a necessary constituent in the formation of national consciousness. and answer unfavorable judgments against Filipinos and their civilization. He disproved the Spaniards and showed that the yesteryear of the Philippines already had a developed civilization.

Rizal in all attempt tried to convert the Spanish authorities that there was an pressing demand for reforms in the society in the authorities. and in the Catholic church of the Philippines. And that force is non the preferable solution and it should come about peacefully and sanely and that one great solution is instruction. He tried to demo that there was no rebellion or revolution in the Philippines. but there would be. if the maltreatments and surpluss of the mendicants and the disposal push the Filipinos to their bound.


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